Are Aquarius Men Jealous And Possessive?

The Aquarius jealousy surfaces when you least expect it and for the weirdest reasons.

It’s not in the nature of the Aquarius men to be jealous or possessive. If you find an Aquarius man to be like this, it means there’s something else that bothers him.

Depending on how his personality is, he will have two ways of responding to jealousy. One, he will simply move past it. And two, he will try and keep his presence scarce as he always accepts things that are coming his way and hates to somehow interfere.

The Aquarius man is sometimes like a child. When he wants something, it must happen fast. He may seem controlling sometimes, but he actually isn’t. He’s just trying to obtain what he thinks is rightfully his.

Aquarians don’t really show their emotions to others. They can be moody and they will completely ignore jealousy if they are feeling it. The man in Aquarius will simply no longer talk to you if somehow jealous.

He will say there’s nothing wrong with him and in the end, he will disappear from your life. If he’ll come back, he’ll do it and pretend that nothing happened.

A man in Aquarius will never be possessive with his partner.

He’s only trying to make things work the way he wants them. He would never try to be dominant. Don’t get annoyed if he’s too relaxed and laid-down, you go ahead and be the same.

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This is someone who loves his freedom and wants his partner to be the same. If you aren’t a woman who stands on her own, don’t try to get the Aquarius man. The relationship would never work.

He is independent himself and he wouldn’t like someone to be possessive with him. If he says he’s jealous, he actually isn’t and he’s probably playing some mind game to have you feel important. When he seems possessive or controlling, he isn’t.

Other signs have different ways of being jealous, Aquarians have none. If they feel that something is wrong, they prefer to discuss the problem.

When in a relationship, the Aquarius man believes in trusting one another, and offering each other freedom.

If you are with a guy in this sign, determine where your relationship stands and go from there. Him not being jealous doesn’t mean you can betray.

It wouldn’t be smart to try and make him jealous either. He will most likely decide you aren’t right for him and leave.

It’s true that he’s the one who can be a little somewhat of a flirt sometimes, but he doesn’t exaggerate.

People fall in love easily with the Aquarius man, and he’s the friendly type. A little flirt would be inevitable. If you are the jealous type, you can calm down.

If you know him as committed to the relationship, there’s nothing for you to worry about. He usually fights for the honor of the person he’s with, and he would never do something to undermine the relationship you are having.

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