The Gemini Woman In Love: Are You A Match?

Spontaneous, this lady will surprise you every day.

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A dual sign, the Gemini woman will often seem a chameleon with her feelings and attitude. She’s adaptable and she can fit in anywhere.

When she’s in love, this lady likes to surprise and impress her lover. Her main weakness is that she can get to be exhausted or bored. She is too active to ever seem fed up with something, but she has her moments of boredom.

If you want to be with her, make sure you are interesting and knowledgeable. It would be great if you would also have an amazing sense of humor as she can be sarcastic sometimes.

She could be at a discotheque tonight, dancing and having fun, and the next she could be home reading a good book. This lady needs variety and she’s in constant change.

You need to be an intellectual to engage her in conversations. Because she’s versatile and charming, she can easily get men to date her. But keeping her for long-term could prove to be difficult.

When going out on a date with the Gemini woman, don’t expect to have the awkward silences that usually happen when two people are out. She’s quite the sociable person, and she likes a lot to talk.

However, she can be anxious and worried, especially if her trust has been broken in the past. She gesticulates a lot when she’s speaking, and you’ll notice that she’s nervous. Another thing about her is that she can’t look people in the eyes.

When in love

When she’s in love, the Gemini woman likes to cuddle and to talk sweet. While she falls in love quickly, she can’t be sure of her emotions and loyalty towards the partner.

Not the most emotional of all signs, she may have some deep feelings for the one she loves, but she will show them in a superficial way.

It’s like she doesn’t understand herself and what she’s feeling. Cerebral, she will never lose her mind after somebody. This girl likes men who are well-read and intelligent.

She herself is a knowledgeable person, so a partner who is similar would have a lot to bring to the table. You can’t say the Gemini woman roams around looking for someone to suit her and not knowing who that may be.

She understands what she wants from the beginning. If she can’t find what she is looking for in a person, she will immediately look for someone else. Don’t expect her to show her feelings immediately after the relationship has started.

This is the type of girl who needs to analyze what she is going through first. Logical and down-to-earth, she doesn’t think with her heart. Every decision that she needs to make is going to be filtered through her mind.

When she’s in love, she won’t allow her emotions to take over either. She keeps it cool and calm. A few other signs are as composed and calm as this one. All of this makes her the partner who won’t say that she loves you first.

She will only use such big words when she will truly mean it. When you first get together with her, you’ll have the impression that you are with someone charming and intelligent who will be by your side forever.

But be careful, as this lady has a dark side too. She can be very harsh with words, especially if you get something wrong or you say something to bother her.

She sometimes struggles to understand others as few people are as intellectually prepared as she is. Honest and straightforward, she won’t sugarcoat anyone. You can really count on her to give you an honest opinion.

Her sexuality

There’s something special about the sexuality of the Gemini woman. She likes being nude and she loves her body very much. This lady will walk around the house naked, and she won’t be bothered that you are looking at her astonished.

Not the typical sexual partner, she usually makes the first move when it comes to lovemaking. Opposed to her male counterpart, she likes to explore her emotions through sex. She will be impressed by how intense and intimate her connections with the partner can be.

You shouldn’t be afraid to suggest trying new things in bed. She’s open to experimenting and she herself will try to spice up your sex life with all kind of games and exciting adventures.

In a relationship

Energetic, exciting, charming and versatile, the Gemini woman has many other qualities too. The fact that she’s a dual sign makes her balanced and surprising in relationships. She requires someone to make her happy and keep her intellectually challenged.

Don’t take it personally if she won’t stay around to wait for you in case you can’t keep up. It’s just that a stimulating conversation on all kind of smart subjects is what she needs.

She likes it when her partner challenges her mentally as she’s one of the best conversationalists in the zodiac.

While independent and always on the move, when in a relationship she needs to be cared for and appreciated. Don’t be afraid to be romantic with her. She likes it when her other half tries all kind of things to keep the relationship alive and entertaining.

Your efforts will be very appreciated, and she will in return be there for you in many ways, being the mother, the lover, the fighter, the sister and many other things.

Dynamic and a loyal partner, you can count on the Gemini woman to be by your side, as long as you meet her expectations. Because she’s rational and she makes only logical assumptions, this lady will often see a situation from more than one point of view.

This is great for her own good, but bad for the partner when he’s having a fight with her. She’s quite the adversary when you are contradicting her.

She can convince you of a thing, and after she can rethink and believe the opposite of what she has thought before. It’s impossible to win with her.

Flirtatious and interested in the chase more than in the relationship, it won’t be easy for her to settle down with a partner. But as soon as she has found that special someone, she will never have devotion for someone else.

Understanding the Gemini woman

In love with the sound of her own voice, the Gemini woman will talk a lot. But don’t think you’ll have to chat with her all day. When she’s having a conversation, she needs the words to have a meaning.

Don’t just talk to her without actually saying something meaningful. She wants to be listened to, and she likes it when the partner pays attention to her. She can easily adapt to any change, but she needs good reasons to accept something different in her life.

Her partner needs to encourage her to be herself and to attain what she wants in life. Don’t try to hold her back or else she will leave you. Be as logic and intelligent as she is. She needs love, but most of all she needs a companion.

She always has new ideas, and she likes to take on new challenges, to go from one fling to another. Don’t expect her to stay with you if she’s not happy.

Needing intellectual stimulation all the time, this lady won’t accept anyone in her life. She will date and meet a lot of new people, but she won’t settle until she is completely satisfied.

Many would say she only wants to play the hearts of men. And she may be like this oftentimes. But she’s only looking to have someone with whom she won’t be bored. Naturally charming, it will be easy for her to find many dates.

She will be witty and she will impress you with her sense of humor. If she concludes that you are not a good match for her, don’t expect her to stay around. This girl will quickly move to the next partner.

Keep in mind

Romantic and interesting, the Gemini woman will keep searching until she finds that special someone. Mercury influences her to fall in and out of love often. She seeks perfection and she won’t stop until she has found it.

She’s not the femme fatale, but she is attractive and intelligent, so men will be at her feet. You need to be a good conversationalist if you want to be with her.

She rarely falls in love with all her heart, and she spends quite a lot of time testing the waters. This girl believes in true love.

She will have an image of an ideal partner and a perfect relationship in her mind, ruling her love life after this utopia that she dreams of.

As soon as she had found the one to completely impress her, she will be very in love and forget all about worries. She’s aware that a partner could also leave her, so she will be careful to only display her good side, especially in the beginning of the relationship.

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