Gemini Man in Marriage: What Kind of Husband Is He?

The Gemini man remains his curious self, unwilling to stay in one place for too long but he can also turn into a rational and dependable husband.

Gemini man in marriage

Gemini men, with their mercurial natures, are the most talkative people in the Western zodiac. This is their most appreciated gift, but it has a negative side as well as it makes them want company all the time, not to mention they’re not satisfied to spend their time with just about anyone.

They need a partner who can intellectually stimulate them and who knows how to have fun. They will prefer to wonder most of their lives and marry latter, when they have finally understood that marriage can be fun too.

Gemini man as a husband, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Sociable, easy-going and ingenious;
  • Challenges: Pushy and intolerant;
  • He will love: Having someone to always talk to;
  • He needs to learn: To be more patient.

Is a Gemini man good husband material?

Because he knows how to have fun, the Gemini man is sought after by many women, even if he’s very independent and unwilling to make commitments or any compromise marriage involves.

In case you’ve managed to get your hands on a Gemini man, the best news is that you’ll never get bored with him.

However, because he needs his freedom more than anything else, he may not be the husband to offer you a sense of security and too much closure.

Your relationship with him won’t get better if you don’t make a priority out of your intellectual development and pursuits.

He loves talking, traveling, making new friends and gathering more knowledge, so the marriage with him is pretty much described by these activities. If you’re the type who wants a deep emotional connection, you may find him to be too detached and reluctant when it comes to discussing his feelings.

As said before, at least you’ll never get bored with him. He always has new subjects to discuss, is intelligent and knows his way around words, so you’ll be stimulated when living with him.

His restlessness and unpredictability won’t give you too many opportunities to relax though. The Gemini husband will never want to spend too much time at home because he gets bored when staying indoors and having a routine.

Besides this, he really doesn’t like doing anything domestic. This man needs variety, to move from one place to another and even to change partners very often. His agenda is always full and he likes meeting his friends regularly.

Possessing a very rational mind, he knows how to cool you down when you’re too stressed about life. Since his sense of humor is highly developed, expect him to always crack a good joke and to see the good side of things.

Don’t be too serious when around him because he wouldn’t like it. He could be the perfect husband or the worse one, depending on who wants to marry him.

In case you’re the type who wants a secure life, to stay at home all day and to be jealous or to control everything, he may never want to be around you and will eventually leave because he can’t offer you the commitment and closure you desire, not to mention he wouldn’t want to discuss anything related to deep feelings with you.

However, if you’re a lady who wants to explore more about life and to live every moment to its fullest, you may be the fun, charismatic and enjoyable person he was looking for.

Always remember that he likes to flirt, that he has moods and that no one can rely on him for anything. One thing can’t be denied, if you want to be the happy wife of a Gemini man, you need to keep up with him because he won’t care when you’re getting behind.

The Gemini man as a husband

The Gemini man is never possessive, which means he doesn’t like women who are like this or too passionate either. He’s a sociable and gifted intellectual who doesn’t focus too much on having a family.

His ideal partner is curious about his interests and needs variety in her life as much as he does in his. If you happen to be with him, make sure you agree to the way he flirts around and the fondness he has of his large group of friends.

When married, he’s the happiest if his wife is getting along very well with his buddies. He’ll be the same when it comes to hers and if flirting, he’s never doing it in order to obtain something from the ladies he’s approaching, he’s just having fun.

This man needs to be given a lot of freedom from his lady because he hates being pressured. He prefers reserved and quiet ladies that he can control.

Loving his freedom and admirers a lot, he’ll connect from a physical, emotional and mental point of view with the woman who appreciates him for his qualities and doesn’t care about what he’s doing when not with her.

When making love, he puts in a lot of passion and strength. Pretty down-to-earth and calm, the Gemini man can still become a ticking bomb when crossed.

He doesn’t like seeing stupidity all around him and can become quick-tempered over insignificant things.

People born in Gemini can truly make you feel the worst with their words when they’re angry at you. It can be confusing to see these relaxed and charismatic natives becoming upset and vocal when their temper can no longer hold, not to mention how hurtful their commentaries can be.

It’s better to never argue with them because they can immediately put you down. However, their anger seems to pass just as fast as it started.

How to get him to tie the knot

In case you’re the type of woman who’s determined to succeed and has a tremendous energy, you can be sure a Gemini man is in love with you.

If you want him too, make you’re not showing that you may need him in your life, act like he’s the one you’ve chosen.

Be smart, resourceful and have some time for him because he wants to see that you’re able to stand on your own and still ready to be his date.

This man needs to be stimulated all the time, so he should be provoked to do new things or to focus on interesting activities. You could give him exciting goals as this will turn everything into a competition for him.

Don’t argue but debate when talking to the Gemini man. He likes to see the passion in you, yet he isn’t such a big fan of conflicts. You’d look lovely in his eyes if you’d be independent and not need his help in any way.

In case you’re not this type, you may want to hook up with someone else because he’s very determined to succeed and would like a partner who’s the same. In case he’s an artist, be his muse as he’d ask for nothing more from the Universe.

Many artists born in Gemini have used or are using their wives as their muse. Just as long as you can keep him happy, stimulated from an intellectual point of view and excited, he’ll want to commit more and more to you and to actually do something about it.

As soon as you’ll begin to share with him many of your projects, he’ll start to think you’re very exciting and that he could marry you.

A Gemini woman would suit him very well, but don’t be sad if you happen to be in a different sign, just look at the traits of the Gemini woman and see which ones are the same with yours, or on which you could work on to improve.

Just show him that you don’t expect anything in return for your love and he’ll think you’re worthy of his. He wouldn’t be with someone who’s trying to change anything about him.

The lady of his dreams is very much in love with this man and supports everything he may want to do. She should be his rock and the person who inspires him the most, not to mention his partner in crime.

In return, he’ll be very loving. Don’t ever push him into commitment because he doesn’t respond well to this and may even run away.

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