Taurus Jealousy: What You Need To Know

Their great memory paves the way to suspicions and jealousy.

Those in the sign of Taurus make devoted, honest partners. If you are willing to spend the rest of your life with a Taurus, then allow them be their natural selves.

They will treat you very well so there is no reason for you not to be the same. Doing all this, you will be sure to have someone you can count on next to you, in your worst days.

The noun that characterizes the sign Taurus is possessions. It may be normal for a Taurus to treat you as his or her “belonging”. Strongly similar with the Scorpio, the Taurus doesn’t find it easy to let go of things.

They rule their relationship after the principle of appurtenance, and if they’ve invested time and efforts for an affair to work well, they will have the impression the partner belongs to them.

They show their feelings very well and they sometimes have a temper. Luckily, this temper doesn’t last for too long and the Taurus doesn’t hold grudges.

Governed by Venus, the Taurus is on the second place in the zodiac. The Taurus born on the cusp of Aries will be more energetic and fierce, and the one born on the cusp of Gemini is a little unstable and fast. Taurus natives have their own traits.

In love with beauty itself, the Taurus is an excellent partner who will always be there. You can complain of anything to them and they will carefully listen to you. Their main purpose in life is to have a happy home and a beautiful family.

When they get only a little bit jealous, they start to investigate and this may bring in more jealousy. They are very faithful in a relationship and they think everyone is the same. This could be a mistake they are making.

At the smallest sign of suspicion in the couple they start to ask themselves what to do and they start the investigation. After that, they make a jealousy scene or break up with the partner, depending on what they’ve discovered.

They will be very open about it

Taurians may seem sluggish people, but once you spend more time with them, you’ll find out they aren’t. They know themselves very well and they hate it when things change.

Known for their devotion and patience, they are able to understand any situation and person. They like living the life and luxury and are hard-working if they know they are going to be rewarded fairly.

You will be spoiled as the partner of Taurus. They love spending on expensive, high-quality things. They aren’t like Leos, to buy the entire shop, but they also buy a lot and they like luxury. They also like comfort, so their home is most likely incredibly decorated.

Taurus sets some boundaries with themselves and people around them. These boundaries are not exaggerated, but they are boundaries nevertheless.

When their partner doesn’t respect and crosses these boundaries, the Taurus becomes jealous.

The good thing is that this sign always expresses what they are feeling. When wanting to involve Taurus in something, appealing to their emotions is the most appropriate way to go.

This is also a great way to overcome their so famous stubbornness. You need to approach them emotionally and you will be sure to get what you want.

Taurus natives are also kind and good with jokes. Their partners will always be cared for and respected. Don’t let them fool you with their passive side, they are really interested in what you may have to say and they will act.

Down-to-earth and smart, a Taurus would be a great business person.

They make great matches with Capricorn and the Virgo, which are both signs of neatness and professionalism.

On the second place in compatibilities for Taurians, there are the Pisces and the Cancer. Next, Aries and Gemini. Sagittarius and Libra are neutral in the compatibility with the Taurus, while Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio are not at all compatible with this sign.

Dealing with their jealous behavior

Jealousy gets activated when someone fears their partner is attracted by someone else. Being terrified of rejection, a person who is jealous will sometimes think that they are protecting him or herself from disappointment.

But it’s not quite like that as the jealousy is oftentimes felt over nothing, meaning the partner of the jealous person doesn’t even have a clue about what’s going on. The worse thing in jealousy is that it brings a cascade of negative feelings along.

People who are jealous start making all kind of scenarios in their heads, they become possessive and they even end up hating sometimes. Click To Tweet

And hate is one of the most terrible feelings in the world. Of course, there is also the case in which jealousy is founded and the person who is being jealous finds out the partner is actually cheating.

In this case, jealousy is useful and it serves the purpose of not letting a person be fooled. Either way, reasons for jealousy need to be investigated for a relationship to be normal and beautiful.

Taurus is a possessive sign that often gets jealous. People in Taurus will hold on to memories they have on their partner and they will use them to determine if they are being lied to or not.

A Taurus in love will hold on tight to the partner and will never let go. They get enamored rarely, but when this happens, no one can stop them anymore.

They will offer full support to their partner and they’ll expect the same thing back. They are also touchy when they want to express they are involved with someone.

A touch on the shoulder in public, holding hands and pecks on the cheek, these are all signs of possessiveness in the Taurus.

If they suspect their partner likes someone else, they won’t stop staring at that person. The good thing about them is that they talk about their feelings. This is very good when someone is jealous.

Communication can save a lot of relationships from being doomed. Some couples break up and they don’t even know why, the real reason being unexpressed jealousy.

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