Libra Man in Marriage: What Kind of Husband Is He?

The Libra man can’t admit anything but a genuine and long-lasting connection and will be the kind of husband who does anything for the partner.

Libra man in marriage

Governed by Venus, the planet of romanticism, beauty and love, Libra men can be considered the “perfect husbands” in the Western zodiac.

They’re diplomatic and have very good manners, which means they’re focused on putting down any conflict they may have with their partner and many women consider them to be their knights in shining armor.

Libra man as a husband, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Romantic, talkative and cosy;
  • Challenges: Manipulative and obstinate;
  • He will love: Special moments of intimacy;
  • He needs to learn: To get on with domestic tasks too.

They can charm a lady in only a few minutes and are very good at demonstration why their sign is said to rule marriage and partnerships. As soon as finding the woman they consider perfect to be their wife and a good mother too, they will no longer want to wait.

Is a Libra man good husband material?

Libra is the sign ruling over romantic relationships, so its male native is naturally suited for marriage. Obviously, because he has fine tastes, is very educated, knows how the game of give and take works and is willing to be fair with his partner, he’s also an ideal husband for many ladies out there.

Since he gives a lot of importance to his relationships, he’s most of the time putting his other half before himself. Therefore, if you’re looking for a husband to dominate you, you may think the Libra one is a little bit too gentle and too ready to give in.

If he doesn’t pay enough attention, he can end up compromising everything he has just to make his partner happy, which can make him feel pretty lost and confused. He wishes a lot to be with a loving and intelligent woman.

As a matter of fact, one of the most important goals for him in life is to have a long-lasting marriage or relationship. He simply doesn’t like the single life, not to mention he wants intimacy with a special lady more than he wants his freedom.

The Libra lover isn’t meant to be alone because he needs someone to complete him. It’s easy to live with him as he struggles to keep the domestic peace going and doesn’t like arguing, no matter whom he may be dealing with.

He’s a natural peace-maker who can easily convince others to no longer fight and to calm down. He could be called a smooth operator who can make anyone turn to his side.

However, it’s difficult to determine where you’re standing with him when he happened to be your husband. He can sometimes become manipulative and has a tendency to not pay attention to small issues until these become serious problems.

Furthermore, the Libra man is quite indecisive because he can see both sides of a story. He sometimes wants to just sit around and do nothing, so procrastination can be considered one of his weaknesses.

If you’re living with him, don’t even think of hiring a designer for your home because he has incredible tastes and is very sensitive to beauty, so he can make any place look more welcoming and be cozier.

However, he’s too lazy to do the hard work, which means he’ll dump many of the domestic tasks on you.

Libra men are considered very good fathers and true role models for their little ones. They’re not authoritative parents, more like the type who’s talking to the children and develops a friendly connection with them.

However, this may be a problem because it would involve their partner to play the bad cop. Therefore, the Libra man should sometimes be reminded that when raising children, there has to be a balance between the friendship with them and discipline.

When it comes to having a husband or a partner, you’ll find out no other man is more loving, caring and kinder than him. Those lucky enough to be involved with his man should expect many good things to happen to them.

They’ll laugh, have many interesting conversations and admire the sense of justice of their lover. Furthermore, they’ll feel like the relationship with their Libra man is going to last forever.

He’s very attracted to women who are lady-like because he’s elegant and refined himself. You can keep him interested in the bedroom by wearing sexy lingerie and high heels.

He’s sensitive to visual stimulation, so he likes seeing you as sexy as you can be. Don’t confront him because people born in Libra are famous for always avoiding conflicts and debates.

However, when not able to avoid an argument, he’ll shortly make his point, just to no longer discuss the issue again, so you’d better do the same if you want him in your life forever.

Be interested in his hobbies and passions, which can be music, creative writing and anything that has something to do with art. He likes to be complimented, but not too much and always sincerely because he can immediately spot a lie when seeing and hearing it.

The Libra Man as a husband

While the Libra wife can be very easy to live with, the husband in the same sign not so much. He’s very charming and enjoys having authority more than he should, but this can easily be resolved with an honest discussion.

His personality doesn’t only make him perfect for the married and homely life, he’s also fascinated about tradition and passionate about marriage altogether.

However, he also gives importance to his independence, not to mention he wants to do whatever he pleases.

As a husband, the Libra man is fair, wise and a good judge, but he needs to sometimes spend some time alone, which means his wife may often feel depressed and lonely without him.

One of the greatest things about him is that he can truly keep his family together by being a good provider and the one who offers his loved ones luxurious clothes or other expensive things. This is because he loves luxury himself.

While passionate about love and life in general, he can also have a lot of patience and wait for the good things to happen slowly. He wouldn’t be too happy with a woman who can’t be responsive to all of his passions.

It would be a good idea to not allow him too much freedom or time apart from his wife because he can easily become unfaithful in such situations.

Don’t wait on him to ever ask for a divorce as he would continue with his marriage, no matter how boring or miserable.

There are many dimensions to his personality and character, which means he’s truly fascinating and that women are piling up at his door.

Furthermore, he’s usually good-looking, elegant, talkative, cultured, calm, sincere and noble. He’s also very good at keeping things in balance, even if they’re about a domestic issue or a very important decision he has to make for a huge corporation.

As said before, he’s highly visual and can appreciate beauty in its pure form, which means his home looks like in magazines.

The sense of balance that keeps following him everywhere will obviously be present here as well, so many will notice the symmetry and the combination of colors in every room of his house.

He can have expensive tastes, but the money would be all well spent because he really knows how to make things look good.

Proud of his home, he’ll host many parties here and talk about many of the art pieces spread around the place. He simply loves doing this and entertaining his guests.

This may sound like he’s superficial, but if his wife decides to no longer take good care of herself, he may simply leave her one day. Being ruled by Venus, he appreciates beauty more than men in other signs.

He’s not superficial, he just gives a lot of importance to appearances. Since he takes good care of himself, you should do the exact same thing.

However, this doesn’t mean you should wear makeup around the house or heels to the market. Just be sure to always smell good and to be the most elegant woman at parties.

This is how he thinks you’re appreciating him, so leave the sweatpants for yoga and put on some sexy shorts when staying at home. If going out, wear discrete makeup meant to highlight your special features and a beautiful outfit.

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