How To Seduce A Virgo Man From A To Z

Discover how to make your Virgo man fall in love with you and what to look out for.

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Mostly anyone will say that falling in love with a Virgo is one of the best things that could happen to you, because they will take care of everything, from the financial aspect to pretty much anything having to do with your future life.

They are very stable and steady-minded, but there is a problem. They have a pretty specific personality profile for whom they’d like to meet and pick as a future partner, so if you don’t meet those criteria, there’s pretty much nothing you could do, except trying to show them that nothing is perfect in this world, and that imperfections are sometimes desirable. Consider this your biggest seduction challenge when trying to attract the Virgo man.

Seduce your Virgo man with these top 5 tips:

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of eye contact.
  2. Make him feel needed and respected.
  3. Use your intuition and respond to his signals.
  4. Sweet-talk him but remain dependable.
  5. Bring excitement and a little trouble in his life.
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Keep up with his demands

On top of the fact that these natives have very high standards and are looking for nothing but perfection, someone who is both beautiful and intelligent, who knows what she wants from the future, as well as having both the ambition and perseverance to achieve her desires, they are also pretty content with being alone.

This means that they won’t actively seek for a partner out of their own initiative, and this makes them even more unlikely to fall for just about any compliment and sweet word thrown out there.

You’re going to have to be very honest with your emotions, as well as realize that they want someone to share their entire life with.

He’s a perfectionist, so you should expect having to do ample preparations and set the field before anything concrete is going to happen between the two of you.

And yes, we’re also talking about sexual matters here, because you shouldn’t expect this Mercury driven native to be so open-minded and uninhibited from the beginning. Try getting his attention and encouraging him, all in order to make him loosen up and destroy his personal limitations.

Try telling this native that there’s nothing to worry if something goes wrong the first time, because it’s only natural, and it’s also very efficient to use words to calm him down.

If it seems like it’s all going to be a headache, fulfilling his high expectations and doing everything in your power to satisfy this native, then it’s time for the good news. It’s all worth it in the end, because, while they may take a little bit of persuasion, once they’re in the game, it’s all-in, with no second attempts and no half-measures.

Virgo men are going to show their full affection for all the effort you’ve put in. They can clearly see the pure love and thoughtfulness from all that you’ve attempted until that very moment.

The secret here is to use your brain, do it in an intelligent manner, because they love their partners to be quick-witted and cultivated.

Those who want to conquer a Virgo man have to really be there in the moment and prove to them that nothing bad is going to happen if they went a little further.

A relationship entails common responsibilities, similar dreams and aspirations to work towards, mutual honesty, and understanding each other perfectly. That’s what they’re worried about, whether you have what it takes or not.

For that very purpose, it’s best if you play it out in a very direct and straightforward manner, and never pretend when around them. Just be honest with your emotions and feelings, so as to assure them that they can trust you.

Something that might pose quite a bit of a problem in this sense is the fact that these natives are pretty closed when it comes to their emotions. Or rather, they don’t feel the need to open up as much, at least in the initial phases.

Instead of telling you what you’re doing good and what you should change, they’re going to wait for you to do everything, and have the initiative. So, do comply with that, and go for the kill right from the start.

Why wait when there are opportunities right there for the taking? Ask them out and it will surely play out wonderfully. Just do it in a natural tone, with no hesitations, and most importantly, be bold and confident. They’ll like that very much.

Tips for seducing your Virgo man

Professionally, Virgos want their partners to be the guys who actually do something for a change and don’t waste their time on petty dreams and illusions.

Perhaps they may even share a couple of principles and ideas with you, so make sure to display them next time you meet.

Also, as far as what they like about their women, as far as physicality goes, it’s the natural and simplicity that goes a long way. They don’t want you to go over yourself and try to impress, ending up with an exaggerated and overly-dazzling look which could help land an airplane.

It’s not that hard, after all, to impress and keep a Virgo man interested. You just have to make sure that they know you need them, it doesn’t matter how or in what circumstances.

It could be their compulsive need for everything to be orderly and well-organized, or their emphasis on work, but they’re worth it, that much is obvious.

Virgo seduction turn offs

As for the downsides, it’s not going to be too dramatic in this case, but there are few aspects that you should have to pay attention to if your relationship is made to last. For one, don’t expect them to get all cozy with you from the first date, or even the second one.

You’ll have to prove your worth to them, and it’s going to take some time for them to get to know you for real.

Another thing that counts for a lot is that they are introverts, pretty much, and would prefer not to be in the center of attention, like never.

If you somehow think that they should face up with their fears and get over them, then think again. Don’t you think they’ve thought about that? There’s a reason for why they didn’t do it yet, so don’t be forceful here.

Be thoughtful instead, and it’ll be greatly appreciated. Punctuality and an understanding attitude are key principles for them, so do keep this in mind.

What you’re up against

It might appear that the Virgos will be pretty hard to convince, at least when talking about getting them in your bed, but the real obstacle is melting their hearts, or even getting that far so to attempt that.

It’s just that they are focused on the present, on what they have to do in order to have the life they’ve always wanted.

And in order to achieve it, they obviously must be conscientious, responsible, realistic, and pragmatic, to say the least.

Love… well, let’s just say that love is not a priority. If it happens, then that’s that, but they won’t get out of their way to find that special someone.

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