The Taurus Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

An apparently calm and reassuring personality, with fiery emotions underneath.

The women in Taurus are determined, stubborn and persistent. Those who are around a Taurean woman know what a force this lady can be.

She is capable to resist the toughest of times and she finds solutions to problems when everyone else has given up.

Some of the most famous women born under this sign include: Audrey Hepburn, Barbra Streisand, Queen Elizabeth II, Adele, Megan Fox and Janet Jackson.

Strong in character and opinionated, the Taurus woman is caring and warm. With her birthday in the middle of the spring, the Taurus woman has the strength of nature after a cold winter. This is why she is the force that she is.

As an Earth sign, she draws her patience and intelligence from the mother Earth. Born in the sign of the Bull, she doesn’t lie: this woman is very calm but can become very determined when needed.

She hides a fiery temper underneath the quiet exterior. She shows this side very rarely as she aims to live a balanced life. She likes being outside, in nature, and nothing is more important to her than her comfort.

She is very smart but she prefers not to show it. With friends, she will be quiet, allowing others to talk and shine. Everything she builds in life, she builds for her own security as she wants stability and to feel safe.

Governed by Venus, the Taurus is a malleable sign with feminine characters. The Taurus woman’s life challenge is learning how to share. Her main traits are attractiveness, sensual passion and common sense.

The fire is inside not on the outside

When a Taurus woman falls in love, she only focuses on that love. Her partner will be cared for and pampered. She invests passion and tenderness into any relationship and she likes to take her time with someone.

She wants to know everything about the person she likes and she will not be 100% committed until she’s sure of her choice. It’s not common for a Taurus woman to be jealous, but if provoked, she will be.

Since she likes so much to be courted, the Taurus woman will not rush to be in a relationship.

She will be wooed and she will take her time to think about every aspect of the possible commitment. As soon as she gets involved, the Taurus woman becomes giving and caring.

She can be romantic and cool in the same time. After all, she is highly logical in life matters. It is wise not to upset her as the calm attitude she always has on can turn into a storm of anger and madness.

She attracts with her calmness. Many find the peaceful attitude a Taurus woman has to be irresistible.

The ones who court her can feel that she is honest and never needy. She is imposing but not by being aggressive or ostentatious.

While she has a feminine, steamy side, The Taurus woman manages to act firmly and determined. Click To Tweet

Her aura is calming and reassuring, a rare thing considering the world is full of people that are always stressed. You can have confidence in a Taurus woman with everything you have. She’s very reliable.

The Taurus woman will avoid fighting. She prefers to keep her opinions to herself if an argument has started. She knows how to walk out of a conversation and she will leave you feeling silly after you have contradicted her.

A family woman

You will never find a woman more loyal than the Taurus woman. She is the right partner for those who are looking to find someone who is strong and often reserved.

She will wait for the possible relationship with someone to flourish. This is something that, in her life, the Taurus woman does with everything, but in love it’s the most noticeable. She works well when she’s in love and benefiting from closeness.

One of her favourite things in life is being right. So, if you are planning to go out with a Taurus woman, prepare yourself to not be right all the time.

The most compatible signs with a Taurus are Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

The Taurus is known to be a sign that enjoys the family life. As a mother, this woman will educate her children to behave and be down-to-earth.

She is sentimental, but her children won’t be able to emotionally blackmail her. She will teach them what life is all about and they will grow to be strong and practical.

The woman in Taurus is truly devoted to the people in her life. Not only to her partner, but also to her friends and members of the family.

Friendship is something very serious for the Taurus woman, and she will be there when needed. All she needs in return is the same honesty she offers.

Her career has to offer her security

Exquisite in her taste, this woman will make sure she gets a good wage. She will work overtime to have some more money.

Not quite inventive, nor the leader, the Taurus woman will work hard to satisfy everyone at her job. She likes routine, so she would be a great florist.

Since she also loves money that much, she would have a great career as a banker or a broker.

The most important thing for a Taurus woman is security. That’s why many of them may not change their jobs till they retire.

Success is like reaching an important birthday and finding you’re exactly the same.

Audrey Hepburn – A famous Taurus

If you need financial advice, ask the Taurus woman. She knows how things work and that’s why she is good with her money.

She doesn’t like to waste her finances, but she likes to spend on luxurious things. Despite this, she will always have a security fund from which she will not spend. She prefers to put her money in investments with safe return as she doesn’t like to risk.

She needs to balance it all

A Taurus may be vulnerable in the throat area. More than this, the Taurus woman needs to be careful with the stress in her life as it can cause her depression and insomnias.

She needs balance in both the physical and mental planes and this way she is sure to remain healthy.

As said before, the Taurus woman prefers the finest things in life. She will dress in the most expensive clothes and she will try to buy things that will permanently remain in style.

The characteristic gemstone of her sign is the emerald so she is more inclined towards shades of green although she will look great in earth shades as well. Wearing emerald could help her channel faith, spirituality and make her strengthen her loyalty and ambition.

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