Gemini Sexuality: Essentials On Gemini In Bed

Sex with a Gemini – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs

Understanding how a person reacts to certain stimuli, and how he views intimate relationships can be a very important aspect of a happy and healthy bonding experience.

Geminis are generally perceived as men and women of great fortitude and immense willpower, not to speak about a constant need for action.

Proud of themselves for being able to stick to one partner and one partner only for all eternity, these natives are very attached and compassionate individuals.

What sets a Gemini apart from all other zodiac signs is the very advanced social sense and talkative nature. When they begin having a discussion, you know it’s going to be a whole debate, arguments, counterarguments, criticism and conclusions, all in one package.

And you obviously need a lot of people for this sort of endeavor. It’s clear then how a Gemini may have a more libertine and free-flowing attitude when it comes to sex, meaning that it could end up with a lot more people involved that you originally thought.

Being a more dreamy and idealistic character, a Gemini native seems to be harder to manipulate and control, from a moralistic perspective.

Not that they would stoop down to unsavory and underhanded methods, but the limitations and inhibitions that some people might have set in place, Geminis never even though about.

They desire affection and love above all else, knowing that someone is always there for them when the need arises.

These natives are haunted by a very deadly sin, or inconvenience, if that sounds any better, and that is the lack of emotional attachment.

Yeah, their actions may indicate otherwise most of the times, but everything they do has a very clear purpose. If they could however develop that kind of attachment, sex is definitely not the way to go.

That’s just a way to relieve the pressure and receive some satisfaction.  For some, it may be a bonding experience, but Geminis see it in a different light.

The usual formalities and romantic prelude are basically non-existent or too unimportant to pay attention to in an intimate relationship. Instead, these natives are quick-paced individuals who go right ahead for the kill and waste no more time on debating the possible consequences.

If you’re in search for something extraordinary or paradisiac with a Gemini, know that it’s probably not going to be the case.

They’re not exactly old-minded people either, it’s just that, for them, what matters more is ultimately how one feels and thinks during the act.

But, given their predisposition towards diversity and novelty, it’s not a stretch to expect the same when it comes to sexual life, although not as sublime as one would think, but still.

What motivates a Gemini’s unwillingness to bond emotionally is probably the fear that, with true love incoming, they would be forced to adhere to a strict set of principles and rules.

Not as free and wild anymore, it’s very difficult for them to make that choice with a serene attitude.

Even talking about how they feel or how the partner feels is something that usually doesn’t happen too often, mainly because a Gemini native looks at love from a cerebral point of view. Reason, logic and cold realism make up their palette of instruments.

Nothing is taboo

Geminis are people who enjoy the present more than anything else. They don’t linger in the past, nor do they idealize things in the far-future. Living here and now is the most enjoyable and palpitating.

Beings of great desires and a need for companionship, these natives appreciate honesty and a straightforward attitude more than anything else.

So, in order to conquer such a person, it would be a good idea to just go with the flow and act as if nothing can stop you in your tracks. It really gets to them.

Apart from the heightened sense of touch which acts as a great stimulant, Geminis also tend to have pretty out of the norm approaches and desires.

Things like orgies, foreplay and cosplay are a few examples of what this native’s dirty mind can cook up. Transforming sex into a theatre play, or a very organized and role-playing experience overall, seems to be a big turn on for them.

Due to their loquacious nature and great social skills, they tend to spill the beans on pretty much anything to their friends.

No subject is taboo and intimate relationships is also doesn’t fall into this category. Whatever happens in the bedroom, doesn’t stay in the bedroom, basically.

Geminis are very unforeseeable individuals, and you can’t really predict what it is they’re going to do next. Predisposed to rapid shifts in thinking, the diversity and spontaneity that he is capable of, can often astound nearly everyone else.

However, in general, this native will settle in for good when he finds someone who really resonates and is on the same wavelength as him.

Although instinct plays a big part of any relationship, this is even more the case here, as the Gemini craves for diversity and innovation, even in intimate relationship.

And this is not about new techniques and sexual games specifically, but rather reaching the same sexual apex with another person as well.

Fortunately, if they are pleased and feel comfortable, those senses dull with the time and don’t have that great an influence anymore.

Beyond expectations

While a Gemini may have a more free-spirited personality who generally abides by no rules, he doesn’t usually cheat his partner, at least not in the strictest sense of the word.

Thus, keeping in mind that he is a very rational individual, a brainiac so to speak, most things are first theorized as thoughts, having nothing to do with the material world yet.

Now, seeing this, one thing is obvious, and that is the high probability that even if a Gemini cheats or dabbles in infidelity, it’s more likely to be something imaginary, a fantasy, rather than actual cheating.

These natives simply love interacting with people at a constant basis. It’s mainly how they live their whole life. Things would definitely change for the worse if a Gemini would be banned from talking and going out with people.

As such, they tend to be very extroverted and dynamic individuals, sometimes too dynamic for everyone’s good. Staying up to them is a big challenge, but one that is worth all the efforts.

The zodiac sign that is the most perfect match for our intellectual sex enthusiasts is the Aries, seen as someone for whom seduction and physical alluringness hold no more secrets. The combination between these two can only lead to something unfathomable.

Only by observing what each of them is comprised of, attitudes, personality and approaches, could a suitable analysis be made. What matters is that no other sign is more in-line with a Gemini than an Aries is.

Now, while they certainly can’t seem to stay for too long in a relationship, that’s only because no one good enough appeared yet.

Someone who can truly understand and see through everything at a first glance, those who can withstand their impish nature, these are the chosen ones.

What matters the most when talking about Geminis, and something which gives their name, is the dichotomy between outwards appearance and inward profundity.

They may appear as being sheepish and shy at a first glance, but make no mistake, something else lurks deep inside them, quite possibly a nymphomaniac, or an elegant romantic. Nothing is as it seems with this sign, and maybe that’s what makes it so interesting and intriguing.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.