The Libra Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Behind the closed doors she is the embodiment of seduction and charm.

Equitable and honorable, the Libra woman will always fight for justice as the symbol of this sign in the zodiac is the scales.

These scales are perfectly balanced and they represent completeness. People who are born in Libra are cordial, and they enjoy a good conversation.

The woman in Libra will make people come to her without any efforts and she will bewitch them with her charms.

The Libran woman embodies cold logic and intense emotions, just like the yin and the yang. She often wins in a conversation as she’s always bringing strong arguments.

You don’t have to sort of enhance reality. There is nothing stranger than truth.

Annie Leibovitz – A famous Libra

This doesn’t mean she will refuse to take someone’s side. If you are saying what you have to say and you have a strong logic to it, she will accept your opinion.

Some famous Libra women worth noting include: Margaret Thatcher, Kate Winslet, Serena Williams, Gwen Stefani or Bella Hadid.

Elegant, open to conversations and all the time interested in what you have to say, the Libra woman is interesting and unique. She has charisma, she knows how to combine her soft side with the wild one, and she will always look amazing.

You will never find the Libra woman with her hair messy. She likes to be chic and she has a surprising, sophisticated taste. This is because she looks for balance in everything that she is doing.

Cultivated and attentive, the Libra woman likes to be seduced and being in love. She enjoys relationships and she will work hard to make a relationship work. Her partner will be spoiled and cared for.

The young Libra woman may find it difficult to attain the objectives she is aiming for. But this changes with age, and the more mature Libra woman is more ambitious and focused. Click To Tweet

She is probably one of the friendliest signs in the zodiac. This is why you may find her friends to be many and from different parts of the world. It may be a little bit difficult to date her just because of this.

However, if you like going out with many people, this may be just the fit for you. It is typical for Libras to sometimes seem self-absorbed, thing that will help with this situation.

Something all Libra women have is depression. This is all because they expect the world to be a beautiful place in which everyone is fair.

And the world isn’t the way they picture it. For some it’s easy to accept the world is a flawed place, for the Libra woman it’s not. Because she sees life this way, this woman can sometimes be upset.

It’s something that makes her more complex and interesting as she also has the opposite trait, when she is optimistic and happy to live her life to the fullest.

Too serious in love, for her own good

Governed by Venus, the Libra woman knows how to make a relationship beautiful. She brings in harmony as she is always looking for balance.

She likes a partner who is attentive and brings her all kind of gifts like flowers and cards. It is a pleasure for the Libra woman to be involved, and she is known as loyal and caring.

While the Libras give the impression that they are always cold and down-to-earth, they can become very spirited when they find someone to love.

They are always serious when they’re involved and they can sometimes hurt the partner with their honesty.

Since she is an Air sign, the Libra woman filters love through her mind. In intimacy, she first identifies the needs of both her and her partner’s and she provides.

She likes to accomplish all her partner’s wishes and she loves the game of seduction. Don’t be afraid of foreplay and pillow talks when with a Libra woman.

She will give all the pleasure back and she will do her best attaining perfection in between the sheets. Rather prepare yourself for keeping up the pace with her.

She makes the perfect friend

Because they are able to see from many different points of view, it is easy for Libra women to maintain strong relationships. The Libra woman won’t fight that much. She judges objectively and she can accept when she is not right.

She is always happy to help her partner and she doesn’t mind going beyond the regular. If you happen to fancy a Libra woman, you surely know how she expresses her love through small gestures like a kiss on the cheek and not exaggerated displays of affection.

In a partner, the Libra woman is looking for support and guidance. She likes stability and devotion. The most compatible signs with a Libra are Aquarius and Gemini.

Since she weighs the options she has available, it may sometimes be difficult for the Libra woman to make a decision. Her friends may be lightly frustrated by the fact that she can’t decide on a movie. At least she will choose in their favor.

A Libra woman will be the perfect friend as she cares about what others want and need. She loves being surrounded by the people she loves.

She will bring strong arguments into a discussion and people will usually trust her judgement. She has charisma and she is fun, but friends appreciate her for being so caring. The Libra can build strong friendships with the Leo and the Sagittarius.

The children of a Libra woman will get the best from everything. They will have some lovely home, great vacations and beautiful clothes.

She always puts her family first and she is 100% devoted to them. Her children will see her as a role mother and she will be proud of it. She will not suffocate her children with her love, but if one of them has a cold, she won’t sacrifice a night out with the husband.

The balanced spender with exquisite taste

The Libra woman is known for being punctual. She is hard-working and she will be loyal to her workplace. She doesn’t wait around doing nothing, she asks for more work when she is free.

As she is very attentive to others’ needs, she is able to see things in people. That’s why she would be good in human resources, as a doctor, teacher, or an accountant.

The Libra woman will always have money for a rainy day. She likes the finest things and she spends quite a lot on them, but not recklessly.

Let’s not forget she is balanced and this means she knows how to take care of her finances. She will invest in profitable ventures that pay well.

An innate sense of fashion

The energy that characterizes a Libra is pure health. However, the circulatory and digestive system of a Libra woman need to be protected and cared for.

Especially in the second part of her life. She may also need to lay off some foods as she can put on some extra weight after she gets a little bit older.

The Libra woman will never be surprised by the way she looks in something. It’s true that she spends a longer period of time choosing an outfit, but she knows her taste very well.

She doesn’t mind putting an extravagant accessory on and she will never look messy. Her makeup will always be balanced in colors and natural.

She doesn’t enjoy being a trend slave and she will always hate stereotypes in fashion. Her style is relaxed and elegant, with a touch of the funky.

For her, combining clothes comes naturally and she manages to do it very well. You will find many Libra women to be in love with shoes. The Libra woman’s outfits will always have something that is out of the ordinary.

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