Love Advice Every Virgo Man Must Know

As the observant Virgo man that you are, understand how your complex mind works, becomes less criticizing and more open to the new.

Virgo man love advice

When with someone, the Virgo man is trying as much as possible to pay attention to both his partner and the other people he loves. While he can do this perfectly, he forgets all about being romantic and feels like any surprise from his other half can ruin the balance of his relationship.

Being a big intellectual, you, as a Virgo man, want to be with a woman who’s smart and at the same time, financially independent and organized. You’re practical and very reliable, also one of the most skilful lovers in the zodiac.

The best love advice for the Virgo man:

  • You can confuse your partner with your moods and pessimism so try to tone this down;
  • Love can be quite dreamy and that is okay and no need for you to be sceptical about your partner’s intentions;
  • You are sometimes a prude but also rather picky and this can drive away interesting people;
  • Beware of your actions being misunderstood and don’t be afraid to show your own vulnerabilities.

Who are you, really, in love?

Many women may feel like they can’t approach you, but deep inside, you want to develop a profound and mature connection with a really special person.

More than this, you’re ready to work very hard to make that connection evolve. You never hurry, which means you like taking things slowly, especially when dating.

Because you’re reserved and prefer to observe things, it would be better for the person who likes you to make the first step towards knowing you better.

This would make you more than happy because you’re always ready to talk and to share some of your ideas. The lady who’s trying to date you may think you’re one of the most interesting people she ever met.

While some voices say you’re not at all romantic and too cautious when it comes to love, you’re not like that at all. It’s just that you prefer everything to be very organized and love can sometimes be messy.

Your personality is complex, which means you can be elusive one moment and open the other. Either way, you’re sure to confuse your partner with your behavior.

However, underneath your exterior, it can be said you’re the same person who wants to deeply connect with someone and to have a real relationship.

This is why you often get involved with another Virgo, seeing you’re both looking for the same things in a partner. Your way of thinking is systematic and logical, which means you prefer routing and to address problems realistically.

More than often, you can be very criticizing and too eager to impose your wisdom on others. If you want to feel more useful and to no longer focus all your energies on your partner, volunteer to fight for any causes you believe in.

You won’t only no longer see every fault in your other half, you will also have to talk about with her at the end of the day, not to mention you’ll be prouder of yourself.

The least desirable side

The Virgo man has a very analytical mind and is patient, but he can turn into the most pessimistic and criticizing person from time to time.

He pays a lot of attention to details and doesn’t care about how others are feeling because he’s only looking for perfection. Old-fashioned, he doesn’t like one-night stands and wants a partner who’s ready to commit.

While his advice is the most practical, the way he gives it can seem very cold because he’s skeptical and has the tendency to judge.

If you are him, then you must know that you can be a prude and too picky, also passive-aggressive with your hurtful comments.

Besides, you refuse to pay too much attention to your feelings and can find faults in everyone and everything, especially if you’re trying to protect yourself or are insecure.

Advice on dating for the Virgo man

The Virgo man may seem like he has some superpowers, seeing that he can immediately detect lies and can analyze a situation very logically.

This is why the woman who’s dating him must be herself all the time. He doesn’t like being deceived, fake people and lies.

As a Virgo man, you are the most generous with the person you feel is right for you. If your relationship is going well, the person who’s with you can rest assure that you’ll never cheat or disappoint her.

However, in case things are not so well in the couple, other serious problems can appear. You don’t like playing games, so you won’t be with a woman just for the sake of it.

When you’re no longer working hard for your relationship, then it’s sure you no longer want to be in it. As said before, you don’t have the time or the disposition to play games because, when it comes to love as with everything else in your life, you’re very hardworking and a perfectionist.

You can lose yourself in your thoughts and forget to share them with the person you love the most. Perhaps when older you will be more open to sharing, but no one can be sure of this.

However, you’re a good listener, so your lady can talk about anything with you, not to mention you’re also curious and a very good adviser. If allowed, you can guess what another person thinks and learn how to make him or her happy.

Your ability to focus on every little detail can have people being fascinated about you and your ways. The woman with a story that doesn’t have too much darkness will get to your heart.

You don’t want to hear about her past relationships and who has hurt her because you’re more interested in the present and the future. You tend to plan for the future too much, almost to a fault. This is because you want the best life for yourself and the people you care about.

The Virgo man will never be in a relationship with a woman he didn’t take his time to know. He can be misunderstood very often because his personality is so complicated.

You, as a Virgo man, don’t have a problem with being single, so the girl who has managed to take you out in a few dates can be sure that you’re serious about her.

You don’t only want a sincere and profound connection with someone who thinks the same way you do, you’re also looking for something long-term and with a great potential to evolve.

Represented by the Virgin, your sign’s symbol is sometimes confused with an angel. However, this doesn’t mean you’re a too feminine man, but just like an angel, you help, watch and protect, intervening even when you’re not needed.

You do this because you’re obsessed with having control over everything, which means you need to learn how to trust, especially if you want to receive more love.

If you practice not being so controlling anymore, you can have a truly balanced relationship in which giving and receiving is the same.

You like having someone depending on you, which is why most of your relationships start because you are offering your help to a friend. It’s like you only find women that have problems only you can fix.

It doesn’t matter what they’re complaining about, you’re ready to listen and to offer them your solutions to their problems.

What about the bed

As far as sex goes, the Virgo man doesn’t like to hurry. Just like with other aspects of life, he’s looking to intuitively connect and to involve meaningful emotions into the connection.

While a skilful lover, he can also pressure his partner too much because he wants perfection. His lady would better give him some directions in bed, especially if she doesn’t want to end up doing only what he wants.

He won’t hesitate to offer her pleasure, not to mention he doesn’t get upset when his lover is guiding him. Besides, he will do his best to improve his lovemaking moves, which makes him one of the most intuitive and attentive bed partners.

He may not care too much about sex, but when with the right person, he’s more interested and ready to experiment, which means he won’t hesitate to play his fantasies.

However, this doesn’t mean he only wants to play games because what he’s trying to do the most is to perfect his technique.

Your expectations as time passes

The Virgo man is patient enough to wait for the right person. He wants a woman who thinks the same way he does, so he’s compatible with another Virgo.

Aside from all this, he wants to have a family, which means he’s looking for a woman who’s ready to be a wife and a mother.

On the other hand, he could end up with someone who isn’t quite like him but doesn’t mind allowing him to lead.

It can be said he’s a traditionalist when it comes to love, so he would never get involved if the relationship wouldn’t have long-term potential. His home will be beautiful, his wife and children happy.

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