Traits Of The Taurus Man In Love: From Relaxed To Very Sensual

When in love, this man will have no reservations in expressing his emotions.

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The Taurus man doesn’t really understand how “the game” works. He’s too honest to know when to tell a white lie or pretend nothing is wrong in love. He’s going to expect the same level of sincerity from the partner.

For him, dishonesty is not something he can stand. If you already are involved with a man in Taurus, find out that this guy has already told you everything there is to know about him. And he will want to know everything about you too.

You shouldn’t pretend with him, or he will find out and be very hurt about it. Just be yourself and you will enjoy a lot of his love and compassion.

Even if you have things that you hate about yourself, you should still reveal them. He will like you for who you are, and he will not care that you have some traits that you consider flaws.

He will understand and respect everything about your person. And if you really have some bothering things about yourself, the Taurus man will learn to live with them.

This is how much this guy appreciates being honest. There will be no place in his life for those who cheat or lie. Get used to him being slow. This is how he lives. Slow and steady. He doesn’t want to make any mistakes. It’s in his blood to always do things rights and find something great in everything that he does.

With him, things need to be done correctly or not done at all. This may lead to rethinking relationships and appreciating if everything is going in the right direction or not. He likes to finish something and only after that to proceed to the next step.

When in a relationship

Not the one to take initiative, the Taurus man will panic when he’ll have to be the one that leads or conquers a subject. His traditional values and gentle nature don’t allow him to be too aggressive and jumpy.

When he doesn’t know a thing about someone’s emotions, he loses it and begins to no longer act normally. When he makes the first move, it is usually because he has spent a lot of time analyzing the other person and the way she is acting.

He can make first steps without even being aware that he is doing it. If he is sure about what his lover is feeling, he will be the gentlest and most loyal partner anyone can have.

He only needs to understand the person he loves in order to be with her for a very long time. He has a rather comfortable approach in relationships and enjoys good food, so he would eat all day what the partner is cooking for him, and then lay around and do nothing.

He will have time periods in his life in which he will want to do nothing but be lazy. That’s why it’s important for him to go out as much as possible or else he will get used to this kind of life.

When the relationship is at the beginning, staying indoors may sound fun and enjoyable for both partners, but when things are far more advanced, he needs to do interesting, creative activities.

Mannered and old-fashioned, this guy will do anything to make his lady happy. He is very stubborn and he wants a long-term relationship in which he’ll invest all of his time and effort.

His lady should appreciate all of his romantic gestures, and be tender with him. He can be a little bit boring. It’s because he likes routine and repeating tasks forever.

Always serious about his romantic relationships, he will expect his partner to be the same. If you choose the Taurus man as your partner, you should know that he will convince you to be more practical in time.

The woman he needs

Loving and romantic, the Taurus man needs to find a woman who is nice and sweet or else he will end up with someone who will take advantage of him. He is looking for a girl who’s intelligent and responsive to his sensuality.

He cares more about how a woman thinks, rather than her clothes and her hair. The perfect lady for him should be honest and straightforward. This is not a guy to play games with. He wants to hear only the truth, and he doesn’t mind if this sometimes means he will get hurt.

Understanding your Taurus man

Emotional and complicated, the Taurus man will be different from other men. He can sometimes feel like he doesn’t fit in because he is so tender and soft.

As a matter of fact, one of his biggest qualities is his sensitivity. He prefers not to show everyone when he is feeling sad. He will maybe show this to people from his closest entourage.

If you want him to be your perfect man, you’ll need to have a lot of patience. As one of the most persistent and dedicated men in the zodiac, this guy will work hard to succeed in life. But he will never despair as one of his main traits is that he is calm and composed.

A little bit shy, don’t expect him to be reserved with the woman that he likes. He can put his charm to use as soon as he falls for someone.

Ladies will always be interested in him, but he’ll only want one who is classy and understanding. Actually, one of his main goals in life is to find someone with whom he can feel comfortable and loved, a wife that can wait for him every evening.

Quiet, everything that this guy will say will be either superficial or will refer to ideas that he has. He will never express emotions verbally. He is emotional but he doesn’t want people to know about this side of his.

As far as sexuality and emotions go, he will be often scared as he isn’t be able to see the connection between them. So don’t expect him to reveal all of his sexual fantasies to you. He will keep everything to himself until he completely trusts you.

You should appreciate when he opens up. It’s a like a gift he makes to you, celebrating the fact that he may love you for real.

Focused on making money or on putting aside some finances to get the things that he likes, the Taurus man is not greedy but he needs to know what will happen in the future and if he’ll have the same comfortable life. If you are his partner, you should already know about how loyal he can be and how he plans a stable financial future for both of you.

Consistent, this guy will always keep his cool, no matter the situation. When he no longer respects his routine, it means there’s something wrong with him. He’s an intellectual who will always plan carefully everything happening in his life.

Dating him

Despite not being too creative with the location of his dates, the Taurus man can be a really enjoyable company when he takes you out. Romantic, he will do anything to make you his forever.

What’s wonderful about dating the Taurus man is that he is relaxed and he doesn’t stress about anything.

You two could be at home watching a movie and eating ice-cream or on a beach seeing the sunset, he will be just the same. He needs to feel no pressure in order to be spontaneous and caring.

He won’t take you hiking the Everest or who knows what other crazy idea, but this doesn’t mean that your dates are not going to be memorable.

The negative side of the Taurus man

The problem you will encounter with your Taurus lover is their stubbornness. The man in Taurus simply can’t get over the fact that things sometimes happen in a different way than what he expected. And he won’t change this about him.

Many women see this as a great issue. Refusing to accept others’ opinions and views can lead to serious problems, especially in a relationship. Breakups often happen because of this reason.

Another negative trait of this man is his selfishness. He often sets goals that he needs to attain, and starts working on them without thinking about others and what they may feel.

Being so self-oriented can bother the Taurus man’s lady, and he can end up alone if he continues to do things without considering others.

Besides, the Taurus male can be very jealous and possessive. The woman who’s with him will think that he’s controlling. He needs to feel that his partner only loves him. The simplest gestures of his lover towards another person would bother him terribly.

His sexuality

Not the most creative sex partner, the Taurus man is not typical either. He may seem typical because he’s traditional, but in fact he doesn’t mind trying things that have been suggested to him.

He is tender, sensual and passionate, but he doesn’t know what to do when things become a little bit boring. Foreplay is something that he truly enjoys and wants to explore more.

The Taurus man puts emotions into lovemaking and he has the potential of becoming the best lover in the horoscope, but only if he does something to unleash his innate creativity. With the right partner to motivate him, he can make the bedroom experience something to be remembered for a lifetime.

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