How To Attract A Virgo Man: Top Tips For Getting Him To Fall In Love

See the kind of woman he is after and how to win his heart.

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Top five tips:
  1. Show that you are down-to-earth.
  2. Be simple and feminine.
  3. Make sure you get involved in his plans.
  4. Refrain from complaining.
  5. Give him your undivided attention.

Don’t trust the Virgo man to make romantic gestures and anything out of the ordinary for his partner. This guy is reserved, keeping it together, and more of a friend rather than a lover who makes you feel like a princess.

Sincerity, reliability and virtue are the characteristics this guy mostly appreciates in a woman. You can rely on him to love you forever, if you two are involved in something serious and you have already passed the wooing stage.

If you’re still trying to gain his attention, find out that you need to be unconventional and intriguing to make him like you. He wants a gifted woman, someone who’s kind and respectful.

Himself fashionable, this guy will study the way you are dressed. Your outfit must have interesting colors, and it should represent your personality. This is how he uses clothes, so he’ll think others are doing the same.

As an Earth sign, the Virgo is composed and rational. The man in this sign is also loyal and reliable. Quiet, but not shy, he doesn’t like being in the center of attention.

You may fall in love with him way before he falls for you as he takes some time before he decides he likes a person. There’s something mysterious and interesting about him, a secrecy that makes anyone fall in love.

This is a guessing game

There is no drama in the interaction with the Virgo man. He’s too peaceful and pragmatic for this kind of behavior. He has a stable and quiet lifestyle, so don’t expect the wildest adventures when you’re with him.

If you want to make this guy fall for you, don’t be irresponsible and act like you would never want something serious.

He likes women who are old-fashioned and down-to-earth. Honest, he will always speak his mind. He’s not the type to lie just to make people like him more.

He doesn’t want to share too much of his personal life either, so don’t be too intrusive and let him open in his own time. The older he is, the more open, but he’ll still need to trust you before he shares any details.

You’ll have to guess his feelings and thoughts if you want to know him better. As far as how much you are willing to share, he will always want to listen.

Even more, he will be curious to know what your interests are, and how you respond to different people and situations. This guy is one of the deep thinkers in the zodiac. He’ll analyze you thoroughly, and if you’ll allow him, he’ll be able to give proper advice when your life will be difficult.

He is usually fascinated by people, and he has to know what makes them tick. He needs someone who’s intellectual and smart as he likes to talk about interesting subjects like politics or life matters.

He requires all your attention

Usually, this guy is straightforward and sincere. But be careful with him as he is tempted to cheat. A great family man, it is possible that he plays the role of father and husband perfectly, while in the back he has a whole different life with someone else.

If you don’t know how to be around him or he no longer finds you interesting, it is very possible he’ll look for happiness somewhere else.

He may be selfless and more interested in the wellbeing of others, but at the same time he needs a lot of attention.

He can’t get enough of the friendship of his lover, and he wants to be the person that matters the most in the life of his other half. Friendship is essential for him in the relationship. He needs it to build a long-lasting love on it.

The Virgo man wants a girl who is natural, simple and feminine. Don’t wear too much makeup if you go on a date with him. He won’t be attracted.

You don’t have to wear the latest designer creations to impress, he is not looking for this. Your clothes will need to be neat and inspire cleanliness.

Talk about health as he is very much interested in the subject. Or talk about how you have helped someone achieve something. He’s one of the most generous signs in the zodiac.

He’ll like to hear you are the same and that you like helping others. This is another sign that you are grounded which he’ll appreciate. If you want to impress him, take part in all kind of voluntary activities and invite him to get involved.

Be proud of who you are

You should know that this guy loves his work, and he will enjoy talking about it. Be proud of what you are doing and he’ll be more interested. He won’t appreciate if you keep complaining about your boss or colleagues.

The Virgo man is modest and doesn’t like to be the one everybody is talking about. He can calm people, and he has a good influence over the ones he meets. People will often go to him for sound advice.

If you are going somewhere together, don’t think he will be in the center of attention. This guy can usually be found in a corner, waiting for someone to come and talk to him. That’s why he doesn’t care about being alone.

He’s not the most social out of all the signs, and he carefully chooses who he’s talking to. His inner circle is made out of people he carefully picked.

He wouldn’t spend time in a company he doesn’t enjoy. He would prefer to be alone. The Virgo man rarely expresses his emotions. He is more interested in doing other things and keeping busy.

The woman in his life should be gentle and make him open up slowly. He likes a lady who’s intelligent and active. He’s very attentive to details, and he often misses the bigger picture because he analyzes the small pieces of a puzzle.

Patient, he won’t make a decision before he has thoroughly analyzed the situation. If you want to date him, make sure you let him know that you are not interested in changing him. He’s the most neat and organized man of the zodiac, so if you want to be with him, you need to understand and put up with this.

Constant reassurance is important

The Virgo man will never be deceived in love. He can spot lies and fakeness before these even have a chance to happen. He likes someone discrete and natural. So be yourself as much as possible, and you will surely make him curious.

Most important, don’t be lazy. He sure isn’t, so he likes someone with whom he can talk about work. The lady of his dreams is ambitious, active and optimistic.

What he doesn’t know is that people who want to be with him have to also be patient before he opens up. As said before, this guy surely doesn’t know how to express what he’s feeling.

It can be difficult to determine how much he loves you from what he’s saying. As long as you keep things simple and you don’t involve drama in your relationship with him, things should be fine.

He wants to clearly know about your preferences on going out, and where you stand on how you view the connection you two are having.

If you want to be with him for a very long time, support him emotionally. He needs someone with whom he can connect on a deeper level. Sensitive and gentle, he also needs to be reassured that he is being loved and appreciated.

Just like a child, he wants the attention of his loved one. If you want someone who is sure to be next to you for a long time, choose the Virgo man. He’s reliable and devoted, not to mention that he’ll make you feel amazing every day.

Respect and appreciation are two things he cares deeply about, so you can trust that he’ll never be too domineering or rude. He’ll guess your feelings, and will always make sure you are happy to have him in your life.

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