Break Up With a Taurus Woman: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup shouldn’t be about throwing blame or lying, you could make it an experience out of which both of you can grow.

Taurus woman break up

Those who no longer want to be a part of the life of a Taurus woman should still treat her with a lot of respect and avoid confrontation as this native’s anger can be very scary, not to mention how impossible it is to win a war against her.

Taurus women are known for remembering everything and for having a lot of patience, so tempting fate when in their proximity is not a good idea. They should be easily let go of and never cheated on because otherwise, they may use these things against the person who wronged them.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Taurus woman:

  1. She can’t be manipulated in any way and will reject any blame.
  2. It is best to not say any hurtful things to her.
  3. She might prefer to leave things in a status of confusion.
  4. She will likely avoid a big confrontation at all costs.
  5. It is preferable to keep everything as private as possible.

How to break up with the Taurus woman

When ending things with a Taurus woman, it’s suggested for the man who wants a breakup to take her to a quiet place. They should meet face-to-face and somewhere away from the public eye.

He should give her all his best and say all that he wants is for her to be happy on her own. In this situation, the man has to be strong and to listen to what the Taurus woman has to say, but still not allow her to manipulate him in any way.

This doesn’t mean she should be cut off when trying to express herself, she should just be allowed to say what she wants, after which the moment of parting ways should follow.

This lady needs to see she’s being respected no matter the situation, so the man dumping her should be nice in the sincerest way he’s capable of being.

He could say she’s an admirable person, but things between them two are no longer working like they used to.

It would be better to not lie to her, but if having some hurtful things to say, these are better of avoided.

After the breakup, it’s suggested for the partners to no longer meet for a while, even if they’ve promised each other their friendship will continue.

However, this won’t be possible right away because it can lead to many feelings of confusion and to a situation in which she’s not able to let go of the relationship.

The breakup from this lady can be difficult for both partners, but if things weren’t at all happy when they were together, everything must end as soon as possible.

The man trying to let go should allow his ex-Taurus partner to get over him by not being present in her life after the breakup. He should be honest when saying the words meant to end things, but avoid hurting her as much as possible because she’ll anyway be in a lot of pain.

It would be a good idea not to mention all of her flaws or to give her details about feelings rather than about facts.

Staying positive when around her during these moments is also something to do as this lady is very fragile and needs someone to lift her spirits up when feeling abandoned.

However, she shouldn’t be confused either, especially by being told things could have happened differently. Everything needs to be clear and at the same time not too harsh for her oversensitive soul.

The Taurus woman won’t hurry to start a new after being dumped because her mind is usually focused on long-term commitment, especially after she has been next to a person for a long time.

Any change and the idea of no longer living together with her partner can cause her to become extremely anxious.

It doesn’t matter if she’s the one getting dumped or the one leaving, it’s possible she won’t learn a single thing from this experience, which is not necessarily too bad because she can love again at the same intensity and without wanting to look back.

It can be difficult for the woman in Taurus to get over an ex because she easily gets attached to people, in an almost unhealthy manner. While very calculated and down-to-earth when it comes to the mundane, she can be truly lightheaded in matters of love.

Just like her Earth counterpart, the Virgo, she’ll try her best to understand the meaning of any breakup in her life. But unlike the Virgo, it’s possible for her to never find the answers she was looking for in order for life to move further.

It doesn’t matter if the change is meant to bring about great things, Taurus women don’t like having to deal with it.

This is what makes the breakup with them twice as difficult, especially when those looking to part ways with these natives are resentful about change themselves, like in the case of Cancers, or when they’re avoiding their own problems, like in the case of Pisces.

Those thinking breaking up with their Taurus wife or girlfriend is going to be easy should think again because this woman is known to commit for the long-term when involved, not to mention how she’s expecting the same thing from her partner.

Sometimes, she may move on by making a new relationship. She’ll find many explanations to why the previous relationship has ended and tell all of her friends that her and her ex’s personalities are too different, as well as their tastes and interests.

Her new date will obviously have many more qualities than the previous one, especially in her eyes. While this may indicate she’s accustomed to using others in order to get over the difficult periods in her life, she’ll in fact get along very well with the new man and eventually have the relationship she’s dreaming of.

Signs she is thinking about breaking up

Very stubborn and looking to avoid confrontation as much as possible, the Taurus woman likes to pretend everything in her life is okay, for as long as she can. If asked to express her feelings, she just closes up and becomes emotionally unavailable.

In the end, her partner will notice something is not right and confront her, moment in which a strange conversation will start. After a long period of denial, she’ll be ready to talk and even to consider breakup as an option.

Way before trying to break up with someone, the Taurus woman is pretty obvious about her intentions. She’s known as very difficult when having to deal with important changes, so if she’s thinking of a breakup, she may change many things in her behavior.

A more attentive partner will be able to notice there’s something wrong with her months before she decided to end things with him. As a matter of fact, she’ll stall the entire ending situation because she won’t mind not being the one who initiates the separation.

Therefore, she may wait for a while, time in which she’ll become insufferable for the man in her life to beg for a breakup himself. She’ll no longer go out and do anything fun, so her lover will every day find her on the couch, from where she’ll not get up in order to come to bed. Furthermore, she’ll constantly seem bored and lacking all kind of motivation, until her partner will say he’s had enough.

How does a Taurus woman handle a breakup?

Taurus women give a lot of importance to love and their relationships, so it’s rare to find someone more devoted than them. What seems to make them tick is a feeling of stability and seeing others are as committed as they are.

It’s easy to be with them because they only require love and appreciation. The person who won’t be able to live up to their standards is going to be dumped because they want someone to give them what they deserve.

Belonging to the Earth element and governed by Venus, these women are fascinated by love. When in a relationship, they like giving themselves completely and offering all of their love without asking for anything in return.

Being fixed, they can’t accept change, hence their tendency to be involved for long periods of time and to fight for their lover more than for anything or anyone else in their life.

However, when the moment of a breakup arrives, they don’t hesitate to do it deliberately and without wavering.

These natives are slaves of logic and composure, which means it can be very difficult for them to understand why a breakup has to occur. Their world is either black or white, so they can turn out to be very cold as exes.

These natives are not known for making compromises or for changing their mind after a decision has been taken. When angered, everyone should stay out of their way because they can become ruthless.

Believing in loyalty more than in anything else, they’ll surely break up with the partner who has dared to cheat on them, but in a raging manner. This could be a warning for their partner to avoid doing this to them.

After a breakup, they’ll remain the same, which means their habits and routine won’t change, even if inside they can surely feel devastated.

They’re going to eat the same breakfast and go to the same gym because this is what makes them feel comfortable. It will all be like they’re waiting for the sad moment to pass, knowing healing is about to follow.

And they’d be right because time has the capacity to heal anything. Furthermore, these natives are the most likely to not be changed by their relationships, even if these are especially meant to bring a few changes. Many of them are having similar relationships and breakups all over again, which suggests they should do something about it.

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