How To Attract A Gemini Man: Top Tips For Getting Him To Fall In Love

See the kind of woman he is after and how to win his heart.

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Top five tips:
  1. Show that you are unconventional.
  2. Carry knowledgeable conversations with him.
  3. Don’t be too insistent or curious.
  4. Be honest about your dreams.
  5. Learn to temper his mood swings.

If you know how close to get to the Gemini man without making him run away and you also understand how Mercury is influencing him, you’ll have a great chance to seduce this guy.

Never bored or melancholic, he is thirsty for life and he enjoys adventure more than anything else. If you are the type who likes to take on new challenges and isn’t afraid of what life has in plan for you, then the Gemini man is definitely your guy.

He really has a thing for energetic, unconventional girls who emit youthfulness. The optimistic type will always make him fall in love. Loving his freedom, this guy doesn’t need to be pushed into something serious, too soon.

He likes it when he is first friends with a person, and after that lovers. It would be a mistake to try and deceive the Gemini man. If you really like him, present yourself honestly. He will love you for it.

Not to mention he can easily read into people, and realize what their true motives are. If he has reached the conclusion you have been lying to him, it is possible you’ll never hear from this guy ever again.

Be truthful and in the same time not too emotional. He’s too logical of a creature to be able to put up with other people’s emotions.

Grab this social butterfly’s attention

An intellectual, he’ll appreciate a woman with whom he can have a knowledgeable conversation. He is interested himself in learning new things, so if you happen to be very cultured, you’ll only impress him more.

If you don’t know where to look for a Gemini man, try some adult colleges. This guy is always trying to improve himself through study.

Or, you could try planes that are flying to exciting destinations. An incurable traveler, he likes to see new places and interact with people from different cultures.

If you are already dating the Gemini man and you want to win his heart forever, invite him to an exotic place for a weekend or an entire week. He will be delighted!

Don’t worry too much if you haven’t got the chance to go places yet. He loves to talk about his adventures, so he will make sure you have learned everything about a destination from him.

It’s important to know that when talking to this guy, you don’t insist on the same thing. He can get bored very easily. Just jump from one idea to another. This is what he does, and it works for him, so why wouldn’t it work for you?

Attracting the Gemini man is not at all difficult. A social butterfly, he’s always curious about new people. Keeping him next to you may prove to be much more difficult, though. You’ll have to be original and creative if you want him to be interested in you for more than a month.

So change your look as often as you can, take him to the most curious places, and suggest new hobbies. Variety is very important too, while spontaneity and imagination are what make him tick.

He won’t mind if you plan things on the spot, himself being the type to act right before it’s time to take action. Don’t be ordinary. He wants someone special and unique: a girl who’s exotic and who will make him wonder about her thoughts.

You need to adapt to his fast pace

The key to understanding and knowing the Gemini man better is to let him have his freedom. He’s too independent to ever be tied down. If he’ll somehow feels stuck with someone, he will immediately leave.

That’s why this guy needs a woman who is strong and independent as well. He likes to know that someone will always wait for him, but he doesn’t want to feel like he has an obligation to be home each and every single evening at a set time.

Versatile, intelligent and flexible, this guy will want to share his life with someone who’s also curious to do new things with him. So stimulate him physically, but most of all mentally. Take him biking, hiking and scuba diving. He will be into all this without questioning you.

Parties are something he would never refuse, so go out each time there’s a new DJ in town. Keep him hooked and he will love you forever.

If you’ll try to keep him close to you all the time, he will only run away and look for someone else who is not as needy. Giving this man lots of space is essential when you are trying to make him fall in love with you.

Of course, all this will require a lot of trust from your side, but there is nothing else you can do about him. He is who he is, and he will never change.

Possessive, jealous women will only make him run away. There’s no other major turn off for him than a girl who throws tantrums because she hasn’t been held one night.

Be adaptable when he’s changing your schedule as he’s one of the most disorganized signs in the zodiac. If you’re feeling jealous, don’t ever tell him anything, or he will get scared and try to avoid you as much as possible.

He will never be jealous anyway. On contrary, if the Gemini man would see you hitting on other men, he would rather be turned on. He can really push someone to the limit when it comes to the fact that he can’t be jealous, no matter what.

And when he’ll notice that you may have this feeling, he’ll think you are only trying to tie him down, to hold him too close to yourself. And as said before, this is something that the Gemini man will never tolerate.

He is definitely not the best fit for a woman who is always curious about whom her lover is spending time with, or how much he has smiled to the waitress when she brought the drinks. If you want to be with him for a long time, control your jealousy, above anything else.

Compliments will go both ways

The more opinionated and eager to express your views you’ll be, the more your Gemini man will like you. He has only respect for people who are plainspoken. He loves a good conversation, so don’t hesitate to contradict him each time you don’t think the same as him.

It turns him on to see you’re having dreams and hopes for success. He likes ambition and he is himself driven by high goals. It’s not that you’ll have to be obsessed with your career, but having some goals towards which you are working would very much make him like you more.

There’s nothing sexier for this guy than to see you driven and busy. He hates it when people are lazy or don’t have any ambition. This is the situation in which he usually packs his bags and leaves.

As soon as you have managed to capture his attention, proceed with the seduction process. Compliment and admire him, he’ll love you for appreciating his qualities. Keep a sexy look so he’s attracted and wants to get you into bed.

Whatever you’re saying, don’t mention marriage or any other type of commitment. He’ll freak out and look for someone else. Let him think about a ring in his own time. You will probably just wake up with him one day, asking to marry you.

The Gemini man is known to have mood swings more than other men, in other signs. If you are patient, relaxed and easygoing, you’ll be able to put up with his changing emotions. He won’t know what to do if you make scene or throw a tantrum anyway.

He’s peaceful and calm himself, hating to fight more than anything else in the world. If you keep it nice and relaxed, you’ll be able to enjoy your Gemini man for many years to come. If he’s not feeling pressured and he’s intellectually satisfied, he’ll be with you forever.

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