Dating A Taurus Man: Do You Have What It Takes?

Understand how he dates and what he likes in a woman so you can start the relationship on the right foot.

Being an Earth sign, the Taurus man is practical and more focused on the material side of things and on top of this, he is also a fixed sign, meaning he prefers to have security and a routine in whatever he does. For him, things have to be the exactly the same way each time he’s trying them.

The date of a Taurus guy should be elegant, good looking, caring and devoted. Don’t date a man in Taurus if you happen to also like someone else. It would raise serious problems.

As soon as the Taurus man starts to trust a date, he becomes comfortable and he sets a routine for the relationship.

If you happen to like a settled life, you got lucky! But if you are more drawn to people who are more spontaneous and adventurous, the Taurus man is definitely not your type.

The man in Taurus won’t change his beliefs for anyone. He likes doing things his way and he will no longer talk if someone tries to contradict him.

He’s patient when choosing his date and he will spend a lot of time deciding who’s the right partner. So don’t rush him into determining how serious the relationship between you two is.

As soon as he has concluded you are the right person for him, he’ll become devoted and caring. He likes intelligent people who are well grounded. He filters everything with his mind first, not being the emotional type.

His expectations

Not that courageous, it may be necessary that you take the lead with him. He has a self-confidence of his own, but not in the relationship domain.

Start with a light conversation about how things are in the world. He will be sluggish at first, when you start the relationship, but don’t think he’s not interested. He’s only taking some time before he identifies the state of the affairs.

He’s usually not rushed, so slow and secure is the way to work your way to this man’s heart. Take everything step by step as he will retreat if he thinks things are moving way too fast.

Since he likes routine and security, the Taurus man won’t be able to deal easily with change. So, it may take a while before you move in together.

He possesses a good intuition so will know if you are lying to him. Don't even think of hiding things from him. Click To Tweet

Once he finds out the truth, you will quickly see how hurt he is feeling. If you even dare to cheat on him, he’ll leave you forever.

He likes the finest things in life and he spends money only on things that are of high-quality. There are many traits to be appreciated in a Taurus native. He’s strong, devoted and respectable.

He succeeds in everything that he is doing without showing any stress, and he will work hard to have a stable financial future.

This makes him a good father and husband. He likes having a family, and he will be protective of them. You won’t see a Taurus individual not keeping his word.

The partner of a man in Taurus will be spoiled and dressed in the most expensive clothes. He expects his other half to be faithful, reliable and truthful.

Patient, down-to-earth, and knowing what he wants, the Taurus man will make place for someone special in his life, if he happens to fall in love.

He is rather controlling when in a relationship, so if you have suggestions about something be careful how you tell him your opinions.

Hands-on dating tips

If you have tickets to a theater play or a classical music concert, take your Taurus boyfriend with you. He loves art and everything that’s fine and intriguing. He’ll also appreciate if you manage to get front row seats.

After the date, go to your place and cook together. He enjoys wholesome and delicious food and a healthy laughter. Make sure you dress up and look elegant. He has a good taste and he’ll appreciate you for looking perfect. He will most likely be dressed up when showing up for a date.

Shopping is something a Taurus man would do all day long. As said before, he prefers to pay more if he knows he gets high-quality or style. He’s not the spontaneous sign in the zodiac and he needs to have things planned from before.

This is how he enjoys life, through anticipation and planning. If you are on the lookout for someone reliable, strong and involved, search no more.

The man in Taurus is just perfect for you. He discerns very well what he needs in a partner, and that is someone who can connect with him and his ways.

He can turn into a possessive and overly sensitive partner if he feels something is wrong, and he remembers his exes very well even long after the relationship has ended.

When dating a Taurus you should know the fact that he’s not the one to make compromises either. If things turn chaotic, the Taurus man may panic. You need to know how to make him feel good in situations like this. He isn’t dramatic or exaggerating, he just doesn’t know what to do with himself anymore.

What he is searching for in a partner is someone to be next to him for a very long time. He may have a slower start, but he’s sure to be next to you forever.

Between the sheets

He may want a partner who is devoted and trustworthy, but this doesn’t mean the Taurus man is looking for predictability. If you are smart and carefree, but you also like to sometimes explore new possibilities, you are his perfect partner.

Everything with him is physicality, so he likes having sex with someone whom he loves. He has an elevated sense of tactility, so use the finest sheets when in bed with him.

Whispering in the ear is his favorite thing, so don’t hesitate to tell him how much you love him.

Never rushed when making love, you will be stimulated when in bed with a Taurus man. As Venus is his ruler, this partner is a skilled and caring lover.

Sensuality and sexuality are not something new to him. He makes love just like a painter paints his canvas and he’ll explore each part of your body.

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