Gemini In Love: How Compatible Is With You?

Romance and wooing are lively and full of creativity for this sign.


It doesn’t matter how in love they may be, the Gemini don’t hurry to settle and lose all their freedom. They will only commit if they have found the right person. Don’t think they don’t like to be in love, because they’re enjoying it a lot. Just not with anyone.

A dual sign, it is difficult to get to know a person in Gemini. They are always wearing a mask that hides their true feelings.

However, if they truly fall in love, they will eventually show themselves. The person who has won a Gemini’s heart will get to have a lot of fun and many new experiences.

Geminis love adventure and to travel. Someone who has the same interests would be perfect for them. As soon as they get to trust someone, there will be nothing that they wouldn’t do for that person. They will even show their emotional side, the one they are only keeping for themselves.

Superficial about love, Gemini people know there are many points of view from which you can interpret and live this feeling.

They usually change partners and seem like they don’t have any integrity or concentration. While they are afraid to dedicate their life to only one person, these guys are also very devoted and faithful to the one they decide it’s the love of their life.

They may fear intimacy, but the experience of spending their life with someone they love and care about intrigues them. They will take this challenge and make the most out of it.

Their need for variety in love

Like all the other Air signs, Geminis are very rational and logic. This may be both beneficial and disadvantageous for their relationships.

On the bright side, it’s great they never despair or throw emotional tantrums, and their partners can rely on them.

On the other side, it can be said these people can be a little bit reluctant to expressing their emotions. They talk about their feelings only rarely, and when they are doing it, they have no idea what to say.

Don’t get this wrong. Geminis are honest people, but when it comes to understanding themselves, things can become a little bit less simple.

Charming, they can charm everyone at a party. Many will want to be their lovers. They are revealing themselves slowly, but they impress as soon as others understand a little bit about their personality.

Flirtatious and mysterious, many people will want to be next to them, or to know their opinions. Since they are sociable, nice people, Geminis will make time for everyone.

Trendy and informed about the latest news, they will fit in at any kind of gathering. These people are like social butterflies who never get old.

In a romantic relationship, they like to keep everything active and lively. Remember to spice up your life as a couple, if you want to keep the Gemini that you love close to you.

These guys need variety or else they get bored fast. Also sexually, you’ll need to be open minded and interested in experimenting new things.

The fact that Geminis are a little bit superficial makes it sometimes impossible for them to be in a long-term relationship.

They don’t want to be so flirtatious and smiling with everyone, it’s just the way they are. If they truly love their partner, they won’t cheat although they have the tendency to look for happiness in someone else if they are being bored. It’s very important that you communicate with them, as their life partner.

They love interaction and they have a need to exchange ideas and opinions. You will notice they make friends very easily.

Geminis filter everything through their mind and they rarely act on impulse. It’s commitment that really scares them. So try and avoid a discussion about a wedding if you are only dating for a few months.

They require intellectual stimulation

They will work a lot to make their partner happy, and they will also allow him or her enough freedom to develop as an individual.

But the responsibilities of being in a couple make them panic and wanting to be single rather than involved. It takes a Gemini a lot of time to analyze what he or she will do after his or her own wedding.

That’s why they need a partner who makes them feel free and allows them to be independent. Someone who will encourage them to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

Don’t be sad if they are a little bit cynical and cold when you are talking about love. It’s just the way they protect themselves from getting hurt, by showing they are not vulnerable and that they really don’t care that much.

Deep inside, they believe in true love and have your best interest at heart. They will always support in everything, no matter how difficult the times. Intelligent creatures, you’ll have to keep up with them.

Be knowledgeable and study all the subjects that your Gemini partner is curious about. As said before, communication is key in the relationship with these people, so you’ll need to have something to talk about.

They are passionate and loyal, and life with them is always exciting and full of surprises. Their energy is impressive, and they completely give themselves when they find someone worthy of their attention.

As long as their partner is offering them a fun experience that involves new adventures and all kind of entertaining challenges, they will be in for the long term.

When they are making love, Geminis are fast and full of surprises. They will want to experiment. Talking about sex is something they enjoy. Tell them about your most intimate secrets and they will listen with interest.

Because they have had many partners, they would have tested out lots of sexual techniques. As their partner, it is best that you come with suggestions and are not afraid of what they fantasize about. When it comes to erogenous zones, Geminis don’t have them. It can be said their mind is their most sensitive sexual area.

Therefore, stimulate them intellectually, play sexual games and intrigue them in bed. Phone sex and erotic literature are also great ideas to make them more interested and hot.

What true love is for them

Adaptable and easygoing, Geminis are all about variety. They want to explore the world, meet new people and exchange ideas. That’s why being monogamous is sometimes difficult for them.

When they think a relationship with someone is no longer working, they break up and try to remain friends with the ex-partner.

As a matter of fact, they have this amazing ability to keep good relations with people they have been with. They need a person who has the same interests as them, someone who views life in the same way.

True love in their mind is being able to express your thoughts and physical urges without being bothered that you may be naughty or too opinionated.

Everything creative and imaginative stimulates and makes them more passionate about someone or something. They are sensual, and they want a person with whom they can live a beautiful life. A companion for their adventures.

They will love to do anything new and interesting with their partner. Therefore, you’ll have to be intriguing and active if you want to have a Gemini’s heart.

Since they also are a little bit on the superficial side, they like people who dress to impress and who look good no matter where they may be going. So put on your most attractive smile and best clothes, and go out with your Gemini.

When at parties, expect him or her to be the most wanted person, and also the most fun. These natives are known as the ones who will be remembered after a gathering. They will talk about anything with anyone, they will migrate between groups, and even dance if they like a song.

When in crowds of people, they are the most comfortable and natural. Don’t give them a reason to doubt you, or their other face will come into play.

As a dual sign, they have two faces: one that is gentle and easygoing, and one that knows anger and how to make you suffer. Just build your relationship with them on mutual trust and things will be fine. If you find them upset or angry, give them time to be alone and get better.

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