Dating A Gemini Man: Do You Have What It Takes?

Understand how he dates and what he likes in a woman so you can start the relationship on the right foot.

Gemini is an intellectual sign who knows all the tricks of the trade. If you want to date a Gemini man, you’d better be a knowledgeable person. He is never boring and he knows many things himself, no matter the subject. Intelligent and sociable, his answers to questions you may ask will be funny and witty.

Being a dual sign, when dating the Gemini you sometimes feel like you are dating two separate personalities. The symbol of Gemini is the Twins, which means the man in this sign will often have mood swings.

He has an active lifestyle and if you manage to keep the pace, he’s going to love you forever. He needs to be with a partner who plays on the same ground as him, meaning he needs a person who is as well interested in many subjects of discussion.

Those who want to be with a Gemini man need lots of energy to cope with this guy’s lifestyle. As the Gemini man has many friends, you’ll need to be sociable and open too. He usually captures all the attention of the public, so you need to know how to make yourself noticed.

A Gemini man will never be able to respect a timetable or stick to a plan. Expect him to often change what you have planned for a day out.

His expectations

Geminis get enamored with a person’s mind and they like people who are smart and resourceful. Unconventional, conclusive and charming, the Gemini guy is a convinced optimist who thinks very fast.

A more negative side of him may surface when he’s in a bad mood, but fortunately he won’t be in this mood for too long. He knows how to communicate and he will never say things he doesn’t mean. You will enjoy spending time with a Gemini man. He’s funny and expressive.

Don’t be surprised if this guy often changes his attitude and behavior. He is two-faced and he tends to be one way around family and friends, and a different way when only with you or with strangers.

He doesn’t do this intentionally, it’s just the way he adapts to new situations and people. Don’t try to impose anything on him as he only knows how to live by his own rules.

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As he has so many friends, you’ll need to make a long-lasting impression when trying to get noticed by the Gemini native. He isn’t very passionate about romance, so don’t expect the courting to be too extraordinary.

He’s a busy man so prepare to catch just a glimpse of him when you both have time. Be patient with him as he always has many projects going on in his life. He is more suited for long-distance relationship and not for something that requires his full-time attention.

He’s one of the most fun signs in the zodiac. It could be the fact that he’s two people that makes him this way. When involved, he will sacrifice his time and put a lot of energy into making the partner happy. He’s helpful and reliable, and he will always ensure that his lover is happy.

Helpful when someone needs him, the Gemini male won’t hesitate to give you a hand no matter what you may want from him.

Appreciate him for this and you’ll be sure to have him for a long time. The thing that’s most difficult around this man is keeping track of his mood swings.

Be adaptable. At least you’re not getting bored. Don’t panic if he can’t remember something you’ve told him.

Geminis have many things revolving in their minds all the time. They sometimes space out when you are the most adamant about saying something. Don’t take this personally and have patience. This is not a bad sign necessarily.

Hands-on dating tips

During the first date with the Gemini man you’ll feel like you are speed dating. Subjects of discussion will be covered very fast. You will determine if things are to be taken ahead or not.

A dual sign, the Gemini guy will seem romantic on one occasion and a comedian in the other. It’s difficult to predict how this person will be from one moment do another, not to mention from one day to another.

If you have just met, you’ll notice that he can’t wait to make you a part of his world and give you an insight into how he thinks.

Don’t expect him to bring you flowers as he is not full of romance in the usual way, more in the amusing kind of way.

Making plans is not the Gemini man’s strongest point. He respects schedules if he has to, but only for his job.

He avoids situations that require him to plan in advance and he can change the location of your date in one hour after you’ve established where to go.

The Gemini man seeks adventure and knowledge. Many of them have traveled places that others haven’t even heard of.

If the Gemini man you like has been to many places, don’t hesitate to ask him what he has done and whom he has met. If he doesn’t ask you out after a conversation like this, you be the one to ask.

He may be preparing a surprise for you. Whatever you do, don’t bore him. Keep everything lively and interesting. Be ready to face many changes in your life. He likes to explore new ideas and styles.

As for sexy time …

Being a great conversationalist, the man in Gemini will use talking as a prelude to kisses and touches. This will obviously result in sex, but he isn’t that much interested in conversations on sexual matters.

He isn’t close-minded in the bedroom and he enjoys the emotional side of lovemaking. He sees sex as another way to have a great time.

It takes a while for the Gemini to get more serious about a relationship, but this doesn’t mean he treats everything as a fling. If you wish to experiment in bed with him, be creative.

The Gemini guy prefers to live in the moment. People born in this sign are unpredictable and sometimes distracted. This could be an advantage, especially if you also like navigating freely. When dating, this man is playful, witty and adaptable.

But keep in mind he can also be very independent, capricious and duplicitous. With all this being said, you will be sure to have the time of your life when dating the Gemini man.

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