The Libra Woman In Love: Are You A Match?

While calm and composed on the surface, her emotions inside are strong.


The woman in Libra treats love with superficiality until the time comes for her to make a decision and choose someone. When she’s in the situation of picking, she can start to drive people around her mad.

This lady will shine everywhere she will go. She’s elegant and refined, so men will want her around. Governed by Venus, she believes in true love and will look for the perfect partner to make her happy. But finding that special someone is not a piece of cake. While she’s easy to be with, she is pretentious and specific with how her partner should be.

She’s looking for someone not too intense and in the meantime not too calm. Someone as balanced as her would be perfect. It is more likely that she will be faithful to only one man.

Because she has a great love for everything that’s beautiful, she will look for the sublime in anyone and everything. If you want to impress her from the first date, take her to the museum or the art gallery. And don’t forget to bring flowers.

The Libra woman is a strong believer in justice and equality. She is both the yin and the yang. Communicative and sociable, she can hook up anyone with her charm. Usually logical and rational, she can also have mixed feelings sometimes.

With her charm and her logic, this lady will often win at debates. If you have a sound argument when you are contradicting her, she will be ready to hear it. This is the only way to win her heart: being rational and realistic.

When in love

As soon as she has fallen in love, the Libra woman will start to question if she really has feelings for the one that she likes. Venus comes into discussion here, and she will try anything to no longer be in love, especially if her standards are not being satisfied.

Usually, this lady doesn’t like to take initiative, so you’ll need to be the one to ask her out. The position of the Sun in her astral projection determines what weaknesses she ends up seeing in men. She will take action when she doesn’t have to, confusing those who woo her. She wants to demonstrate how independent and liberal she is, but the Saturn’s influence makes her traditional and conservative.

Under Venus, the Libra woman will search for balance in the relationships that she’s developing. Equilibrium is absolutely necessary for her to enjoy her partner and have a good time in the relationship. If you are with her, don’t be afraid to bring her flowers or lighting candles at dinner. She loves romantic gestures and she will fall in love more deeply if you’re doing all this.

Being in love is something that this woman likes. She will fall quickly for men. As soon as she will find someone to suit her and she will be in a relationship, it will become impossible to match her devotion.

Composed on the outside, this lady is composed no matter the situation.

With the right lover, she will be romantic and she will play nicely. Don’t toy with her feelings. She doesn’t like to play games in love. She is an honest person who will be impartial in her judgment. She won’t appreciate manipulation and dishonesty.

The man of her dreams

Stylish and graceful, this girl expects her partner to be the same. This means you’ll have to dress nicely and have an elegant air. Don’t just show up at a date sloppy and not groomed. She is known for liking men who are beautiful and who take good care of themselves.

If you happen to be good looking and also confident, she will simply love you for being you. As she is so into fashion and style, she will have many gay friends. So if you need to get informed about her from an exterior source, you know where to go and who to contact.

But looks is not all that she likes in a man. She also appreciates a mind that is interesting and clear. The more talkative you are on a first date, the better. You should be able to have a conversation about anything.

She likes to appreciate people after she sees what they are thinking, so she will carefully listen to what you may have to say. Don’t hesitate to express your opinions. She will love you for it. You will be impressed by her capacity to synthesize information.

Think of her as your partner for a very long time. She doesn’t like flings and she takes love very seriously.

On your first date with the Libra woman, it will seem like you have been companions since forever. It’s because she makes friends with anyone and she’s open to new people and their ideas. Be resourceful and fun with her.

She likes people who have something to say and who know things on different subjects. If you manage to make her your lover, admire her a lot. She deserves to be put on the highest shelf.

If you treat her with respect, she will appreciate your candor and the fact that you don’t see her as the prize you are so eager to get. Compliment her intelligence and her looks, and you will surely win a special place in her heart.

In a relationship

Because she is able to see both sides of a difficult situation, the Libra woman will be able to build great relationships. When she’ll face a problem, she won’t make an arbitrary decision, but weigh in all the possible outcomes.

Her logic and coolness make her a great judge of character and situations. She won’t talk about something if she doesn’t know everything on the subject. When things get too hot and the conversation turns into an argument, she prefers to become quiet and think of the most peaceful way to solve the problem.

This lady is not constant when it comes to her independence. She will oscillate between being free and wild and being submissive, depending on how the situation requires her to be. A supportive and steady partner is everything that she wants.

She will have interesting relationships with the Aquarius and the Gemini. When she will fall for someone, she will take her time to analyze why she has love feelings towards that person. It’s all because of her indecisive nature.

She will be in love fast, but will only stay with a guy if he is truly compatible with her. Loving only the finest in life, you will often see her at ballet shows and classical concerts. She will want a partner who enjoys the same things as her.

If you are not that good at being elegant and classy, you’d better stay away from this woman. Besides being indecisive, she’s also a little bit passive in both her work and personal life. Tradition and art are something that this girl respects and values. When she gets involved, she becomes this caring, deep person.

But there are moments when she is manipulative and selfish too. It may not be that easy to come to terms with her, but with patience and calm you can learn many things about this lady. With the right lover, she will be the most faithful and caring person.

Her sexuality

Sex is a strange topic for this woman. She will be at extremes as far as her Libra sexuality goes. On one hand she will be open and interested in showing someone else her erotic side, and on the other, she will be insecure when is time to make love.

If the partner disrespects her somehow, she will have a very low self-esteem, and her partner won’t be able to cope with it.

She won’t be around for too long for the person who doesn’t know how to appreciate her. With the man that she loves, she will be daring and will wish to experiment. He will be able to talk to her about anything that he may want in bed, and she will go along with it.

Understanding the Libra woman

If the Libra woman in your life doesn’t have any issues with her upbringing, it will not be that difficult to understand her. Caring, loving and beautiful, she will give you all of her attention and will be very responsible with the relationship.

But she has a low self-confidence and she pretty much depends on the opinion of others. She will try and show she doesn’t care about what you think, but in her heart things will be completely different.

This lady doesn’t understand why people don’t see the world the way she does. Indecisive, she takes too much time to think of a situation and its outcomes.

She gives too much importance to what will happen next, and she feels like she’s responsible even for the things that she doesn’t do.

This will often put her in the victim’s role. As said before, it is essential that you compliment and pay a lot of attention to her.

Declarations of love and sweet gifts will make her heart melt, and she will love you more for being so attentive. This lady can’t imagine a world without others, and relationships are very important to her. She will get married easily.

She won’t want a husband necessarily, she is looking more to have a companion. Don’t expect her to be traditional. The idea of family is not common with this woman. She wants complementarity and to have a little fun with those she loves.

You will recognize a Libra woman in a crowd because she’s the most beautiful and elegant. Also, she will have the subtlest perfume.

On an emotional level, she never shows her feelings, especially those that she thinks are not productive or would shame her. Those feelings that she can’t understand about her will be left behind. She won’t even tackle them.

Peaceful and serene, this lady will avoid arguments with anyone. She prefers to talk things through, rather than to have a debate. Don’t be shocked if she will close down when having an argument. She expects the people she is having a conversation with to be calm and open, just like her. She will be pleasurable and fun as long as the environment permits her to.

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