11 Key Things To Know Before Dating A Libra

Be aware of these Libra dating tips so you can make the most of your dates with this easily likeable sign.

1. Their social skills are understated

Librans are great talkers and waste no time on meeting new people, whenever that’s possible. With great social skills and a likeable attitude, basically everyone loves having one of these natives around.

There’s pretty much nothing that could go wrong. So, if you want to date a Libra native, remember that they like hanging out more than anything else. Plus, when they fall in love with somebody, they do it for life, it’s like an oath to them, meaning that jealousy is out of place in such a relationship.

One other thing is that a Libran is not used to deceiving others or lying to cover up something. This means that anything you say to them will be taken for granted and accepted as being true.

It doesn’t matter if those words were said in the spur of the moment or jokingly, this native won’t really make a difference. Special attention is then needed to avoid any misunderstanding.

2. You will not be able to resist their charm

Out of all other signs in the Zodiac, Librans are among the most devoted and loving individuals out there. And people love them, that’s the truth.

Feeling just as good going to a party as having an intimate picnic, they are able to take on everything for the one they love.

Whether it’s a whisper said in a fleeting moment, a gift given at the opportune time or a kiss on the cheek, Librans are well versed in the arts of love.

They will make you fully experience everything there is to know about romance, alongside a true master in the field.

3. They make great listeners

The world is filled with people who only pretend to pay attention to what you’re saying, or just don’t value your opinions and thoughts, treating them as just mere ramblings. It’s nothing to be surprised about.

Well, a Libran native is the exact opposite of that. Great listeners and open-minded individuals, they will not only look as if enraptured by a discussion, but also intervene from time to time with their own ideas on the subject.

Not a conflicting or stubborn individual in the least, what they are looking for is not a victory, but a healthy and fun discussion.

There aren’t any interdictions or offensive subjects for them, and as long as it leads to a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, any subject is a go in their books.

Although these natives are very affectionate and loving with close people, it would be a big mistake to think that they will tolerate any misbehavior or any ill treatment.

If something like that were to happen, a Libran won’t hesitate much in taking the according measures. And that might even include the prospect of leaving, if things are going too far.

4. Don’t underestimate their need for alone time

Albeit a very social and open individual, a Libra will still feel the need to make up some time for himself and recharge his batteries.

All that enthusiasm and intensity have to have an end after all, right? It doesn’t take long though, before they come back better than ever, and ready for the second round, maybe even the third one.

Now, considering all this, you really have to start appreciating your Libra mate, who is most probably 99% of the time all over you.

Giving up all that extra alone time may not be very distressing and irritating, but it is slightly uncomfortable.

Her decision to spend it with you instead of recuperating should act as a hint of what a relationship really means for these guys. Two people alongside each other fighting against the whole world, this is how they see it all.

5. They enjoy the finer things in life

Even if these natives are very understanding and compassionate people, with seemingly simple tastes and needs, it’s not like that at all.

At least not when we’re talking about the little things that make it all more enjoyable and worth living for.

Comfort and pleasure, these are the two things that light a spark in a Libran’s eyes, and rightfully so. What is more important that living a comfortable and satisfying life?

Regretting nothing and doing whatever feels good is how a Libra prefers to live their life. Offer them that and you’ll have a partner in crime from then on.

6. They are harmony seekers

This should come as no surprise, since even their names are suggestive of it, but Libras seek harmony first and foremost, a general equilibrium in their life.

If something feels out of order or out of place, a change is necessary to reach an acceptable level and regain balance.

In discussions, they are not close-minded, and even if they have their own ideas and thoughts, recognizing and acknowledging other arguments is not hard at all.

In turn, this makes it hard for any conflicts to appear that might lead to bad things happening. This peacekeeping role is perfect for such adaptable individuals, and mediating seems to be what they do for a living.

7. They are not afraid to argue with you

Always wearing the olive branch doesn’t automatically mean that they will give up on their arguments or support them poorly, just because the other participants might feel upset or offended.

They’ll take care of that in due time, if push comes to shove. But until then, surrender is not acceptable, nor is it an option in any way.

8. They take a while to commit

They might be a little reluctant and hesitate to jump on the same boat with someone, because they fully realize that something bad could happen.

Since they are usually overly analytic and observant, it’s not such a hard thing to predict certain outcomes and situations.

They dabble in behavioral psychology, and attitude reading comes as natural as breathing to them.

Hence, it’s evident why it takes a long time for a Libra to fully commit and wholeheartedly trust anyone.

9. They can be incredibly indecisive

Always thinking in advance and planning 10 moves ahead makes them unable to take decisions on the spot.

If a critical situation were to occur, for example, a Libra native won’t know how to react and what to do, because counting all the possible variables and accounting for potential obstacles takes time.

That’s the moment when you take the reins and try to solve the problem, helping them greatly in the meantime and building up that trust.

However, even if they are indecisive at times, that does not mean that the same thing is also generally applicable. Fully aware of what they desire and how to achieve it, it really takes no effort in giving up things that don’t follow up on their dreams.

10. They are easily bored

Not a fan of routine activities and day-to-day events, these natives have to always do something exciting and new.

Otherwise, boredom ensues, and no one wants that, especially Libras themselves. So, if you’re all talk and don’t take action, don’t be surprised when they leave you for someone more entertaining and adventurous.

Furthermore, Libran men tend to be very superficial about keeping their words, or doing what is expected of them. It’s just so tedious and not exciting at all.

Do they really have to do it? Well, pretty much, yeah. As men, they have certain obligations and patterns that they ought to follow and should. That’s where the problem lies, but given that their partner is able hold his own, everything will be alright.

11. They are curious drama seekers

Like any other respectable human being, Libras are terribly curious about the latest relationship fights and conflicts. It’s only natural, after all.

But if the unexpected happens and that very drama comes to haunt their happy marriage, they immediately take the most appropriate measures in order to get rid of it. Nothing makes them more uncomfortable and irritated than being in a constant state of unease and conflict.

Home is supposed to be a place of recreation and relaxation, and if that is no longer the case, something must be done, and they are the ones to do it.

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Written by Denise

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