Dating A Virgo Man: Do You Have What It Takes?

Understand how he dates and what he likes in a woman so you can start the relationship on the right foot.

The Virgo man surely is special. There is something in his ways that makes him attractive to people. It could be the fact that he is one the of the most complex signs in the zodiac.

For example, he is sometimes ambiguous, charming and often times complicated. He is, however, a thoughtful person who is looking for someone as interesting as he is.

As an Earth sign, the Virgo man is mainly focused on the material side of life and he can adapt easily to any kind of change. He has a tendency to be edgy and he can never be in one place for too long.

The Virgo man will respect his relationship and will work hard for the partner to be happy and satisfied. While sometimes annoying with his wishes for perfection, he is a lover who knows what the partner wants and who will struggle to achieve.

He doesn’t mind taking on challenges, but only in life, not in romance. If you are trying to get him and he’s avoiding you, don’t panic, he is like this when he’s anxious that he may actually be starting to fall for you.

His expectations

The Virgo man is fine with being on his own so when he starts to date, you can be sure it means the relationship is sincere.

He is looking for someone who’s like him and he wants that someone to be ready for a commitment. He only gets involved if things are serious and he likes perfection in every aspect of his life.

What you’ll need to do in order to attract him is to be direct about what you want from him.

He likes when people are like this and he hates mind games of any kind. He is very honest himself, so don’t lie to him because you will lose all of his respect.

Some people may find the Virgo man boring because he’s so stable and practical. However, those who are around him know how great he is and like his company.

The Virgo man can get jealous easily, so make sure you let everyone know he is yours, if you are dating him. He enjoys being in a couple more than he likes being single, though he’s not bothered to be a bachelor either.

He’s interested in being in a long-term relationship, so go ahead and make a move on him if you are attracted and you are looking for the same thing.

Since they are the perfectionists of the zodiac, the Virgos would like the entire world to be perfect. The Virgo man is obviously the same.

He expects people to have the same standards as him and he may seem a little bit controlling in the beginning of a relationship. But he doesn’t want to impose, he’s just trying to make things better for everyone.

The Virgo man is a domestic person at heart so if you share the same values, then you surely are a match for him. If you are a little bit different, just let him be the one that leads and things will go on smoothly.

When a Virgo man is opening his heart to someone, it means that someone is special for him and something long-term is announced. He is ready to be with someone who is interested in creating a family and he wants his own family too.

Hands-on dating tips

The Virgo man is tidy and organized. He would prefer the date locations that you both choose to be the same. If you decide to meet at your place, make sure everything is clean and organized like in the army.

When dating a Virgo you should know that he likes talking about work and health. You can impress him by talking about health regimes or something your company has done to increase its number of clients.

If you want to go on a romantic date with your Virgo guy, take him out to dinner or a movie.

Ensure that you have planned everything from before. He hates when people can't find their heads. Click To Tweet

You could also go dancing, especially if you want to see his funny side but if you really want to draw him, find out the kind of songs he likes and maybe take him to see one of his favorite bands.

Things wouldn’t be perfect if he wouldn’t like the music. And with Virgos everything needs to be perfect.

Analyzing, the Virgo man will study you closely when out on a date. It’s essential that you look good. He will most likely dress up, so you should do the same. Don’t use too much makeup, though. He likes a more natural, but careful look.

You’ll need to reassure the Virgo man that you like him. He will continue pursuing you only if he is sure he won’t be rejected. He’s never looking to just sleep with you and leave.

He will try to make something serious of what you two may have. When breaking up, he simply cannot come to grips with it until he’s being given a realistic reason for the breakup.

Between the sheets

In bed, the Virgo native is never rushed or rude. He wants the connection with the other half to be emotional and to have a deeper meaning.

He will push himself to perform perfectly and he will want the partner to be completely happy and satisfied. If you think he may be too slow, be happy about it as it means he likes you a lot. Many people are saying the Virgo guy is an amazing lover.

He will try and improve his lovemaking skills every night. You will feel secure and comfortable when in bed with him.

While he can’t be claimed as the most imaginative lover, the Virgo man has his own methods of making the partner scream with pleasure. He will pay attention to every move you are making and he’ll adapt his style to what you may be feeling.

It may be difficult to keep him satisfied in a relationship as he is always trying to find something or someone perfect.

It’s true that he can turn annoying with his neatness, but this thing can be overlooked, especially after he shows his kind, loving side. Not to mention that he can be very useful for someone who has a chaotic lifestyle.

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