The Taurus Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Emotional and material stability are paramount for this man.

A Taurus man is stubborn and successful. While he may seem to sometimes be lethargic, this man is always ready to do something if it interests him. Proud and determined, he persists in achieving great results and he is known for his tenacity.

It is advisable not to provoke him as he may release the hot temper that he has. You will discover the man in Taurus is understanding and hard-working.

He would happily work hard for two weeks with no breaks, if the rewards are satisfactory to him. He is the sign that chases the big money and he knows that.

As an Earth sign, the Taurus is a lot about material and less about mystical. He loves to go on the route of excesses sometimes, and he appreciates expensive, high-quality things. The Taurus native also loves to live in luxury. He appreciates the finest things and he works hard to obtain access to them.

All the world ‘s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.

William Shakespeare – A famous Taurus

As far as his ways go, the Taurus man is always concerned with what to do next. He doesn’t take action without thinking. He is old-school in style, so don’t be surprised if he brings you flowers at every date.

Caring and nice, he is a charismatic man with beautiful eyes. He wants what most of us want from life: to live well. He needs stability on both emotional and financial levels to be happy.

He likes to be informed about what’s next in his career and love life as he doesn’t like surprises that much. Some famous Taurus men are Dwayne Johnson, David Beckham, John Cena and George Clooney.

A delightful companion

Sometimes naughty and very dynamic, the Taurus man doesn’t understand how to act when in love. He would prefer to just take his partner by the hand and go live life.

He is passionate and he prefers physicality over romantic gestures and games. All the vigilance that characterizes him disappears as soon as he falls in love.

He likes being in love and his usual temperament is nothing else than the passion he hides. He doesn’t understand what open relationships are and he could never be in one.

Venus is the planet that governs the Taurus sign. This is why he can sometimes be surprising in love.

His partner will be his companion for all the days he has left on earth. He won’t make a promise he can’t keep and he will struggle to satisfy his partner.

He likes being involved with someone and he will never stop from making things work. You will never see a Taurus man in a superficial relationship.

The Taurus man is known for choosing once and sticking to that choice for the long term. Click To Tweet

The Taurus native is incredibly patient before he gets to be in a relationship. He likes to court the partner and he becomes a loving person soon after.

He enjoys the physical connection, but he’s not that adventurous in bed. However, he has a tremendous energy and their partner can work with that. He is both a giver and a receiver of pleasure and he would experiment with the person he sees fit.

Many people admire and respect the Taurus man. As said before, he is old-fashioned and polite. That’s why so many people like being around him.

Caring with the one that he loves, he is an energetic lover. Lovemaking is for him an art. He loves offering pleasure and his partner is sure to be satisfied no matter what.

The most compatible signs with the Taurus are Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, and Pisces.

Possessive but realistic

As he is perseverant and hard-working, the Taurus man will be appreciated anywhere he may be working. He is creative but he enjoys routine.

Therefore, a career as a musician, architect, insurance agent, broker, banker or dentist would suit him perfectly. He wouldn’t be good as an entrepreneur as he doesn’t like being surprised every day.

As said earlier, the Taurus man will do anything for comfort and his share of the high life. He will ensure people around him are spoiled as well. Generous in nature, the Taurus man is careful with his most treasured possessions.

Remember to always give back when borrowing from him. He won’t forget and you will be punished by not being given something else ever again.

Acquisitive, the Taurus man will put his money in investments that offer safe returns. He won’t spend on cheap things as he prefers high quality.

The symbol of the Taurus sign in the zodiac is a bull. This is representative enough to understand how ambitious and adamant a Taurus person could be.

It is a sign that always gets the work done. The man in Taurus will be prudent in life, and he will try not to lose his comfort. He is more stable than adventurous.

A tasteful shopper

The high energy levels a Taurus man has will keep him healthy. However, since he enjoys great food, there may be a risk of putting on a few extra pounds.

With some exercise and care, the Taurus man can stay in shape and be as beautiful as he was in his 20s. ENT problems may also appear as he gets old.

The colors that characterize a Taurus man are pale blue and green. He will have accessories of these colors in his wardrobe.

He will go shopping for what has just been released and he is always in style. The jewellery he has is tasteful and qualitative. He prefers pure gold over plated pieces. He dresses not to flaunt, but to be satisfied with himself.

It may be a little bit difficult for the Taurus man to make new friends. He is too cautious and sometimes anxious. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be able to meet new people.

With a partner, the Taurus man can sometimes show signs of jealousy. He will release the angry side if he feels threatened by another man.

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