Ideal Partner for the Virgo Man: Romantic and Sincere

The perfect soulmate for the Virgo man reciprocates his feelings and is always committed and very dependable.

ideal partner Virgo man

Seeming cold and uninterested at a first glance, the Virgo man is in fact sensitive. He just doesn’t want to express his emotions, nor to talk about them. At the same time, he’s the type to change his mind quickly, also to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

A good conversationalist, he can talk with anyone about anything. When in a relationship, he’s loving and open to socialize, which means he can make women feel proud to have him by their side at parties.

The signs he’s the most compatible with are the Cancer and the Scorpio. When it comes to being with the Cancer woman, the Virgo man may analyze her each and every mood swing, but at least he will always be there for her during the bad moments.

She shouldn’t make him feel guilty about anything, nor ever say that he doesn’t fulfil his responsibilities. These two have a great chance at happiness if together, just because they’re both always trying to give their partner everything he or she deserves.

When it comes to the relationship between the Virgo man and the Scorpio woman, this can be very interesting and at the same time, scary. The two are a very good match, but only if he helps his lady open up and show her romantic side.

In case this happens, their relationship can end up being very passionate and truly amazing. The Virgo man won’t be found at the local bar, as he doesn’t like to spend his time in agglomerated places that are noisy.

Instead, he likes to go to the quietest venues and think. He’s passionate about gaining more knowledge, so he can also be found reading in libraries, visiting museums and enjoying a nice day at the planetarium.

He’s attracted by intelligent women who are interested in many things and have hobbies. However, he doesn’t like a lady who brags about what she likes or what she knows. On the contrary, he prefers the quiet type and to not hear too much about how a woman has read all the books in the world.

He’s simple, but this doesn’t mean his tastes aren’t complex. Rude and loud people don’t interest him at all, especially when he’s looking to engage in a more serious relationship. The ladies he likes the most dress in a fashionable manner and are a little bit conservative, they also like to think and to study.

Since he doesn’t like people who lie or play silly, he goes for politeness, sincerity and kind words. The girl who wants to get his heart should be subtle and not scare him from the first date with her wildest dreams.

It can be difficult to keep him interested because he’s a loner who prefers the life of a bachelor instead of the one in a couple. More than this, he needs to have his mind stimulated and to interact with all sort of new ideas. This is why he prefers intellectual women who love to discover the world and to share what they have found out about it.

Over-analytical even in love

When involved in a relationship, he’s ready to give everything he’s got, but expects to receive the same in return. Since he’s obsessed with neatness, he likes a woman who doesn’t mind tidying up after herself.

For as long as she’s disciplined and doesn’t lie, he can be in her life forever. In case of a breakup, he would never return to his ex, which means it doesn’t matter how much she would cry, he would still not give the relationship a second chance.

This is because he’s aiming for perfection and has very high ideals when it comes to love. He’s not superficial, nor looking to have just a fling with someone.

He falls in love mind first, not to mention that he can handle any difficult situation because he always looks analyzes the pros and cons, what could go wrong and how many emotions he needs to invest.

This man is sensitive and at the same time practical, which means he doesn’t understand dinners by candlelit or making love in satin sheets. He needs to have a schedule and a plan even when it comes to love, so his wife or girlfriend has to be ready to respect his routine. In return, he will be the best husband, father and provider.

As soon as in a relationship, the Virgo man is devoted to his other half and supportive. He likes to give a hand around the house and to take care of the family’s budget, all while spending a lot of time with the children.

This is because he’s very kind and wants his loved ones to be happy, also because he wants a balanced lifestyle. What’s good to know is that he still relaxes and doesn’t have high demands from his partner.

Depending on what a woman wants, her relationship with the Virgo man can be either happy or annoying. One thing’s for sure though, he’s not for everyone. While loyal, he’s still governed by Mercury, which means he has a nature of duplicity and isn’t quite the person whom others can always trust.

It goes the same with Geminis, who are also ruled by Mercury and are the less constant people in the zodiac. Those who keep on changing are difficult to be in a relationship with.

While the Virgo man can have superficial emotions and not be the most intimate person, he still knows how to keep his partner close and to be loving. What he wants is that he’s being left alone to go on with his routine and healthy habits, so when someone doesn’t respect him for who he is, he starts to make demands.

A need for perfection

When he likes the relationship he’s in, he tries as much as possible to balance things and to hold on to tradition. He dreams about a woman who cares for him and worries about life just as much as he does.

The ladies who want a man to help them around the house should definitely go for him because he’s the type that volunteers to do everything and doesn’t mind cleaning, cooking or doing some work in the garden.

However, he expects to see the woman he’s with doing the same things whenever he can’t. It would be a tragedy for him to come home and to find a mess. This makes him very nervous and agitated.

Therefore, he doesn’t like lazy people who don’t clean up after themselves. In spite of having many awesome qualities, he still is a nag and very difficult to live with. The main problem is his need for perfection and constant worrying over things than don’t actually matter.

While his intentions are good and he wants to be of help, he can annoy people with his attitude. Very compatible with the Virgo woman because they’re both analytical and disciplined, he also gets along very well in the bedroom, with the woman in the same sign as him.

He’s good for the Taurus woman too, because the Bull loves art and everything that’s beautiful. Their home together would be a very nice and tidy place. The Capricorn lady would make a nice wife for him as she’s understanding and relaxed.

Even the Scorpio one has a little bit of compatibility with this man because they’d complement one another. Libra may not be his best choice because she spends too much money, which can irritate him a lot.

The Leo wants too much to be at the center of attention, thing that the Virgo man would never understand. Arieses need to move from one place to another too much, annoying the Virgo and making him feel like he’s living in chaos.

The Gemini woman and the Virgo man can get along very well, but they would have fights in which both would go to the extreme standing by their own opinions and not being ready to make a compromise.

There are voices saying that Pisces is a good match for the Virgo, but that’s questionable considering the Fish is moody and the Virgo needs to be alone a lot, which can hurt the Pisces.

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