Taurus Sexuality: Essentials On Taurus In Bed

Sex with a Taurus – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs

A very sensitive individual, the Taurus native can create a bond with almost any person, indifferent of race, skin color or any other aspect.

Nothing can put off a Taurus’ joy of meeting and establishing a connection with somebody, be it a stranger, or a mere acquaintance.

For them, intimate contact is supposed to be a form of coexistence between two people, a process of deep bonding that goes beyond mere sexual satisfaction.

It’s important to know that a Taurus will seek pleasure and immediate gratification. But, being highly energetic and confident in himself, the satisfaction has to come as a result of hard work and deep focus.

Only by putting in effort and shedding tears of sweat would it feel like it’s all worth it, an achievement in the true sense of the word.

The only way to keep a Taurean close to you is to make him feel like nothing else is more important, while also taking care of all his needs.

Sometimes, that might be pretty hard, considering that this native is not exactly the most romantic or sensual individual out there. Sure, it’s not like they’re complete robots without any sorts of feelings, they do show their affection and compassion, but not in a direct and easy to spot manner.

More logical and cerebral than most, romanticism and dreamy idealisms are not their cup of tea, not in the least. Instead, a Taurus native will always prefer to do better in bed, so good in fact that you even forget their apparent lack of affection.

Even more, it’s basically an impossibility that a Taurean will let go and leave after having given his heart and soul to build up a relationship. It’s not in their nature to do that, pure and simple.

All in all, it can be said that among all other Zodiac signs, a Taurus is the easiest to keep happy and comfortable.

Not a particularly adrenaline-manic individual who absolutely needs excitement at a constant rate, nor someone who is crazy about cheesy romantic get-ups, this native is surely one worth paying attention to.

Due to their natural confidence and boldness in intimate matters, a Taurus is nothing if not a complete and utter king. Nothing goes out of control or in disarray when he’s on duty.

When having sex with a Taurean, the least of your worries is if it’s not going to be good enough. Because, for the love of all that’s pure and sacred, it’s going to be divine, not just good.

Things could get a little overwhelming at times, when their lust and sex drive goes into a frenzied state and doesn’t stop until the pressure is lifted.

For Taurus natives, the one single aspect of a relationship that holds the greatest importance is pleasure, sexual pleasure.

Given that he is innately endowed with a greater sensitivity than most, it is only natural that he finds true bliss and vitality in carnal satisfaction.

When looking for a suitable partner, what really sweeps them off their feet is how that person looks, physical attractiveness in other words.

Whether it’s how the wind falls on their face, or how a certain accessory looks, everything plays a major role in this decision. These natives seem to intuitively perceive the way you behave and why, those inner aspects that truly define someone.

Being of a straightforward attitude, and given that he is under the patronage of Venus, a planet that we all know is responsible for matters of the heart, a Taurus simply knows what to do so that he seduces and conquers somebody completely.

Using the different techniques at his disposal, such as what the natural instincts normally detect (smell, touch), pretty much no one can escape this guy’s advances. No one. And that’s saying something.

Their deal breakers

When talking about the likes and dislikes of a Taurus, both male and female, what really comes to mind at a first thought is the desire to be dominated and have a good time.

They expect everything to be done for them, in as efficient and blissful manner as possible. A little materialism might also find its way in a Taurus’ character sheet, but it’s not that big of a problem.

Essentially, if things get enough hot and steamy, know that they want for nothing else and you are already on top of their wish list.

Taurus natives are nothing if not gluttonous and gourmand. Only sex overturns their appetite for good food. But if the latter becomes a preamble for the former? Now that’s what we’re talking about.

This is true paradise for them. Now, don’t go thinking that just because the starting course was this good-looking, that everything is going to follow in the same footsteps.

Generally, the ways in which these natives approach sex is unilateral, or limited in any case. Does it feel good and is it satisfying? Good, then that’s what ultimately matters. Everything else is just optional and non-essential.

There are some things that directly impact how a Taurus feels like in a relationship. For example, if they have to worry about whether you’re leaving in the morning or not, that’s pretty much a joy-killer.

Not to mention the financial situation, which can easily sway the whole situation into a no-go zone. All in all, stability matters a lot, and is a priority in a Taurus’ plan for the future.

They quickly become attached and most likely even obsessed with their partners’ presence. Jealousy and possessiveness are two traits that play a major role in this whole affair.

If things seem like falling apart and the other tries to cheat or pass over to the enemy camp, a Taurus will feel utterly betrayed and disillusioned.

This native is not the type of guy who goes up into a bar, downs ten bottles of beer, maybe get into a fight and maybe get into even more problems.

Without a plan, a second plan, and if the odds are right, even a third plan in mind, a Taurus would prefer not to engage in any sort of social event. Who knows what might happen? Better have contingencies in place.

Craving intimacy

Given their dislike for anything that goes out of the normalcy, or out of the norm, a Taurus will most likely never cheat.

If they don’t like taking risks and are not an adventurous type, it’s pretty evident why that just doesn’t happen. Who could they cheat with, a good book? Now, it’s another thing entirely if they don’t feel sexually satisfied.

That tends to make them go nuts and activates their predator mode, searching for the nearest possible solution to that “sensible” problem.

What they are ultimately looking for is both someone who can fulfill those intense cravings of theirs, as well as someone who can offer stability and protection.

Can’t have happiness without a certain assurance that bad things won’t be happening in the near future. An individual who seems to have both of these traits is the Cancer, one who appears to be the destined one for our Taurus.

Family life, intimate connection and preferences, goals in life, attitudes and approaches, everything seems to coincide in some way or another. Obviously, what keeps them so tight and chummy is still that sexual drive.

To keep things short, if you want someone who you can put total trust in, and be confident that it won’t end up in a betrayal, then a Taurus is the perfect choice.

As long as they feel satisfied and are given a romantic enough treatment, candles and all that, everything will work out just fine. Remember to be extra inventive and sensual when going about business, it can’t be overstated how important that is for them.

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Written by Denise

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