Signs A Virgo Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You

Spoiler alert: Your Virgo man is into you when he tests you to see if you are honest and worthy of his attention.

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A Virgo man will love you the best way that he can, in a calm and patient manner, with an affectionate, loving, and tender attitude that only he can emulate. But you won’t necessarily know that he is falling for you, at least for a while.

Top 10 signs a Virgo is into you

  1. He asks you a lot of questions to understand you better.
  2. He is there for you when you most need it.
  3. He doesn’t waste time with pleasantries.
  4. Wishes to give you all the pleasure in the world.
  5. He tests you to see if you are honest.
  6. He shows you his vulnerable side.
  7. He will employ basic flirting, nothing more.
  8. He maintains eye contact for what it feels like ages.
  9. He is enjoying himself in your presence.
  10. He has an emphatic and charming flirting style (see Virgo flirting style).

Because he wants to have a stable and secure relationship, he won’t likely get over himself with the romance, and neither will he turn spontaneous and unpredictable.

He wants to know exactly what he’s doing, and with whom he’s spending his time with, because that’s what ultimately matters.

Not the fleeting kisses, not the hand-holding, and certainly not the fake promises of a lifetime together. He needs to be sure that he’s not getting into a labyrinthine situation from which he won’t be able to escape unscathed.

How to figure out if your Virgo likes you

Not everything is perfect, and this guy’s imperfections have to do with how he deals with his romantic interests, or at least with the majority of them.

Because he isn’t interested in spontaneous and temporary adventures, he blatantly refuses most women who come to him seeking fun and pleasure.

Instead, when he meets someone worth it, he starts flirting, something which he doesn’t usually do.

Cuttingly honest and practical, he won’t waste time with something that he doesn’t desire at all, so you can be sure that when he talks to you and smiles coyly, something’s starting to bloom deep in his heart.

He won’t waste a moment together with you, and he’ll want to know you in the most profound sense of the word, from your toes to the last hair on your body, physically speaking.

The Virgo man will behave just like any other when in love, or at least they aren’t very eccentric when it comes to courting their love interest. He will resort to the typical chasing around, spending time with the other person, and letting them know of their love and affection constantly.

If that’s not normal, and also ideal, then we don’t know what is. Also, be warned that he will try to scare you away with the worst in him, just so he can see whether you’ll be there when he most needs it.

If you were to leave when the situation was most dire, then that would be most devastating for him, and that’s obviously not desirable.

He will feel like a stone is being lifted off his chest when he’s with you, so it’ll be quite obvious that he’s feeling great in your presence.

Whether it’s an initial interest, or a deeper feeling of love, it’s good nonetheless, because that’s a really important thing, knowing if he’s into you or not.

We all know it’s not the most pleasant feeling in the world, to muddle up in uncertainty, that is, so finding out about the telltale signs of your crush falling in love, that’s something worth paying attention to and he does it too.

Virgos are known for craving success above all else, and considering that they are earth signs, who seek for stability, material security, a worriless life, that’s pretty much expected from them.

Now, what’s really surprising and quite shocking, coming from such individuals, is that they will still choose to spend time with you, time that they could have used to further their professional plans.

When that happens, you can be damn sure that they’re very interested in you, and they have probably taken into consideration that you’ll be an important part of their life pretty soon.

Texting with your crush

Right from the get-go, the Virgo man will never let you escape without putting you through a most serious interrogation.

Prepare for the most interesting and quite extended texting sessions in your entire life. He’ll want to know everything about you, including the details of all your past relationships, just so he can deduce whether you were in the wrong or not.

They seek for perfection, so that’s not quite a surprise, and you shouldn’t get that scared, because if he reached this stage, it’s because he thinks you’re worth it.

It’s going to be fine, as long as you don’t lie to the Virgo man. Also, these natives will talk on and on about the most profound of things, because they are incredibly intellectual.

A Virgo man’s approach is quite refreshing, innovative, and even unique, if you come to think that you won’t find someone else who is so natural and generous as him. Basically, he wants to find out exactly what makes you tick, on the most intricate of levels, and the reason for that?

Because they want to help you develop yourself, from all points of view, and that’s not something many would do, or know how to do in the first place. Even more than that, they aren’t the traditionalist type, and so will have the greatest and most open-minded ideas to test out.

Expect some out of place texts as well, as means to challenge and discover your inner most reactions.

Is he falling in love?

It’s not like Virgo men aren’t interested in having a partnership with someone they love, but rather that they take a long time getting to know you, before going a step further.

You’ll probably have to make that first step and ask them out, or at least show your interest.

If they’re not the ones on the front lines, they’ll feel more secure and get more courage, so they’ll probably confess right then and there, if that’s the case. In any case, you’ll know right away if they’re reciprocating your feelings, because they’ll show you that at every step of the way.

Because he wishes to spend the rest of his life together with you, he will often tell you the things you’re doing wrong, just so he can help you become better and better, a person superior to the one you once were.

It’s really a symbol of his deep and profound love, more than a superiority complex, and because they are more flexible than the common Earth sign, it won’t be hard to convince him to give up on this tendency of his.

If you prove to the Virgo man that you are already self-aware, responsible, mature, and perseverant enough to see your own mistakes and correct them, these natives will most probably take you on your word and step aside.

It’s not wrong to say that they will want to hold you in his arms all the time, and considering that they excel at analyses and observation, they know what to do to make you experience true pleasure.

Intellectually speaking, this native will be fascinated by what you can accomplish given a deep enough subject. If you manage to intrigue him, then that’s basically it, you’ve succeeded in making him yours forever.

The Virgo man knows how to love you, and he does this in his own, unique way, by being there when you most need it, by expressing his love in innovative and quite simple ways.

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