How To Seduce A Taurus Man From A To Z

Discover how to make your Taurus man fall in love with you and what to look out for.

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You have to wish for a relationship with a Taurus man, because he is the real deal. With a strong attitude, and with a huge amount of pragmatism, this zodiac sign will make you feel the most secure and loved woman in the world.

But make sure that you are saying directly what you have to say, when trying to attract his attention because he is not gonna reflexively know what you need or how you may be feeling, because he doesn’t have a powerful instinctive spirit. If you want a date with the Taurus man, ask him to go on a date, because words are going to be the path to his heart.

Seduce your Taurus man with these top 5 tips:

  1. Attract his attention by challenging what he says.
  2. Smile and glance at him even in a huge crowd, he will notice.
  3. Don’t leave real seduction for too late.
  4. Make sure you keep your promises, no matter how small.
  5. Show you have hobbies and passions of your own.
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A lover of the finest in life

Taurus men are all about the old ways, conforming to traditions, and that means that they want their women to be feminine, graceful, charming, and full of tenderness, that womanly flair that looks so good on them.

On the same line, he’s obviously going to want to be the man of the house, making all the calls, taking all the decisions, and be dominant in general.

How else could a household work if not by having social roles? From this point of view, it’s worth remembering that while the partner may do all the dirty work, and bring all the ideas to the table, in the end, it’s still going to be the Taurus who’s going to take all the credit, or that is how things should be at least, in their vision.

If he is in love with you, he will show his feelings by taking care of you. In the most unexpected and surprising moments, he will wait for you with gifts, flower or all sorts of little surprises.

He wants to be in charge of your relationship so make sure that you let him believe that, because you will not regret his attitude in the end, when he is going to make love to you passionately.

Just be patient with him, and give him the security that you will not going to leave his soul and body in this life or in the next ten lives.

Taurus men like for things to be kept at the ground level, real and original, and not to exaggerate with dazzling ideas that are often lies and products of the imagination. Never go there with them, because they’ll certainly not appreciate it, not even when complimenting them.

Just say exactly what’s first observable, and you can be sure that they’ll like that. Another thing that might play a big role in the relationships is the fact that these natives prefer their partners to take it step by step, with a calm and patient attitude.

Hurrying without an apparent reason and being impulsive was never their cup of tea, nor did they like this sort of people. They could have had conflicts with such people in the past as well, considering that they aren’t very good at judging someone objectively.

Tips for seducing your Taurus man

One of the most powerful piece of advice that can help you steal a Taurus man’s heart is to be serious on your intentions, and to fulfill your promises, because he doesn’t like to play games, or to lose his time for a one night adventure.

He wants stability and security, and he loves to have a comfy and luxurious lifestyle. He will work to give you the most expensive things to make all your material dreams come true, but you have to give him in return, your heart, your soul, and the promise that you are going to spend your entire life next to him, and only death will break apart your relation.

Taureans are quite eccentric when it comes to their deepest desires and search for happiness. They want to live in comfort, to have exactly what they want, a life filled with the best and most refined things.

For that reason, they love food, and not just some steak or fried potatoes. No, we’re talking about real cuisine, the superior one made by famous cooks and chefs, served in restaurants.

Besides that, their taste for the good things in life doesn’t stop there, as they are especially in love with the cultural aspect of the world.

Art, music, architecture, painting are just a few of these natives’ intellectual interests, and they are as refined as can be when it comes to their know-how about them.

Taurus seduction turn offs

If you want a Bull to run away, you should start complaining. Dramatism is a behavior trait admitted on a theatre scene, but never admitted on your Taurus scene.

Don’t complicate your relationship when it doesn’t need to be complicated, and don’t’ become aggressive.

Your Taurus man wants a peaceful life, full of joys, not with fights and quarrels. One more thing that will turn him angry is if he notices that you flirt with other men, he is a man after all and he has a very big ego, so if you love him, make sure that you have eyes only for him, and he will be grateful for that for his entire life.

Next in line, there is the lack of any kind of boldness or initiative when it comes to taking any risks.

Taureans are like that, grounded, calm, patient, stable, the individuals who could live their entire lives in one place, doing the exact same thing over and over again, without noticing anything’s wrong.

Some people might go crazy with the routine, but they are content with that. Furthermore, they are also very hard-working and perseverant, which is why they don’t approve of people who take things as they come, without putting in any effort, just waiting for good things to fall from the sky. That’s not a way to achieve success, and they’d better not associate themselves with it.

What you’re up against

This zodiac sign loves beauty and confidence so is not gonna be a hard job for you to make him fall in love with you. If you are open to talk about hot subjects, and use the passion to lit the fire in the bedroom, your success is guaranted.

But you should be sure before starting this, because once he loves you is going to be even harder for you to get him out from your life.

If you don’t want a long-term relationship, don’t try to hurt a Taurus heart, because he will make sure that you will pay for his pain.

If we kept talking about how good and perfect Taurus men are, then now it’s time for a bucket of cold water, because they have some flaws as well. Mainly, there’s that lack of initiative that kills all the joy and entertainment.

Most of the times, they’ll be against trying anything new, or getting out of their comfort zone, because it would be… well…uncomfortable to change anything. Yeah, that’s right, this is one of the downsides you will need to challenge, remember that, initially, you are also a form of change for them.

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