The Gemini Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

You will never beat his logic nor his storytelling.

A perfect chatterbox, the Gemini man is a scholar of life, who is always looking to obtain more knowledge. This makes him entertaining and a pleasure to be around. He is the less boring sign in the zodiac. Smart and amusing, Gemini can make anyone feel good.

The twins is the symbol of the Gemini sign. This is why the man born under this sign can see both perspectives in every matter, which is also a way through which Gemini men are so capable of giving such good advice.

Their opinions are always balanced and appreciated. You will always encounter a Gemini giving the two sides of a story. It’s this amazing trait they have, to analyse all the good and bad in a situation. However, this trait may also have a bad side. It can often change the mood of a Gemini.

The Gemini man will know many things, on many subjects. As an intellectual that he is, he will enjoy many hobbies that he will juggle. This man’s interests are many as everything is fascinating for him.

The Gemini man will always take on challenges and apply his cold logic to get out of different situations. Click To Tweet

The Gemini is formally known as a friendly sign. This means the man in Gemini will enjoy social activities and places where opinions and ideas are being shared.

He knows how to talk and he has a special magnetism. He will always adapt to what life throws at him and he will remain calm and positive. His moods may change due to the conflict between the “twins”.

The Gemini man will always be invited at parties. His way of talking and his charisma make him so popular. He will also be called by friends for advice. He can irritate with his logic, but seeing the both sides of a problem is always helpful.

He loves company that is conversational and he is always attracted to the bizarre. Among friends, the Gemini man is expansive and always charismatic. Some famous Gemini man include Liam Neeson, Kanye West, Rafael Nadal or Edward Snowden.

You won’t see him step into love on purpose

Don’t expect the man in Gemini to have low standards. He is intelligent and charismatic. His standards will be set high. However, it is difficult to say who a Gemini man likes as he is good at hiding his emotions.

He doesn’t feel comfortable with what gets unleashed inside him when he falls in love. This is why he avoids this feeling.

It is thinking and not being emotional what gets to him, so it’s important to share opinions with him. He will be bold when it comes to romantic gestures and sometimes these gestures are not meant for romance, so be careful.

As he is a person of logic, the Gemini man can irritate his partner with his objectivity. It’s not that he doesn’t have emotions, he is just logical. He doesn’t fight too much, though. He is too good of a chatter for that.

Don’t ever bore the Gemini individual as routine can lead to a split. He will look for stability but he wouldn’t mind foolishness in a partner.

A Gemini man who is more spirited will be interested in stimulation. This means his partner is going to be surprised and pleased no matter what, at all times. He often cares more about the partner’s satisfaction, thing that makes him very appreciated with the ladies.

He likes to meet new people and date. While it is difficult for a Gemini man to stay with only one partner, as soon as he would have found love, he would become 100% loyal.

The Gemini man likes to play bedroom games. So don’t hesitate to try new things and new positions with him. Being an Air sign, the Gemini’s libido is reached through the mind.

He is turned on by mind games in the bedroom. No candlelight for this one. Since he knows so many things about everything, he will use his entire knowledge to turn the partner on. Rarely suspicious, he is a good lover.

The Gemini is the most compatible with Libra, Aquarius, Leo, and Aries.

His cold logic with money

The great communicator that he is, the Gemini man needs to never be bored at work or else his performance will be greatly affected.

As he has a good logic and he is also confident, the Gemini man would be good as a man of the law, in a counselling role, practicing medicine or as an educator. He enjoys debates and it’s difficult to bring arguments against his.

I like the challenge of trying different things and wondering whether it’s going to work or whether I’m going to fall flat on my face.

Johnny Depp – A famous Gemini

His traits could help him become very successful and rich if he would work in sales. As he thinks at the speed of light, the Gemini native may end up being envied by colleagues.

The Gemini person will pay close attention to his finances. He will balance his funds regularly. You would rarely encounter a Gemini in debt.

He bases his investments on common sense and he’s not an emotional spender. He plans for long-term stability and security when he’s making his financial plans.

He needs to stay away from caffeine

The most common health issues a Gemini man can confront with are asthma and respiratory problems. That’s why a Gemini would rarely be a smoker.

He is an active person who takes great pride in his body. He usually has broad shoulders and a developed musculature. He needs to rest and to not abuse coffee and junk food.

The color a Gemini man will always look good in is yellow. You will find a plethora of designs in his wardrobe, and that all the clothes are in style.

No matter what occasion he may be attending, the Gemini’s clothes will always be appropriate. His jewellery is not opulent, neither is his car. All his clothes are kept neatly and organized. The Gemini man will never leave shopping until he has gotten something.

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