Traits Of The Libra Man In Love: From Indecisive To Incredibly Charming

This guy is looking for the perfect romantic relationship.


Not known for being controversial, the Libra man won’t be the one that everyone gossips about. He is the peacemaker of the zodiac, and he prefers a balanced life, especially when it comes to love.

Don’t be disloyal to him, or he will completely eliminate you from his life. He is honest and true, and he expects other people to be the same with him. He doesn’t mind when he needs to take the lead, but he prefers not to as he doesn’t want to somehow be embarrassed. Usually shy, the Libra man doesn’t like to take risks. He keeps his word and he always says what’s in his mind.

Honesty is one of his main traits. You will always have his true opinion. He likes to say things as they really are, without embellishing the truth. People will always want him around just because of this.

When in a relationship

When in love, the Libra man is looking to build something long-lasting and truthful with the one he loves. He needs to feel attractive and cared for.

You will know he loves for real when he’ll start talking about marriage. Moving too fast, he sometimes can scare his partner with talks about future and commitment. Air signs are usually like this. Hurried and coming up with ideas very fast. His expectations will be high. He is both a giver and a receiver, and he expects the partner to be faithful and committed.

Many would say he’s superficial and that he’s looking for just a fling, making promises he cannot keep, but he’s in fact looking for something deep and sure. He likes to know where everyone stands from the beginning.

He has an ego that can make him act like a spoiled child oftentimes. It takes a lot of education and patience to make him understand things are not directed at him. If you even say a judgmental thing about him, he will take it as an insult.

If he has found someone whom he really likes, he will want to be with that person forever. He will work at the relationship, even when things are difficult and look like they are going nowhere. Never losing calm, the Libra man will try and resolve any problem with his partner.

He tends to forget about his own ambitions and dreams, becoming completely focused on the love of his life and her needs.

When in a relationship, he will try anything to make the woman of his dreams laugh and feel good. He likes people and their company, often being misinterpreted that he wants to flirt when in fact he wants just to be friends.

If one partner can’t offer him what he wants, he will look for another one. But don’t think he’s unfaithful. He wouldn’t cheat, he would only go away.

The woman he needs

Just like mentioned before, the Libra man will only go for the finest things in life. He will look for the most beautiful woman and the nicest house.

However, this doesn’t mean that he will never be with someone because he’s trying to find an ideal. He just looks for someone beautiful who knows how to handle high-class. And he also wants intelligence.

In other words, he wants a lady who is smart, beautiful, and who is also looking for something long-lasting. He will never choose a woman who likes to fight or who raises her voice each time something bothers her. As said before, he is the peacemaker of the zodiac, so someone calm and capable of carrying a nice discussion would be just perfect for him.

Charming and elegant, the Libra man will always be happy to attend high-class gatherings. He likes being in big crowds and he will always look to have beauty and balance in his life.

The woman that he will love is going to be intelligent, classy and beautiful. She needs to have the same tastes as him. This guy is compassionate and caring.

Romantic, he likes being in love and chasing the partner. If he’s in the situation of choosing between a bad relationship and being single, he will go with the bad relationship.

This man needs a woman who is calm and whom as well can keep her cool in disputes. When he falls in love, he becomes very serious. It is advised that you don’t play any mind games with him, or you will get to see him angry.

Understanding your Libra man

Don’t expect understanding this guy to be easy. Remember that his main purpose in life is to look for the truth and find the balance in everything. He needs to assess and look for justice no matter what he may be doing.

As far as his interests go, he likes only the finest things in life. You will often see him at the theater or enjoying a classical music concert. He can also go to the most expensive places as he likes high-quality and luxury.

He is pretty indecisive, so it will take him a long time to make a choice, no matter if it’s about work or his personal life. He also becomes incredibly indecisive when he has too much responsibility.

This guy is able to see all the facets of a problem or a situation. It is hard to be too determined when you think of all the possible consequences.

His ego can easily get hurt and he prioritizes things according to the needs of others as he tries to please as much as possible. If he wants to find peace, this man needs to leave what others may think about him behind.

He has to learn how to be alone. Knowing who he is would be the most important thing for his happiness. Charming, he will have many people around him. He likes intelligent and resourceful conversations and he would fit in anywhere. As he is balanced and interested in bringing peace, he will rarely have an argument with someone.

Dating him

Tactful, mannered and elegant, the Libra man will sometimes date a partner who is the opposite of him. And this can be a problem as he will try and teach the person he has chosen how to dress and behave. It’s his way of feeding the ego that he carries.

Few ladies will want to be criticized by him. If you set some boundaries with him, he will be able to understand and cope with the situation.

This guy will take the woman of his dreams to theater plays and art galleries. He likes to dress up for an occasion. You can go anywhere in public with him. He wants to parade the relationship that he’s having and he doesn’t mind being admired.

The negative side of the Libra man

The fact that he likes only things that are refined and beautiful can make him seem superficial. Because he gives such importance to outer beauty, he can miss the beauty inside.

Many women will not find him attractive just because of this. They will think he only wants to play and not invest any true feelings.

The Libra man will fight for lost causes, and he wants his partner to join him. Avoiding arguments, he is easy to satisfy.

His indecisiveness is another negative trait that he has. It’s hard to get an opinion of him as he always weighs in all the pros and cons for too long.

With him, you can never know where to go, what restaurant to pick, or what career path he will follow. This is something that annoys other people. The best solution when he can’t make up his mind is to make the decisions for him.

His sexuality

Governed by Venus, the Libra man can be the best at lovemaking, he is very much interested in pleasuring the partner, and he enjoys the satisfaction that sex brings.

On the other hand, he can also turn the page and be very selfish and unable to develop intimacy with someone.

Not being able to express his Libra sexuality, he will not have a normal sex life and it’s even possible that he becomes impotent. This is a problem that appears when he questions himself too much for then he becomes formal and rigid.

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