Virgo Flirting Style: Empathic and Charming

If you’re wondering how to seduce a Virgo, understand how they flirt so you can match their love game.

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Understanding how a Virgo flirts and how they generally act when interested in someone on a more than friendly level requires you to spend quite a bit of time analyzing and investigating their motives.

TraitsVirgo flirting in action
Gentle They will advance at the right pace.
Intriguing Their attitude will keep you guessing.
Witty They will challenge you intellectually.
Resourceful There is no time to worry with them.
Charming They will be under your skin in no time.

Because they really like confusing people and dazzling everyone with their mysterious charms, Virgos exhibit a strange behavior intentionally, acting in many different ways, just to create havoc in your mind.

However, it’s pretty easy to find out if they’re true to their hearts or not, by simply playing attention to their preferred topics of discussions. If they talk a lot about future prospects, possibly including you, through some allusions, then they are definitely into you.

Virgo natives flirt in their own, unique way, going about doing things with the express purpose of setting themselves up in a stable and secure relationship. Thus, they will behave in a very respectful and honest way, trying their hardest to impress and prove to their partner that they are worth it, every bit of the way.

Furthermore, they will search for someone with whom they can share a vision of the future together, create and devise a plan that should, in theory, provide them with everything they need to have a good life.

The thing is, these Virgos are all about honesty and directness, because they want their partners to come to a very deep understanding of them, and to have a very trusting relationship overall.

They are also very explicit and clear about their feelings and desires, while the games most people play are uninteresting and superficial from their point of view.

Even though they may feel love in an intense and passionate way, expressing those feelings is not as easy, because they perceive emotions as something they can’t take control of. And that sense of powerlessness doesn’t do them good at all.

Virgo flirting body language

If you choose to have a relationship with a Virgo partner, you should know that they are known as a loving and affectionate sign of the zodiac.

If they are in love with you, they will try to get closer and feel your body, so expect to be touched gently by them. They will play with your hair or will try to hold your hand during long walks in the nature.

The Virgo signs want you to know that they are grateful for you to be in their life, so they will make sure that they give you a reason to smile every day, because your happiness is their happiness too.

You shouldn’t think very much if a Virgo loves you or not, because they come and confess their feelings at once when they think that you are ready to find out.

They will also ask you to confess your feelings in return, and if the answers are positive, they will try to make you feel like the most important person in the world, doing a lot of efforts for you to feel appreciated and loved, in the most romantic, mysterious and spontaneous of ways.

How to flirt with a Virgo

If you want to impress a Virgo, make sure that you look up to scratch and smell perfectly, because they are in love with good and fresh whifs.

In trying to figure out whether the partner is worth it or not, if they are able to have a stable and secure relationship, the Virgos will play it very cooly, with patience and calmness.

So you will need to create and nurture rapport between you two, even if at times, some moments may seem awkward. Most importantly, don’t try anything funny in the time they’re checking you out.

This means that, if you have the courage to meet up with someone else and dare to flirt or do anything romantic, they will quickly change their minds and leave without a second notice.

When it comes to sex, don’t act as an animal, they enjoy you to be romantic and passionate, to be gentle and tender. Kamasutra is nothing, when it is compared with sex done with a Virgo.

They will make you feel better than in Heaven, because they enjoy seeing that you are completely satisfied and that proves to them that they are good in practice. Don’t hesitate to have a Virgo in your bed, because they have the power to fill you soul with kindness and melt your body with passion.

They’re not there for fooling around, or to have any sort of one-night shows. If they wanted that, they wouldn’t have waited for so long a time to observe and analyze that person, to see how they think.

One more thing worth mentioning is that these natives don’t take kindly to people who encroach on their personal space. That would be a very bad thing, and an attack in and of itself. Never try to cross that limit, because they will quickly retaliate, or leave altogether.

Virgo man flirting

Trying to get a Virgo’s attention is a real and interesting adventure, because first of all, you will have to work with your detective mind to figure out if he is interested in you.

A Virgo sign doesn’t know how to make the first step, so he will wait patiently and shyly for you to flirt with him.

After that, he will begin to pay attention to you, be sure that is just the prelude to his questioning process, in order to to find every detail of your life to be sure that you are the one for him. Don’t get scared and be natural with him, your sincerity and your spontaneity will make him fall in love with you immediately.

Virgo woman flirting

The Virgo female will flirt in similar ways to the male, however, may bring a more sensitive and empathic touch to the situation.

She rarely flirts as a rule of thumb, and chooses carefully that special person to charm, because she wants a smart, funny and hard-working guy. Even if she just smiles at you and tells you a little bit more about how her days was, consider yourself lucky for you have captured her attention.

A Virgo female is surrounded by mystery and she will fascinate you from the first moments. The room get lighted when she enters with her smile and beautiful posture, so you can hardly recognize her. Don’t be shy to make that one step, and be sure that you will show her all of your appreciation and interest.

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