Taurus Flirting Style: Generous and Surprising

If you’re wondering how to seduce a Taurus, understand how they flirt so you can match their love game.

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Taurus the kind of natives who won’t likely start seducing you when first laying their eyes on you, because that’s just not in their character. Being Earth signs, these individuals are naturally stable, responsible, and calm in their approach.

TraitsTaurus flirting in action
Sensual They have a special way of showing feelings.
Pampering Lovers of only the finest in life.
Attentive They will be there for you.
Sweet Romance does come naturally.
Impulsive Emotions can be hard to control at times.

If they were to impulsively stride along and hit on every woman they came across, now what would that say about them?

Besides the fact that it would be counter-intuitive to their innate programming, it would also lead to a bad reputation.

For that very reason, noticing that a Taurus is into someone could be quite hard, because they are especially emotional, and falling into a zone of extremity could happen just like that. They get too immersed in gazing at the Moon and wishing to have a shot at their crush, that’s what this is.

But they also have their highly materialistic moments when their flirting go-to-conversation will only involve the latest fad in fashion, home décor or gadgets.

One of the most essential things worth knowing about Taurus men, for instance, is that they possess their own earthen magnetism, just like gravity works, which inevitably attracts potential love interests towards them.

And just like asteroids rotate around a big-enough center of gravity, like the Sun, that’s exactly how people are instinctively attracted to this native’s innate mysterious attitude.

There’s really an unexplainable allure at play here, and not even they can explain it fully. Also, one of their main aims in this life is satisfying their deepest desires, the pleasure of the senses in other words. And you can imagine that when meeting a partner, they’ll attempt to do the same thing to them.

When confronted with competition in flirting, Taurus people will treat it as just another day in the office, and they won’t exaggerate or get out of their comfort zone to chase away the perpetrators.

They expect that the one they love will choose wisely and see them for what they are. If that doesn’t happen and they don’t get picked, then that means that person didn’t deserve them in the first place.

It’s really that simple. If, however, the competition doesn’t get anything and leaves, then they return to their seductive tactics, acting in a tender and affectionate way. And they achieve that by playing their cards right, of course.

Taurus flirting body language

Taurus people will naturally think things through before deciding to fall for someone’s flirting, because they want to fully analyze and observe the potential partner.

After all, they want stability, security, and they want someone with whom to devise a future together, to create plans and think up of sure-fire ideas that will make their lives even better. And this takes time.

Anyway, once they have accepted the romance and the flirting, they will give in to their better nature and focus on pleasing their senses, as well as the partner’s.

So there’ll be a lot of touching involved here. A kiss on the cheek in the morning, holding hands during a walk in the park, a sudden embrace, a peck on the forehead when leaving for work, there are plenty of ways in which this native might show their affection.

There’s no need to worry about whether a Taurean is into you or not. That’s pretty clear from the get-go. If they allow you into their personal space, one which they dearly hold on to, then you can be sure that there’s a good reason for that.

And, by the way, since these natives are very perceptive and knowing from a sensory point of view, it would be a good idea to make sure you smell nice, that you are clean and looking at your best.

That will count for a lot in their books, of that there is no doubt. Moreover, they can be very enduring when it comes to waiting for the partner to see what they’re all about, or when there is competition roaming about.

They just simply wait, wait, and wait a little more the skies to get clear, and then they’ll put their plan into action. There’s no secret here, either they like you, or they don’t, and the difference in behavior is evident.

How to flirt with a Taurus

Because they are beings of great emotional depth, they feel at a much more intense pace than you average Joe, taking in the time to get to know the other person, play along, take in all the possibilities for love and a successful relationship, and only then act with a plan in mind.

They also have pretty high expectations, and they want the best, to enjoy a comfortable and carefree lifestyle, as well as desire the refined and beautiful things in life. So you will really need to play into that lifestyle to even get a chance to flirt and flaunt your qualities.

For that reason, it would be advisable to treat them to an expensive restaurant from time to time, and give them presents which are equally expensive.

The thing is, these natives are not exactly the most conformist when it comes to expressing their feelings and emotions. They just do it when and how they feel like it, without any sort of recognizable patterns.

And it will be very difficult and confusing for anyone who hasn’t had contact with a Taurus before, to realize that they are actually in love with them, when they sometimes appear as distant and cold.

Of course, this attitude may actually be the real deal, because there’s one thing about them that acts as a vital constituent of a happy relationship. They want to have exclusive rights on their partner, with no one else claiming that right. It’s either a complete victory, or none at all.

And, if you want to conquer this native in the real sense of the word, and not just to attract their attention for some time, you have to maintain the love through hard, cold gifts.

Materialism is the keyword here, because Taurus natives are deeply in love with the beautiful, with objects of fortune and opulence. Necklaces, expensive outfits, watches or diamond rings, and whatever catches their eye deserves a place on their night stand or on their desk.

Taurus man flirting

Taurus men base their whole romance games around their senses, around the palpable experiences. That’s just they by which they fulfill their goals and receive pleasure and satisfaction in return.

Achieving a complete activation of their senses remains the most important objective to follow, and they’ll do that in many ways, from amicably patting you on your back on a hard day, as a form of encouragement, “unintentionally” brushing against you on the bus, and so on.

The idea is that without these forms of expression, they would be lacking in other parts as well. These men appreciate women who don’t reject their nature, and embrace the fact that being feminine is not a flaw, but one of the biggest advantages.

Taurus woman flirting

Taurus women are even more intrigued by the mystical pleasures and opportunities that the senses offer, and they are likely to develop their own killer techniques with which to conquer anyone who’s worth it.

It’s a very subtle, soothing and almost imperceptible process that gives them an inescapable charm. No man can resist their mysterious and seductive allure, because it’s really magnetic, evasion would be quite difficult and even counter-intuitive, since it should be clear that nothing bad is going to happen.

On the contrary, those who fall for their seductive games will find it to be incredibly satisfying.

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