Signs A Gemini Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You

Spoiler alert: Your Gemini man is into you when he keeps returning to you for attention and makes small compromises in your favor.

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The thing with the Gemini man is that he is a flirt through and through, someone who can’t sate his social appetite with just a few interactions. You’ll see him talking to pretty much everyone he meets, and getting something from each of them.

Top 11 signs a Gemini is into you

  1. He prefers to spend his time in your company.
  2. He is not shy about his feelings.
  3. He will reciprocate your texting style.
  4. He returns to you for the most exciting discussions.
  5. He wishes to fulfil all your desires.
  6. He directs everyone’s attention towards you.
  7. He lets you know all of his secrets.
  8. He gives you chances to reciprocate interest.
  9. You can see he makes small compromises for you.
  10. He will be playful and will make numerous jokes.
  11. He has a witty and outspoken flirting style (see Gemini flirting style).

Luckily, not many women are able to fulfill this native’s intellectual cravings, and the more time he spends in your company, is actually the telltale sign that he likes you. Pay attention to this, because he usually doesn’t return to somebody if he found them dull and tedious.

So, if he comes back to you, it means that he found you fascinating enough to keep on wishing for more. Once he starts doing that, you have to press on, because there probably won’t be that many chances presenting themselves.

How to figure out if your Gemini likes you

It’s a pretty difficult situation altogether, knowing when exactly a Gemini likes you more than just a friend, because they seem to behave almost exactly the same with everyone else. So, how can you know?

Well, it’s not that problematic, because you will often notice that he takes a discussion to a point where you can easily intervene and say something, or he may directly ask you what you think.

Besides that, the Gemini man is famously known for being really secretive and restrained with his inner self, so when he decides to open up to you, that’s one of the clearest signs that he’s into you. Seriously now, there aren’t any more obvious markers than this one.

Besides, he’s a very good flirt, and will do it almost naturally so, because he really wants to tell you exactly how much he likes you, or that he is really interested in you. Just wait for that moment, because it’s going to be quite surprising, seeing this chatty guy coming right up, maybe cracking a joke, and then winking at you when the others aren’t looking.

That’s the moment when everything is decided. If you don’t make the right call and take the wrong step, then he’ll likely never try again, and your chances with him will be lost. Pay attention, and when an opportunity arises, show your interest as well, because he’ll quickly step up his game.

A Gemini is a being of intense passions and interests, which is to say that there won’t be a dull moment with this native around. He’ll want to explore the most intricate aspects of the world, as well as turn a blind eye towards all the “major” events happening around him.

So, keep in mind that he is very protective of his interests, and likes to indulge in these small satisfactions alone, preferably.

If you find yourself invited to one such event, then it’s really something worth remembering, because this compromise is clearly made out of a great interest towards you.

The Gemini man is quite a carefree and unrestrained individual who sees life as just a masquerade, an endless show where actors play their part, and where almost everything is humoristic in and of itself, or at least he manages to extract the humor from it.

Just like that, he’ll make a lot of jokes, and will often look amused at even the most serious of situations. He won’t treat a lot of things with a grave and stern approach, and that includes his love for you. Of course, that doesn’t mean that his feelings aren’t strong enough. It’s just his nature, that’s all.

Now, for such an individual who bonds excessively with his partner, a disappointment in love would practically destroy him. Considering how much he has put in this relationship, as well as the emotional commitment that he took upon himself, it’s already good that he doesn’t do something foolish.

Deep inside, Gemini men don’t just physically connect with their partner, but also bond on an intellectual level as well, and that connection is very deep, creating ties to their inner selves. That’s exactly why they take so much time in knowing the other person, so as to avoid any mismatches.

Texting with your crush

Gemini men are goal-oriented guys who strike directly at the intended target. They don’t take the scenery walk, and rather take the main road, with a charming smile on their face, and ready to use their renowned oratory skills to really shake the heart of their partner.

They’ll be romantic, affectionate, sensitive, however you like them to be, the Gemini man can fit almost any role.

And as far as messaging goes, he tends to copy your style, because he wants to get closer to you by doing that. Most importantly, you’ll never see him beating around the bush or being shy about his feelings. They’ll come right off the bat with what they desire the most, and that is you.

These highly intellectual and quick-witted natives will want to show you exactly how smart and cultivated they are, so expect their messages brimming with a lot of complex and profound ideas that seem to never end.

And, admit it, you’re in love with this aspect of his character. Who doesn’t want a smart man, after all?

And he’s not narcissistic or egocentric about it either. He’s just that interested and fascinated by so much in the world, that he’ll appear completely absorbed by a given subject until he exhausts it completely. Once you gain access to this part of him, it’s definitely a sign that they’ve accepted you fully.

Is he falling in love?

He definitely is falling in love, if this is the feeling you are having about him, most probably, but it’s going to be a pain in the bum actually finding that out, because this native is naturally sociable and communicative.

The end result? You won’t be able to make a difference between his attitude towards you, and the attitude towards all the other girls at the party.

But, the truth is, there is a glaring aspect that clearly states the facts as they are. When you find him always returning to you, asking for more good discussions, then you’ll know he is clearly more interested in you, than the others.

Besides his keen interest in exploring the world and finding out about the secrets it holds, an activity which you’ll definitely be an integral part of, the Gemini man is also a very tender and affectionate individual.

After all, due to all his flirting around with so many girls and women alike, he has naturally developed quite the skills, and coupled with his likely interest in psychology, he fully knows what your deepest desires are.

He will know what to do to fulfill them, as well as fully satisfy and make you the happiest woman out there.

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