Love Advice Every Libra Man Must Know

As the charming Libra man that you are, you sometimes hurry head first into the most inappropriate relationships.

Libra man love advice

Fun, sociable and attractive, the Libra man still doesn’t feel happy when single. He’s the sign of partnership, so he needs someone by his side no matter what he may be doing.

Venus is the planet that rules him, so he’s also charming and irresistible. The person who finds all this intriguing should date him.

The best love advice for the Libra man:

  • Your sign may be that of balance but your conflicting nature often leaves you unhappy in love for no particular reason;
  • Tone down your expectations and discuss more openly about your desires with your partner;
  • You can sometimes seem detached and superficial, especially if attempting to date several people at a time;
  • Your innate fear of commitment makes itself more obvious than you think, thus driving away people who might otherwise be interested in you.

Who are you, really, in love?

If you happen to be a man born in Libra, then know that your biggest dating challenge is having to give your opinion on something. At the same time, you enjoy being intellectually challenged and having a meaningful conversation.

The ideal woman for you needs to be spontaneous and at the same time also ready for something steady. This is because you’re looking for balance more than anything else.

You can be very curious about the lady who discusses humanitarian issues because you’re a giver and have a lot to say on the matter. Besides, you hate unfairness and injustice.

What seems to get you the most is having someone who understands you. You need to be shown that your feelings and what you have to say truly matters.

Even if represented by the Scales and balanced, you still have your extremes. For example, you can get very angry when witnessing an injustice.

If someone cheats on you, you no longer want to hear from that person ever again, not to mention you can turn from the most loving person into the most hateful one.

Your words have the power to hurt, but this doesn’t mean they can’t also be soothing. You want to be given a lot of attention, also that your lover flirts only with you.

The woman who happens to be with you needs to be very careful with what she’s saying because if she tells you something you consider to be wrong, you can fall out of love just as easily as you have fallen into it.

You are sometimes confused about your feelings and need to identify them through processes of trial and error. You’re not only very romantic but also passionate.

When having to deal with a problem in your relationship, you like to turn on your charm and to deal with it peacefully. You need to have peace of mind and to live in an organized environment.

However, this doesn’t mean you only want to stay at home or are never spontaneous. On the contrary, last-minute weekend getaways make you thrive in your relationship.

Because you’re often insecure, you would never pronounce yourself about a relationship you happen to be in.

When it comes to the way you express yourself, you’re more logical than emotional, so a more intense woman would need some patience if looking to make you hers.

The least pleasant side

One of the most indecisive people in the zodiac, the Libra man is always changing his mind and opinions.

At the same time, he doesn’t have too intense emotions and can seem detached, especially when a situation is conflictual.

If you’re a Libra, then you already know how diplomatic you can be, even when the situation is extremely argumentative. You know how to contradict someone, it’s just that you don’t want to do it.

This is why your friends love you so much. You’re also a very independent person and prone to be involved in many romantic relationships.

As said before, you hate being single, so it’s unlikely for you to end up without a partner.

Very attracted to extravagance, you may seem superficial and vain. When angry, you become verbally aggressive and can no longer handle your own emotions.

Advice on dating for the Libra man

Any woman who wants to date the Libra man should know a few things about him. First of all, he loves going out and spending time with his friends.

As a Libra man you probably know someone no matter where you may decide to go, as you’re very sociable and love meeting new people.

Your girlfriend or wife shouldn’t be the jealous type, especially because you enjoy flirting harmlessly. Charming and attractive, you can turn any friendship into a love story.

However, you need to take things slowly and for your partner to like being treated like royalty. You love going to expensive restaurants and high-class places.

The person who’s going out with the Libra man needs to be balanced and to see beauty in everything, just as much as he does. Being represented by the Scales, he doesn’t like unfairness and injustice.

However, this doesn’t mean he’s sure about himself or his opinions. On the contrary, he can be quite confused when it comes to knowing what he truly wants and needs.

If you’re a Libra male, then you should know that you’re only craving balance and aren’t necessarily balanced yourself. However, no matter what, you can always see things from both points of you.

While you want to be with someone more than anything else, you can also be very scared of committing to a person. Not that you’re afraid of a relationship, you just want to enjoy life to the maximum.

The woman who’s dating you needs to be spontaneous and to leave her plans for the future aside for a moment. This is because you don’t like being told what will happen 20 years from now.

If she insists on this, she can lose you forever. In case things between you two are going well, you may never want to leave because you enjoy having security in your relationship.

When given love, you offer the same thing in return, and you could do it for a lifetime. However, you don’t have to think too much about it.

While contradictory, you’re also the judge of the zodiac, which means you need to think carefully and to analyze before committing to someone.

While doing this, you’re looking closely at the person you happen to be with. You feel entitled to your partner, so you may take a lot of time before taking the step of marrying.

A good listener, you also love to talk, so when no one can stop you from saying things anymore, you no longer know how to listen. You want to have your peace of mind and hate confrontations.

In case you’re with someone who doesn’t know too much about herself, you prefer to retreat for a while so that she gets to know who she is. This is because you don’t like drama and prefer to be mature and thoughtful for yourself only.

While your love can pay off with time, you’re also annoying because you’re spoiled and can’t stand clinginess.

You may be with someone who needs all your attention for a while, but surely not for the long-term. Everything with you needs to be in moderation.

What about between the sheets

The Libra man loves being paid compliments and told that his partner is crazy about him. He’s charming and sweet, but also confusing and moody. Either way, women can rarely resist him.

In the bedroom, he needs to be sure of himself. If you’re this man, then you already know how much you need to hear that you’re being loved.

Since you belong to the Air element, you filter everything through your mind, including sex. At least you can always focus on your partner’s best qualities and know what you need.

It’s very important that you remain self-confident no matter what. You give a lot of importance to sex because you need it a lot.

When it comes to your lovemaking skills, you’re generous and passionate, expecting the same thing in return from your lover. As said before, you like hearing the words “I love you” and need to be adored.

The woman in your bed can relax and be herself as you enjoy anything, from dirty talking to role-playing. However, you do have some limits and don’t enjoy too many kinky things.

Your long-term expectations

When it comes to long-term relationships, the Libra man needs to feel attracted in the first place. After, he has to be emotionally and intellectually stimulated.

He likes classy women, but a girl doesn’t necessarily always have to wear makeup to get him, not to mention he gives a lot of importance to brains too. He’s self-confident and no one can change this about him.

You, as a Libra man, are always ready to work hard for your relationship, so you can keep things going smoothly for many years. More than this, you like being flattered and told that you’re adorable.

Because you want to live in luxury and to have an exciting life, you always celebrate the most important events of your romantic connection. The ideal woman for you likes going out and being spoiled.

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