Love Advice Every Gemini Man Must Know

As the versatile Gemini man that you are, show that you are ready to take on more responsibilities and are not afraid of committing.

Gemini man love advice

The Gemini man doesn’t mind being approached for as long as he feels the vibes and how intense a woman is. He likes to spend his time with someone who has the same interests as him.

More than this, his potential partner needs to be very energetic and fun. A date with him can happen very fast because he reveals a lot about himself and is very open. This means a lady can easily find out if he’s right for her and move forward.

The best love advice for the Gemini man:

  • Try to express yourself openly and avoid being manipulative in love;
  • A lover can become dizzy with your moods so try to be a little more consistent;
  • Love doesn’t take away your independence so stop acting like it does because this is a turn-off;
  • Getting bored of your partner is just “in your head”, try to initiate all sort of activities to keep the passion going.

Who are you, really, in love?

If you happen to be a Gemini man, then you need a woman who keeps you intellectually stimulated and doesn’t bore you. In spite of the tantrums you’re sometimes throwing, you don’t know how to express your feelings, which means you need someone subtle and patient.

For a relationship with you to remain fresh, you need to be taken on weekend gateways and have your mind engaged, both in the bedroom and outside of it.

What you need the most is a woman who can adapt because you’re always changing and jumping from one subject of discussion to another. More than this, your moods are always changing, but at least you’re not boring.

It can be very easy for someone to hurt you, especially when not paying attention to what you have to say or to your needs. You need to feel wanted, even if you’re a little bit hurt.

Since you easily forget, the behavior of your partner doesn’t matter for as long as she’s going to be by your side the next day.

It’s important for you to feel loved. You know that you’re not boring, but your lady needs to also remind you from time to time. When it comes to what you’re looking for in a woman, this is good looks and intelligence.

If you’re with someone who always smells nice and is stylish but doesn’t know how to keep a conversation going, you immediately give her up.

Besides, you need to be supported too, to never be told that you may be wrong and to feel like you can rule the world next to your woman.

Just like the Twins that are represented in your sign’s symbol, you’re dualistic, which means you can be dreamy and aloof on one side, realistic and down-to-earth on the other.

However, if the world would give you a choice, you would decide to explore your imagination only. This would make you feel free and at the same time connected with the practical side of things.

The ideal woman for you is temperamental and has the same hobbies as you, hobbies that can be many and change from one day to another. This is why you’re best suited with other Air signs like yourself.

Regardless of the sign or element, any person could find it difficult to discover what makes you tick, as it’s not easy for someone to keep up with you seeing you’re different with every day that passes.

Persuasive, charming and eccentric, you’re also very optimistic and think faster than others. Your moods can make you very dark, but at least you don’t have the same feelings for too long.

You can change from depressed to happy in only a few seconds. You don’t quite understand your own emotions because you tend to filter everything through your mind.

The least pleasant side

When it comes to the many faces of the Gemini man, he can be a leader and adapt to any new situation, a gentleman and at the same time very rude.

This is because his mind is chaotic, not to mention he can be confused by the simplest situations. When first meeting him, he may appear shy.

If you are him, you already know you can seem reserved because your mind is always thinking about what to talk about next or contemplating about who can be your next move.

You can make a woman dizzy with all your moods, not to mention the tantrum you’re usually throwing require you to be with someone patient and understanding.

Advice on dating for the Gemini man

The woman who’s dating the Gemini man shouldn’t expect him to be romantic, at least not in the traditional way. However, she should expect to have a lot of fun with him.

You, as a Gemini man, have an incredible energy and love talking with your friends. This means you’re rarely quiet.

When dating someone, you want to share your ideas and to discuss the world’s latest news, even to say things about yourself.

You’re knowledgeable and can cover any subject of conversation, not to mention your mind jumps from one idea to another, which can be fascinating for some people, whereas others can find you to be self-centered.

You’re not the type to brag, as you only want to let others know you better when talking about what you have achieved.

Since Mercury is the planet ruling him, the Gemini mand puts communication first. If you happen to be him, you already know how much you need to talk with someone who knows how to listen.

At the same time, the lady of your dreams needs to have a lot of energy and to be very intense. However, communication is the most important.

You need to be intellectually engaged and to express yourself. A creative woman can keep your interest for a very long time. While a difficult person, you still are a match for many girls.

If you can find what you need in a person, you’ll never want to be with someone else. If a woman wants to keep you interested in her for a long time, she needs to be curious and ready to explore life.

If you get stuck in a routine, you become desperate for something new and want to be intellectually challenged. You could be asked about the news because you always have an opinion.

When you have nothing to say about something, you’re probably lying or thinking the question you were asked can’t be dignified with an answer. Regardless of how exciting you usually are, it’s also possible for you to become the most boring husband who’s always wearing a bathrobe.

This is because as soon as you get comfortable, you remain still and don’t even imagine what it would be like to chase after a new partner.

If your other half is needy and has too many emotions, you prefer to just let her be and go to a movie. This is why you should avoid clingy women who can’t be independent and want a sugar daddy.

What about action in the bedroom

In the bedroom, the Gemini man sees conversation as a prelude. He can’t get enough of talking and would rather skip the sex part altogether. He likes to talk about his day, which means he’s the type to engage in pillow talks more than any other man.

If you’re a Gemini man, then you love talking during sex, especially when trying new things and changing positions. Your lover should read you erotica literature and then play the scenes in the book.

You don’t mind experimenting with new fetishes and role-playing just as long as things are exciting.

After lovemaking, you usually reveal your warm and more profound side. This is a moment when you’re simply glowing and feel the most relaxed because you’re in a dream state.

Your expectations for the long-term

In spite of what everyone says that he can’t settle down, the Gemini man can be for the long-term with someone who can stimulate him intellectually.

However, he needs to be allowed to be free, no matter how loyal and dedicated to his other half he may be.

If you happen to be him, then know that you’re spontaneous and very random, which means you need a woman who’s ready to go for a run with you in the middle of the night.

She also needs to be able to do things on her own and to not call you all the time, especially when you’re out with your friends.

What you want the most is to feel comfortable in a relationship and to have your independence. You are who you are and no one can change you, no matter what.

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