Love Advice Every Taurus Man Must Know

As the sensual Taurus man that you are, be careful about your mood changes and less focused on material goals.

Taurus man love advice

Slow and very stubborn, the Taurus man hides a very gentle personality. He appreciates the finest things in life and wants to live in luxury, next to his soulmate.

The best love advice for the Taurus man:

  • Show that you are consistent and responsible if you want the same in love;
  • Focus less on material goals and more on experiences with your lover;
  • Adapt with more ease to the changes that happen early in a new relationship;
  • Don’t get stuck on “your things” and learn to share openly with your partner.

Who are you, really, in love?

As a Taurus, you should know that you’re capable of having a very prosperous relationship based on a connection that is both intellectual and emotional, also traditional in the real sense of the word.

You know what you want, which is to connect with someone who thinks the same way you do most profoundly. However, in spite of your self-confidence, you may not be so bold when it comes to getting it.

This means you don’t know how to make the first move and prefer the lady you like to do it. As soon as she will start a conversation with you, she will surely think that her effort has been worth it.

You like elegant women who know how to dress. When going on a date, you need to be impressed with the location and even the food you’re having. What you expect from a girl is for her to be very feminine because you’re the type who like softness.

However, this doesn’t mean she needs to look good and to wear makeup when you two are watching Netflix. On the contrary, you enjoy comfort too much to not see her as beautiful in her pajamas.

When it’s only you two and no one else around, you want her to let her guard down. Not the one to give importance to appearance only, you still want your lady to make you proud when out in public.

It’s very unlikely for you to fall in love with someone superficial or who isn’t smart. This means the way to your heart goes through your mind.

If you see a girl who looks beautiful but can’t have a meaningful conversation, you immediately run away.

As said before, being attractive matters to you, but not so much when the brains are missing. You surely go for interesting women who have something to say.

In spite of being represented by this big creature that is the Bull, you’re quite sensitive and need to trust the other person completely before you decide to form a relationship.

More than this, you’re looking for consistency and to be given a lot of attention when you have your moods changing.

You’re also conservative and want to have a stable financial future next to the person you love. The woman who can see things from your point of view knows what being realistic and practical means.

The least desirable side

It can’t be said the Taurus man likes too much to brag, but he surely enjoys being admired for his achievements.

He’s very stubborn and has a temper, so he often throws tantrums, especially when he doesn’t get what he wants. Besides, he can be very materialistic and more focused on making money than on his lover’s desires.

If you are a Taurus man, then you already know that you also don’t like change and can hold grudges for long periods. More than this, you expect too much to be gratified for your good deeds.

Advice on dating for the Taurus man

As far as dating goes, the Taurus man prefers taking things slowly. He doesn’t ask women out right away, which can make him seem uninterested and detached when he’s only taking his time.

If you happen to be a Taurus man, then you probably already know this about yourself and how much you hate hurrying a relationship.

This is because for you, slow and steady always win the race, not to mention you need time to get closer to the woman you like.

It goes the same way with you in the bedroom, as you like to enjoy every moment and to make love for hours. Your partner can consider herself lucky because you take your time to pleasure her.

Since you like the finest things in life, you prefer to have the best foods and the most enjoyable companions. You want a woman who’s the same and who loves in the moment.

She needs to dress well and at the same time be profound, not only interested in the way she looks. It’s just that you appreciate her efforts of putting on makeup and revealing her femininity.

You’re very generous, no matter if it’s about giving your attention or a gift. This means you also like receiving nice things and a lot of attention.

Besides, you appreciate every little gesture your partner makes to prove her love to you. Dating with you means many couch cuddles.

Not that you never want to go out, you prefer staying at home. You like going out too, but you need to know that you have a safe place where you can relax afterward.

When it comes to what the Taurus man is looking for, this is a loyal woman who can sometimes surprise him. He usually falls in love with ladies that are intelligent and relaxed, who know how to be interesting and fun.

As a Taurus man, because you appreciate fine things, you like going to expensive restaurants and spending weekends in Nature. Dinner and after a movie sound perfect for you because -this is what you see as spending quality time with someone.

Your home will always be the destination for barbecues and movie nights. All this means you’re not very pretentious when it comes to dating.

Besides, you’re not the spontaneous type, so your partner should let you know of her plans of going away for the weekend two weeks ahead.

This is because you’re more excited when waiting for something to happen, not when it happens.

When traveling, you need to feel comfortable, so you’d never spend a night camping in the woods, no matter how much you may enjoy nature. You need to take your favorite pillow with you and to have a warm bed for the night.

You often see yourself as a prince who needs to find a bride. And you usually find your princess. In case she doesn’t pay you enough attention in the beginning, she may get to find out that it’s difficult to make you give up on her.

You will likely get or got married while still young, also with your high school sweetheart. Your home is probably big and your car quite expensive. Life with you is comfortable and secure, but you can be quite demanding.

However, no one is more loyal and family-oriented than you. Adventure in your opinion is nothing else but commitment. You will spoil your lady and make sure she has a great future by your side.

What about action between the sheets

The Taurus man is ruled by the planet Venus, which makes him a great lover that wants to please. More than this, he’s sensual and has a high libido.

If you’re a man born in Taurus, then know that your touch is very intense, also that you master the art of lovemaking because this is how you’re seeing sex, as an art. What you want the most in the bedroom is to touch and be touched.

More than this, you like taking things slowly and prolonging the prelude. Not the perverse type, you think more that lovemaking is a journey for the spirit, the mind, and the body. Every moment spent between the sheets with you is intense.

What you want as time passes

As far as what he wants in love, the Taurus man is looking for something long-term. If you happen to be him, you should know that you’re taking things slowly because you want to be sure that your connection with the woman you like is going to last.

Even though you need to be relaxed and to be secure, you also can get easily bored. However, you still want a family-oriented partner who wishes to live comfortably just as much as you do.

If you’re being given the chance to do something new and inventive, don’t hesitate to do it. However, make sure you don’t turn your life into chaos because this can destroy your relationship.

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