Libra Sexuality: Essentials On Libra In Bed

Sex with a Libra – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs

Among all other zodiac signs, a Libra needs to feel safe in a relationship and believe everything will be alright no matter the danger.

What gives the others a shot of adrenaline and pumps them up, will most probably terrify and make a Libra feel sorry for being born. That’s how much they hate conflict and disorder.

Once everything goes south, this native will leave everything as is and get out of town, or lose his mind, there’s that as well. One needs a comfortable and amiable environment to thrive and develop, and so does a Libra, even more so that the rest.

Ruled by their sovereign planet, Venus, Libra natives are naturally endowed with a supernatural beauty and attractiveness that seems to conquer even the most insensible among us.

Sometimes perceived as deceitful and manipulative thanks to that beauty of theirs, a stereotype, obviously, they can really steal the show and catch everyone’s attention in a split second.

Just like the name says it, Libras tend to have a rather peculiar view of the world, one where everything has to be or should be in balance.

An equilibrium between three main elements is necessary for an intimate bond to thrive: comfort, in that things should go smoothly and without any conflict, attractiveness, and last but not least, stability.

The last one is basically the most important, because without it, a Libra will feel lost and in a continuous state of doubt and worry.

Being very responsible and confident in the choices they make, it would be a tremendous blow to them to find out that the partner is not reliable enough.

Very sexually active and curious in general, these natives tend to develop a strong sense of their sexuality in adolescence, and because a relationship is essential to them, the lack of one brings with it despair and grief.

Normally, a Libra will always be with someone, and if a break-up ensues, in a couple of months or so, someone else enters the picture.

Without somebody to rely on and love, nothing works as it should for these individuals, no matter what attempts they make.

In order for their sexual appetite to awaken completely and that lustful demeanor to reveal itself, a good night sleep and relaxation is highly needed.

A tired Libra won’t be good for anything, least of all making love. However, if they are fresh and ready for action, things will get very hot very quickly, and it seems like everything’s going to be blissful.

Evidently, Libras don’t put that much emphasis on sex, as the singular goal of a relationship.

It’s more of an addition, than a completion of the bond. What truly matters for them is knowing that their partner is always there for emotional support and help whenever the need arises. More than a lover, the other must be a confidant and a very close friend to them.

Physical features, especially the face, are very “interesting” and “intriguing” for a Libra. Don’t be surprised when you’ll realize that your partner has been staring at you non-stop for the last 10 minutes.

That’s how they peer into your soul and bond even deeper with you. Instead, accept and embrace this passionate and affectionate side of theirs, it can only bring benefits.

Exquisite taste in everything

Pretending to do or think something is a sure way to kill yourself when trying to woo a Libra native. This is one thing that they deeply despise about people, fakery and deception.

Why not act natural and let the other know you for who you actually are? That what really matters after all, not the fantastic fairy-tales that you spout on a date to impress them. So, just take a breather, be simple and let them take the lead and get to delve deeper.

What is said to be one of the best methods of catching a Libra’s attention, and most likely enrapture it, is capitalizing on his or her vulnerability to sweet scents.

A bouquet of flowers, the smell of pine cones in the autumn, the whiff of a manly perfume, these are all possible aphrodisiacs for our balanced individuals.

Furthermore, one cannot just have a superior appreciation of scents and odor without being sophisticated in tastes as well.

The most expensive and exotic food truly puts the nail in the coffin and concludes the business. This Libra is now completely yours, nothing can ever change that again.

It’s a popular belief that these natives are among the hardest to conquer and persuade, and it’s not really so much a myth, as a fact.

That’s because everything has to be just perfect, or close to perfect, a decimal away from perfection in other words.

Whether it’s the way your tie dangles on your neck, or a spot on your pants, the way you grabbed her hand the other day, all of these things matter and can possibly spell doom if she’s too into details.

Libran men, however, tend to like being in the role of the hunter, so do allow them a bit of sport at first, it really helps grow his ego a little bit.

They fear conflict and making a scene so bad in fact, that when trying to mediate things, lies might be necessary. Well-placed lies and manipulation, that is.

And this can lead to often skewered perceptions about our peaceful individuals, namely that they are deceptive and accustomed liars, which is totally not true.

Or at least not true in the proper sense of the word. The goals are good, but means are a little unjust, but then again, what is truly just?

Making a decision and sticking to it is another problem Libras have to deal with. And this makes difficult not for them, but for their partners.

Not knowing what the other wants or thinks is a very huge issue, one that seems to have no escape. Communication is key here.

Up for the challenge

When not in a couple, Libras will get their share of the action, have no fear of that. Naturally good-looking and seductive, how could they not?

They wouldn’t say no to an opportunity of a good time, that’s for sure. However, when in a relationship, things change dramatically, for the better.

Not willing to cheat in any way, these natives are the epitome of devotion and love. No one can sway their affection and principles.

If you thought you could fulfill all your dreams and fantasies with this native, then leave that aside, there’s basically no chance for that. Everything is to be kept at a casual pace, traditional and classic.

Librans make best couples with Aquarians. Things can’t get any better that this. Both of them are very attractive and lustful individuals, and so letting of the steam is not a problem, not in the least.

Also, because of all the little things that connect them, all the similitudes and common thoughts, their relationship is basically indestructible and forever moving onward, against all odds.

To make everything better, nothing is left unspoken, even perverse desires and sexual fantasies. Putting all of this in practice takes time, but time is the last they these guys worry about.

Like in all other things, Libra natives prefer it steady, calm and unhurried. Yeah, you know what I mean.

If the partner tends to be more aggressive and in a hurry, and even worse, someone who only fakes everything, they deflate immediately.

The usual enthusiasm and keenness disappear like Houdini did, in a flash. So better avoid them if you fall into any of those categories.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.