Traits Of The Virgo Man In Love: From Adorable To Surprisingly Practical

His main goal is a happy and satisfied partner.


When in love, the Virgo man is careful, sensitive and attentive. He will respect his partner and he will never impose his opinions on her. Also, his woman will never be forced to do something that she doesn’t want.

The Virgo man leaves the impression that he’s in control of every situation, but inside he’s anxious and stressed. It’s difficult for him to express what he really feels, especially when he’s involved in a relationship. This guy is usually interested in women who are cheerful and kind.

When in a relationship

The Virgo man will always question his love for a partner. He will think that he’s in love and discover later that things aren’t actually as he thought of them, in this case he can get over a romance in only a few weeks.

It can be hard to be with a man in this sign. Not so emotionally stable because Virgo is a mutable sign, these guys can also be very strict with what they expect from the partner.

While very loyal to friends and family, he can be pretty unsure about the love that he has for a person. It is rare that he lasts in a relationship if that someone whom he has found cannot quickly prove they are what he is searching for.

He will continue to look until he finds the perfect lover. The Virgo man can be either an amazing partner who will make every dream of his partner come true, or he can be annoying and irritating.

He dedicates himself when he finds someone, but Mercury governs him and instills duality in him, thus making him not very trustworthy.

As far as intimacy and emotionality go, he can be a little bit superficial. However, he is very intelligent and he’ll make sure to keep things in line if he feels like between him and his partner there are feelings of true love.

This guy likes to have a healthy lifestyle. He wants his routine not to be bothered, and he can be quite demanding with the woman he has chosen to be his partner. Tradition is something that he pays a great deal of attention to. If he finds someone to watch over him whilst he is focused on others, he will be truly happy.

It doesn’t matter where he is or what he is doing, the Virgo man is very interested in one thing only: perfection. He would like to have next to him the ideal woman, a lady who can make him more confident and stay at his side when things are both good and bad.

Determined, ambitious and faithful, this guy will do everything in his power to make sure his family is happy. Another word that describes him very well is “practical”. He never embellishes things, and he is able to give honest opinions.

The woman he needs

You won’t convince a Virgo man to be with you if you are just beautiful. He doesn’t necessarily like clothes and expensive jewelry on a lady. This guy goes beyond appearance, he wants much more from the person he’s in love with.

His woman will have to be confident, stable and independent. She doesn’t have to be the type that gets what she wants based on her looks. He will always choose personality and character over looks.

More than this, he will take a lot of time to study the girl he has laid his eyes on. He won’t ask her out until he is sure he has chosen right and that he’s compatible with her.

He wants to see intelligence and reliability and only after that he will proceed to woo. The lady of his dreams will encourage him to attain his goals, will boost his ego and will make him feel a little bit more relaxed.

Understanding your Virgo man

The one and only mission of a Virgo man is to repair things that are broken. Until he manages to do so, he will be relaxed, smiling and happy to deal with other life issues.

When he needs to commit, he becomes very serious and he does things perfectly. He analyzes every little detail of a situation, paying attention to every word people say when they are talking to him.

This guy spends many hours perfecting his work and his life. He wants everything to go by the book, and he never leaves things undone.

His life needs to meet high standards that he himself establishes. And don’t think he will be persistent and dedicated only in matters of work. In his personal life too, the Virgo man is looking to achieve as many high points as possible, making sure his partner is always happy and satisfied.

He likes to fix things around the house. You’ll often find him making furniture for his home. He needs to use his hands and he likes it when others are interested in the same thing. This person is meant to be a fixer of things, and he will often annoy people with this obsession that he has.

Hardworking and down-to-earth, he will keep his emotions in line. He usually doesn’t say what he feels, wanting the company of people who are reserved just like him.

Don’t think he is not capable of forming strong connections with other people. He is more than able, but only at his own pace, which is slow and careful.

It will take some time before the Virgo man falls in love. But as soon as someone will get his heart, he will become devoted, eternally loving and very supportive.

He possesses incredible intelligence and he looks to get together with others that are like him. His weaknesses are that he is territorial and critical. As soon as he has started to trust his lover, his nature becomes caring, loyal and romantic.

Dating him

Because the Virgo is a mutable sign, the man who is born under this astrological alignment will always want variety and will look to make changes in his relationship.

The Virgo man will take his partner out on a date to the cleanest place, the place that has the most beautiful table arrangements and the most interesting design. He will try anything you ask of him, as long as it doesn’t break his own rules and principles.

Always wanting to change things, this guy gets easily bored. Even if he’s an Earth sign too, he needs change in his life. Very practical in general, when he falls in love he becomes romantic and affectionate.

He will date you until he finds some flaws in your personality. If he can’t work on them, he’ll give up the relationship altogether.

The negative side of the Virgo man

The main weakness in the Virgo man’s character is the fact that he’s overly critical. A perfectionist, this guy will express his dislike towards everything that he doesn’t think is working properly. He will criticize until he finds things to his liking.

Women may find this annoying, his pickiness being often the reason for the breakups in his life. More than this, the Virgo man is also pretentious when he is choosing his life partner.

He can seem judgmental, and he will always take his time to assess a woman before deciding if she’s a good fit for him. Nobody likes people who are too judgmental, so this is another reason why this guy sometimes doesn’t get as many women as he would like.

And to end the list of his negative traits, the rigidity of the Virgo man is also worth mentioning. He is very stuck in his own opinions and he won’t change how he thinks for anyone.

As soon as he gets an idea, he will not give up on it. All this is because he wants perfection and he thinks he’s the only one who knows how to get it. He will be the same with his partner, so don’t think for a minute that you can change something about him.

His sexuality

How the Virgo man acts in bed depends pretty much on the other traits that he has. He is not that skilled of a lover, and he doesn’t have anything sexual about him.

His creativity is close to none, so the partner will have to come up with ideas in the bedroom all the time.

The good thing is that, struggling to always be perfect, this guy will do his best in bed. He will always try to satisfy the partner and that will be pretty much enough for a relationship to function.

When he’s insecure, the Virgo man will act bored and will start to criticize everything around him. If you are not obsessed with perfection like he is, it may be difficult to be with the Virgo man.

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