Signs A Taurus Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You

Spoiler alert: Your Taurus man is into you when he spends most of his time around you and always seems ready to jump to the rescue.

Heart shaped flowers

A Taurus native will make sure to fulfill all your desires and take care of you in the most sensual way possible. Gifts are the main expression of his interest, gifts and various small gestures, like compliments, politeness and tokens of his appreciation towards you.

Top 12 signs a Taurus is into you

  1. He wants to make you feel desired.
  2. He wants to keep you entertained at all times.
  3. He gets out of his comfort zone for you.
  4. He helps you with tedious chores.
  5. He includes you in his future plans.
  6. He wishes to please you through small actions.
  7. He spends a lot of time thinking of new ways to make you happy.
  8. He is willing to sacrifice time he spends tending to his hobbies.
  9. He is capable of very romantic gestures.
  10. He leaves small clues about his feelings.
  11. He seems to always be there to jump to the rescue.
  12. He has a generous but surprising flirting style (see Taurus flirting style).

If he is willing to spend his own time making yours great and worth living to the max, then it’s a pretty sure sign that he’s deeply into you.

Knowing that this man is a very practical and simple individual, he will try to satisfy you in the best way he knows: by appealing to your senses. It’s going to be one of the most pleasing experiences in your entire life, being courted by this native.

How to figure out if your Taurus likes you

The Taurus man is one of the most amazing partners of the zodiac, because he is loyal and loves stability, that’s why he will work his whole life to maintain his relationship on the floating line.

You will know that he likes you from the moment when you will start being part of his future plans. He takes these things very seriously and will not even dare to joke around.

He will take care of you and he will make sure that all your needs are satisfied. Be confident, and show him that you wish to be next to him for your entire life and that will attract him immediately and without any doubts.

There is no sign more obvious that a Taurus man is into you than the fact that he is always near you, always ready to assist and offer his aid when it is needed.

He will try to do things for you, so the simple gesture of spending his time thinking about your needs and pleasures is enough to deduce that his love is true.

Whether he’ll talk to you about things that truly matter for the both of you, as well as for the future, or assist you with carrying that heavy box you were struggling with a while ago, there are plenty of opportunities for him to express his feelings. And you just have to pay attention and be there, in the moment.

Even if the Taurus man has a lot of qualities, one thing is missing for him, the initiator spirit. He will give you clues to lead you to his spiritual feelings, but he will hesitate to tell you directly what his expectations are.

The most simple way is to communicate with him. Express your feelings and go ahead with the romance in your partnership, he will totally appreciate that.

He thinks that if it’s meant to be, it will happen, but sometimes even the Gods need some help, so be sure that you help your relationship by taking the situation in your own hands.

Taureans have perfectly experienced sadness and sorrow during their lifetime, and are keenly aware of what to look out for in a partner, to somewhat deduce what they’ll be like in the future.

Even more than that, he realizes that the only reason he was so weak and vulnerable in the past, and for which he has suffered so much, was because of his own flaws and downsides.

Some things have to be changed, in fact, he has to change a few aspects of himself, in order to patch out those leaks, that void within himself, and not let anything or anyone else hurt him again.

And whilst he is under this process, you will need to understand that he has his moments of caution or moments when he needs to take a bit of a break and reassure himself that he is doing the right thing.

The Taurus man doesn’t like to take the initiative, that’s why they wait a lot of time, until they find their life partner, or enter in a stable relationship, because until they find the courage to initiate a conversation, their love interest may already be gone.

So, if you like him, go and take attitude, if you want to obtain something serious with this sleepy Taurus man.

Texting with your crush

When talking about how the Taurus man interacts with his partner, let’s just say that he can be very sweet and tender, but this only if he is assured that you are interested, and not just a passing admirer.

This means that it will take him a while to warm up to your texting and possibly will avoid any written displays of emotions at the start of your thing.

He wants someone with whom to create something special, serious, and long-term if possible, not just a one-night adventure.

This native will really love you texting him, anything really, because then he’ll see that you care about him, and you can be sure that he will respond in due time, showing at least a portion of his feelings.

Principles and personal beliefs are important to him, and you will have to demonstrate that you’re a confident, reliable, and responsible person before getting to know him better.

This guy totally enjoys spending time with you in real life, so he will not lose important minutes to text you or call you.

He will let the most important conversations take place face to face, because being a kind and smooth zodiac sign, he loves to look into your eyes when he wants to be romantic with you.

Don’t be very confusing or too pushy in your texts, because that can make him retreat from the battle of love. Long novels or love declarations actually produce the opposite effect with some Taurus men and make them question your feelings, so be direct and serious, and you will gain his heart.

Is he falling in love?

If you have doubts about your Taurus partner’s feelings, and you haven’t been satisfied with the above, then you need to also understand the following.

If this man spends a lot of time to make you happy, if he gives you all his attention, if he sacrifices his most beloved hobbies, or his money to keep you in his mind, that means that he is crazily in love with you, lucky girl.

Expect some romantic actions from his part, he will bring you flowers and chocolate, so make sure that you will tell him your tastes, because once he knows that you are the one, even Royals could be envious of the special treatment you are receiving from this man.

Do your homework

We all know that Taurians are Earth signs, and so they are very immutable, steady-headed, grounded, and overall unchangeable personalities who like to live a very organized life.

So, you can be sure that if he starts surprising you, or makes unexpected visits, then that means he gets out of his comfort zone. He doesn’t do this for his own pleasure, that much is true. The alternative is that you matter enough to him so that he compromises his little peace and quiet.

Remember that something to watch out for if you want to know whether a Taurus man likes you is the telltale jealousy marker. Pay attention to how he acts when there are other men near you. If he starts frowning and making faces, then it’s pretty clear he doesn’t like it.

This man will begin helping you with whatever you need helping with, especially those tasks that require a rational and grounded approach. Pragmatism was always one of their forte, so it’s only logical they’re going to flaunt that.

Finally, the Taurus man is someone who is deeply connected to the world of the senses, and so don’t be surprised when he’ll gift you a perfume, or invite you to dinner at his place, where he’ll cook you something that you won’t soon forget. Pleasing you is going to be his main goal here, and there are few other people who can do what he does.

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