Libra Jealousy: What You Need To Know

With the soul of an artist, Libra is more offended than jealous.

The Libras prefer a partner who is similar to them as they can get nervous and even suspicious when the other half is a different kind of person.

A Libra born on the cusp of Virgo is more down-to-earth, while a Libra born on the cusp of Scorpio is more passionate and stubborn.

It’s fun spending time with a Libra. They always look good and they enjoy smart conversations. As a matter of fact, they are the most sociable sign in the horoscope.

If you want someone with whom to talk a lot about interesting things, then go ahead and get yourself a Libra. He or she will know how to make you feel better when you are down.

Balanced and peaceful, a Libra knows how to act with diplomacy. They often prefer to let the other win in a conversation as they don’t enjoy fighting and they prefer calmness.

It can be difficult for a Libra to make a decision fast as they always view a matter from many different points of view. Their intelligence is made for justice.

They like the finest things in life, so if you want to impress a Libra, get him or her something valuable and elegant.

A Libra believes in the power of a couple. That’s why they tend to panic whenever the partner tries to be a little bit more independent.

While they don’t show it that much, Libras are very caring and always interested in making the partner feel good. Being with a Libra means they will always try to subtly grab your attention with romantic gestures.

The jealous side of their personality

Libras are known to be calm and kindhearted. They don’ like being embarrassed, and they also don’t like embarrassing others.

They are great at hosting parties as they are highly sociable beings. Most of the time, Libras are joyful, happy and open.

However, if they get annoyed by someone or something, they can become enraged. Their anger is not explosive. They prefer to retreat in a corner and calm down. Once they are calm, they will be back to their cheerful selves again. But they won’t forget that easily.

A Libra’s soul is the one of an artist. They are simply in love with beautiful things. That’s why they are so high-class and chic.

When in love, they can lose their mind very easily. They enjoy this feeling a lot and they can fall for more than one person in a single day.

It’s their style to enjoy any person like there’s no tomorrow. In the zodiac, the Libra is the sign of cooperation and partnerships.

This means they are good at relationships and dating. They love playing the jealousy game, meaning they will flirt with someone else to wake up the interest of their partner.

They never admit when they are jealous and they don’t like it if the partner flirts too much with someone else.

Libra is an Air sign so will mostly match with Aquarius and Gemini, which are also Air signs themselves. With Scorpio, the Libra can have a highly erotic relationship yet the Libra won’t put with the Scorpio’s possessiveness for too long.

The Virgo will appreciate Libra’s compassion and kindness, and the Leo and Sagittarius will make a good home with this sign. Pisces definitely won’t be good next to a Libra. They are too needy and sensitive. It goes the same way with the Taurus, who is too stubborn.

The Libra is perfect at holding people together. Don’t try and toy with his/her independence and optimism because they can become very unpleasant when someone does this to them.

They can be jealous if they are feeling unsecure. Don’t allow this to happen and prove them you are totally in love with them, every day.

Dealing with their insecurities

The Libras are not necessarily the jealous type, but they have their ways around this feeling. When not happy with how things go in their relationship, Libras just walk away. It would be a mistake to try and make a Libra jealous so that you get his/her attention.

They will not bother to notice your efforts and they will walk away. You will never see a Libra making jealousy scenes.

They have an analyzing spirit so they prefer too silently look into the situation and weigh every aspect. They will not ask questions to place the blame, but to see if their suspicions are true or not.

They will complain, not to worry, but they won't be the dramatic type. Click To Tweet

It is important that your Libra sees you are popular and open. They like people who are just as sociable as them.

It is allowed to flirt from time to time with someone else, but only as a friend. Don’t exaggerate or you’ll get dumped. The Libra works hard for a relationship to be perfect so they won’t accept anything that may disturb their calm waters.

They will feel if there’s a change in your behavior and they will know if someone else is in your thoughts.

Jealousy comes from insecurity. People who are jealous usually have a low self-esteem and they don’t value themselves anymore. It is not imperatively necessary for a jealous, insecure person to change, but some improvements are required if they want to be committed.

While it may sound hard to work at improving oneself, it actually isn’t. It is only a matter of practice and way of thinking. Jealousy is known to destroy strong relationships, so don’t let it destroy yours too.

Possessiveness can be described as the need to control someone’s else’s life. A possessive partner will be needy and overly attached.

People who are possessive often try to impose their own will upon others. It is normal to be a little bit possessive in a relationship. It is a sign of devotion.

But when the possessiveness becomes too much, something needs to be done. This feeling can be ugly and destructive. When combined with jealousy is definitely a sign things in a relationship aren’t going so well.

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