Libra In Love: How Compatible Is With You?

The mental connection is the prerequisite to any type of love relation.

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When they’re in love, Libras become passionate and romantic. In spite of their flirtatious behavior, these guys completely devote themselves to the partner once they have found him or her.

Libras appear to always be interested in having a relationship with someone. They will rarely be single and they’ll marry young, if not a few times.

But the love of their life needs to understand that they are cheerful and that they harmlessly flirt with co-workers and friends. Trusting your Libra partner is very important. Just as the symbol of their sign shows it, these people are always looking for balance and harmony.

That’s why they need to choose their lovers carefully. Soft and gentle, they’d rather need someone who’s the same as them and not too domineering. Searching for equality and justice, the person who they love needs to believe in the same things.

Debates about politics and social issues are among the Libras’ most favorite conversations. Passion about important issues is something people born in this sign appreciate in others.

They don’t want to generate conflicts and they are always looking to reason when arguments start. There is no room in their lives for aggressive or imposing people.

Where do you both stand

If you are with a person in Libra, you can consider yourself lucky. These guys are the most lovable and kindhearted in the entire zodiac. They like being in a couple, and as children of Venus, they want to be loved.

They will always find someone to share their life with, no matter if they are completely compatible with that person or not. These are hurried wooers, who want someone in their life as soon as possible.

The fact that they’re indecisive can, however, affect their relationships. It will be hard for them to say where the relationship is going and this way, they will hurt the partner’s feelings.

Be honest with them, as they need to know what your position is, and determine faster where they are standing.

As the sign of marriage and partnership, Libras won’t feel happy until they are in a relationship. They simply can’t find their balance without that special someone in their life. They can sometimes be domineering, but not too much. Just enough to prove they care a lot.

They will give themselves completely to the partner, but don’t forget to admire them sometimes. Appreciating only the finer things in life, take them to expensive restaurants and buy them art. When they are not involved in a relationship, they worry and start to desperately look for someone.

Because they are in touch with their feminine side, these people, whether men or women, are amazing lovers. They will show affection and passion when in the bedroom, all of this while being devoted and loyal.

But they can sometimes suffocate their loved one with their attention. If they take many years to commit, it doesn’t mean they don’t care. It’s just their indecisiveness that is surfacing. They will weigh in many pros and cons, analyze the relationship on every side. With them, it’s best to give ultimatums regarding marriage even if this may seem risky.

It’s advised that Libras don’t allow their tendency to over think to take charge of their life. They need to be encouraged to take more risks.

Another downsize of their character is their dependency. These guys need others too much. They expect their loved ones to carry their emotional baggage, and this can hinder their ability to be self-sufficient and happy with themselves.

This lover … inside out

Not the type to have one-night stands, Libras prefer to fall in love rather than just have sex. They want everything a relationship involves, and they can be emotionally demanding.

If they are no longer able to impress their partner, their interest begins to drop and it’s very possible they’ll look for someone else. They will invest a lot of time and energy in a relationship, and they believe love stories can happen to them as well.

Be ready for romantic gestures when with the Libra man or woman. They like to spoil the one they love with all kind of attentions. For them, love is romantic and dreamy. They want the fairytale type, and they will never stop searching for it.

As a family member, they are stressed to make everyone feel good. They want to bring happiness, and their home will always be decorated with fine art and expensive furniture. If they manage to keep their relationship balanced and stable, they will be the happiest in love.

When they can’t find what they are looking for, they spend a lot of time thinking where things have gone wrong. It can be said Libra men are a little bit more realistic about love than Libra women.

But this doesn’t mean they won’t miss what’s right under their nose and go chase a dream they’ll probably never fulfill.

When they are in contradiction with someone, they prefer to be quiet and let the other win the argument. Calm and peaceful, Libras are always looking to have harmony and balance, not contradictions and raised voices.

They can see both sides of a story, but if they don’t express what they’re thinking, it’s all useless. Motivated by equity and fairness, they expect their love life to be balanced, and their partner to give as much as he or she receives.

You will never see Libras on their own at home or at a bar when they’re involved in a relationship. They will bring the partner everywhere, and they will enjoy the moments spent together. Many of them will even open a business with their loved ones, or decide to work in the same place as them.

A sensual lover

They feel happy offering love, and even happier when they are getting feedback. These natives truly enjoy being the prince or the princess in a relationship. The Libra man likes to be the savior, and the Libra lady is a true damsel in distress.

They think emotions can be very well expressed through sex. Libras will use the strongest fragrances and the most beautiful lingerie to make their partner want them even more. They have fantasies and they are very happy when they find someone with whom they can share them. They like sex only when it’s done with a purpose.

Romance and lovemaking can’t go one without another for these people. This is why they rarely cheat and are never promiscuous. They choose who they are going to sleep with very carefully, making sure they are not only in for an adventure.

Don’t ever argue with them in bed. It’s a major turn off for the Libras when this happens. Peace and relaxation is essential for them to enjoy sex completely and offer what they are capable of to the partner.

Music and candlelight’s will always put them in the mood, so don’t hesitate to make all kind of romantic gestures to make them more passionate and fiery.

Sensual and romantic, these guys need to have a mental connection with their lovers if they want to be happy with their sex life. Because they love luxury, silky sheets wouldn’t be bad either.

If you’ll create a romantic setting for them, they’ll be more into the lovemaking, and also more imaginative about what you two should do between the sheets.

Don’t expect too many fireworks, as Libras make love sweet and traditionally. They are not the kinky ones in the zodiac. Therefore, if you are into all kind of weird stuff, leave those things aside and let your Libra lover show you how passionate he or she can be.

Their sensuality is very much accentuated when they are with someone who’s committed and in love with them.

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