Taurus Relationship Traits and Love Tips

A relationship with a Taurus is surrounded by an air of mystery and privacy but the approach is a realistic one with both partners supporting each other.

couple and a Taurus sign

Taurus lovers are very stubborn and resolute on doing things their own way, at a slow pace. They must have the time to analyze and observe the situation beforehand. They take into consideration the pros and cons, all the advantages and disadvantages before committing.

Pros Cons
They develop a special kind of intimacy.They can be clingy and possessive.
They are attractive and elegant.Their motivations are complex and rapidly changing.
They are both romantic and reliable.Their pragmatism is sometimes hurtful.

In relationships, Taurus people want to find someone who resonates with their deepest desires and principles, someone who can understand and is patient with them.

Preferential treatment

Taurus natives have a primal magnetism, a certain attraction that goes beyond mere physical sexuality. It’s something singular to them, an aura that reeks of mystery, stability, sensuality.

For this reason, they never have any trouble finding partners or relationships. They will also take great pleasure in satisfying their senses, having sex, being loving and affectionate, empathizing with their partners.

Complimenting, sure, they can do that, but they prefer giving a hug or a kiss, something more intimate than just verbally saying something.

You will never feel confused or uncertain when dealing with Taurians because they very straightforward and honest with their feelings.

Taurus partners can be very clingy and possessive with their counterparts because of the intensity of their feelings. It doesn’t matter that everyone flocks to them like seagulls to the beach, a partner is someone special that deserves everything.

They love romantic get-ups and setting, romantic dinners, flowers, chocolates, sudden kisses, and hugs.

These Taurus individuals want someone with charm, a refined lover and someone who has high expectations and who respects themselves.

Moreover, these natives can have a lot of fun and lift their spirits up quickly, even though they prefer stability and a calm environment.

In order to truly get along with a Taurus native, you have to really understand where they’re coming from and where they’re going.

Their motivations, reasons for having a certain lifestyle, for being so slow in taking decisions, and so on. In general, they want to achieve a balance, a state of free-flowing mental connections where devotion and mutual understanding are the main players.

Earthen signs like them will always look for a single relationship, a unique and special person to give all their love to, one that ensures stability and future prospects.

The love flame doesn’t need to die

The Taurus natives are very intense and determined to build up a strong relationship, and their stubborn behavior plays a big role in this endeavor.

It takes the form of devotion, of deep bonding, a form of understanding and relentless determination to do what’s best for the good of the relationship.

They want to feel loved by their partners, so they whip out the romanticism out of necessity. Even when it may go against their wishes, there are some things that have to be done in order to impress and make a partner happy.

This goes to show why marriage is incredibly intense and passionate for them, a real overwhelming storm of feelings and challenges to overcome.

What’s more, these signs might cheat and go for a secret adventure behind their lover’s back. This is caused by the influence of Mars, the combative yet secretive planet.

They will prefer to keep their relationship surrounded by an air of mystery and privacy, to have an affair out of the spotlight, so to speak. Surprising and exciting things put them in an uncomfortable position.

In a relationship, the Taurus lovers are pragmatic, their approach realistic and steady-minded. They are responsible and thoughtful of the things that have to be done, the necessary chores of day-to-day life.

In their perspective, dealing with the routine, taking care of the daily affairs, is already a sign of affection and love for the partner, but they forget that emotional support is also very important.

The relationship with the Taurus man

The Taurus man follows his decisions to the letter, never hesitating to do sacrifices and compromise some things in order to achieve his goals.

He is determined, resolute, sometimes proud and daring, but always stubborn. He’s worth all the attention and love because of his ultimate devotion and loyalty. Routine is a way of life for him, as it offers comfort, stability, and satisfaction.

He’s sensible and sensual, thinking about what his partner feels when he needs to do or say some things.

He doesn’t want to completely shock and awe his girl, but he does want to prove his worth by offering her stability and by being understanding.

Long-standing relationships are the only possible choice for this devoted and loving man, and because of his exquisite patience and great understanding, you will feel like everything’s going naturally.

He doesn’t want to get into a relationship that’s going nowhere, a static and futureless bond. For all the effort and attention he’s putting in, he wants to have an ambitious and perseverant partner.

The Taurus man in a relationship: Understand and keep him in love

The relationship with the Taurus woman

The Taurus woman is among the most seducing and attractive woman out there, no doubt about that. What man doesn’t feel attracted to an ambitious, independent and patient woman who knows how to achieve her goals?

Naturally, she will want to walk alongside a like-minded partner who can take care of her, with whom to build a stable and secure home.

There is no one more fit to start a family with, than her, and even from the get-go, she will start thinking about having kids. Don’t be scared, just let her dream on.

You won’t have to worry about her behavior in a relationship. If you’re a man who needs affection, validation of his own feelings, love, and compassion, then you’ve found the perfect partner.

She will nurture you just like a mother would, with tenderness and care, and a kiss on the check when you do something bad.

She’s got a lot of love to give, but at the same time, be wary of her dominative tendencies. If you don’t take control from the start, don’t be surprised when she’s going to take that role.

Be devoted, loyal, understanding and manly, and you won’t ever have a problem with the Taurus woman.

The Taurus woman in a relationship: What to expect?

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