Love Advice Every Gemini Woman Must Be Aware Of

As the attractive Gemini woman that you are, you must make peace with those two different sides of your personality.

Gemini woman love advice

Gemini women are very loved for being versatile, charming and intelligent. These ladies seem to have very good taste and an impeccable fashion sense. They seem to have a lot of knowledge on almost everything, which means they can bring their contribution to any conversation.

Being an Air sign and a Gemini woman, you need to communicate a lot to no get bored. Since you’re interested in many things that you want to discuss, you’re very attractive to intelligent men.

The best love advice for the Gemini woman:

  • You must make peace between your need for love and your need to be single and lead an adventurous and flirty life;
  • A relationship comes with several types of responsibilities that you don’t always show that you are ready to embrace;
  • You are unpredictable and sometimes quite tiring, especially for a lover who is just getting to know you;
  • Look to meet the other person’s emotional needs, not only the physical ones;
  • Get to know who you are dating on a deeper level, be involved in their life in different ways and show that you care, because you are often perceived as too superficial.

Love is not that complicated

It can be said that you filtrate everything through your mind, which means you don’t throw yourself into relationships without analyzing the situation first. This is only when you’re looking for something long-term because otherwise, you don’t mind one-night stands.

Since your sign is dual, you have a hidden face that’s not being shown to others. Not wanting to be single, the type of relationships that you prefer are the dynamic ones that also give a feeling of security.

You want to be with someone caring and affectionate, even a little bit romantic. What’s sure is that you mustn’t get bored, no matter what.

This means your partner needs to allow you to make new friends, communicate with as many people as possible and be yourself. At the same time, he needs to be reliable and strong.

He should possess a beautiful mind and love to talk with others. What you also need is to be loved unconditionally and not refused when you need someone to care of you.

Being born in the sign of Gemini, you’re attractive, smart and very creative. This means you also have many artistic talents and could succeed as a painter, photographer, musician and in other careers. Geminis are known for being very sociable and for loving to talk, so you need to make new friends more than anything.

You seem to possess the natural gift of making socializing seem like the easiest thing in the world. You have two sides of your personality: one that doesn’t care about anything and loves being single, and another one who’s searching for a stable partner. However, no matter what, your partner needs to entertain you.

You need someone with a great spirit, a person who’s spontaneous and always ready to take action. At the same time, he needs to allow you to be free and to have the same hobbies as yours.

Since you’re very unpredictable when it comes to love, you can be caring one minute and cold the other. This indicates you need a man who can appreciate both sides.

Gemini ladies dream about being the ones who can conquer any heart, but this doesn’t mean they do. They simply don’t have enough patience to truly attract someone.

However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t great company and can’t charm a man. When in a relationship or married, they’re more the best friends of their partner and not lovers.

If you happen to be a Gemini woman, then you must know that your dual nature can confuse men.

On one hand, you want to feel secure with someone and loved, on the other, you need variety and to be stimulated from both a physical and emotional point of view.

You’re very unpredictable and can fall out of love as easy as you fall for someone. Your restless nature may have you with more than one partner.

You may say that your love is greater than your partner’s, just because you want to be in control. More than this, there are situations in which you can be possessive.

Of course, everything about you seems controversial because you’re a paradoxical woman who can sometimes even become dark and obsessed with variety.

You’re the type that looks impeccable when taking out the trash, not because you put on too much makeup, but because you’re naturally beautiful and don’t need to make an effort to look good.

The man of your dreams needs to allow you to be independent and do your own thing. You won’t exclude him from your life with your attitude, especially if he’s smart and understanding.

Also called the Twins, Geminis can find it difficult to be happy in a relationship because they think it’s impossible for a person to satisfy their needs, not to mention they’re tough on the people they love. Their romantic connections usually don’t last because they think no one can fill the gap in their Soul.

There are Geminis who believe they will never meet their soulmate, no matter how much they may be trying. This is the reason why they usually end up with the wrong people and don’t have their emotional needs met.

As soon as more aware of what they want from someone and more ready to make a few compromises, they can end up having someone by their side. The idea for them is to find what they have in common with the person they care about.

As a Gemini woman, you’re spontaneous, open and independent. You need to always be on the move and to think because Air is your element. There’s no one you can’t charm because you’re expressive and very versatile.

Mercury is the planet that rules you, which means you know how to communicate, regardless if you need to talk or to write down your thoughts.

When it comes to love, you’re very unpredictable and can surprise your partner in both a pleasurable and less likable way.

What do you want in love?

When with someone spontaneous and who doesn’t mind a change of plans, the Gemini woman is the happiest. She likes to communicate and to connect with her other half from an intellectual point of view.

If you happen to be this girl, then you already know what you’re up for anything and want variety. Keep in mind that some men may like the way you change from one moment to the other, whereas others may want to run as far away as possible from you.

When moving, you never want to stop or to have someone slowing you down. On the other hand, you’re caring and generous with your feelings, also highly versatile.

It’s important that you remember to be more sensitive. Don’t let anyone change you because you need to be yourself no matter what.

Whenever you apply the silence treatment to someone, you can easily change your mind and become your old cheerful self. Aside from someone who talks a lot, you want a person who knows how to listen.

The man who’s in love with you needs to be a good listener, even to excel at this. You want to exchange opinions and to share your ideas, also to go on new adventures with someone.

As a Gemini woman, what do you actually need in love?

When it comes to the Gemini woman, she needs to be regarded as a jewel with many faces. This is because this lady has moods and is complex.

Since you’re likely a woman born in Gemini, you probably know how much you need an adaptable partner, also that you can’t fall in love with someone who’s the same all the time.

While it may seem difficult for you to find a partner, you surely can handle a relationship and dream about having love in your life.

Since the Gemini woman doesn’t like unproductive conversations and arguments, she’s able to unwind people after they received some bad news.

In case she’s unhappy with her relationship, she won’t hesitate to let go of everything and to be single again. This is why many people assume she’s not capable of something long-term.

If you’re a Gemini woman, then what you need is to find the man of your dreams and to feel blessed in your relationship.

It would be a good idea for you to take your time to know more about who the man you like is. In case you already are with someone, be sure that you have all it takes to make your relationships last. Just be more understanding and avoid making changes every step of the way.

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