Cancer Weaknesses: Know Them so You Can Defeat Them

These people seem to have no control over their emotions and how destructively they manifest them.

Cancer weakness

Being highly emotional and big dreamers, Cancers are also very sentimental people. More than this, they’re highly vulnerable and have mood swings others simply can’t deal with.

Being themselves good caretakers, they as well need someone to complain to when feeling down.

Cancer weaknesses in a nutshell:

  • They often fear not being accepted by others;
  • When it comes to love, they make some very capricious partners;
  • They love their families dearly, but are also needy and exasperating;
  • With regards to work, they can develop and hold grudges for a long time.

Cancers seem to have no control over what they’re feeling, not to mention how nostalgic they can be, to the point of entering a grim realm. When not paying attention to their surroundings, they can grow to be suspicious and to ask about each and every detail.

Unconsciously harsh

There are some occasions when Sun in Cancer people are seeing themselves and their partner as one. It’s okay to be this way, but not to the point of which personalities are dissolving and the behaviors are becoming too close to stalking, which is the opposite of being close.

Cancer natives are not acting this way only when it comes to their partner, but as well when it comes to other members of their family.

It’s important for them to understand this is not benefiting anyone because only trust is the one that can build strong connections meant to last for a long time and to be characterized by freedom.

Attached to their childhood, Cancer individuals are finding it hard to let go of their parents and to become adults. They’re annoyingly hypersensitive and can’t be hold in ignorance because this can make them cry.

It’s just that they fear too much of being unwanted and led to follow a wrong path. Until convinced other people’s intentions are good, they can be doubtful and hide under a shell that’s protecting them from more bad moods.

When not feeling like their emotions are being backed or that comfort is missing in their life, they can decide to escape in an imaginary life and to be surrounded by it.

This is why they should control this trait of theirs in a conscious manner. If not, they can have their social connections becoming depressive episodes, strange behaviors, also psychological disorders.

Needing their emotions to be intense when it comes to their close relationships, their life at home can have a strange impact on them and their loved ones.

If Cancers don’t come across compassion and good will, they’re becoming dark, as well vengeful when looking for reciprocal feelings from others.

Therefore, if they’re affection isn’t returned, they’re becoming moody and unhesitant when having to get things done the way they want them to. Their manipulative powers are often hidden.

Because they can understand everything, Cancer individuals know what needs to be said and how to make others respect their wishes.

If not having their dreams come true, they’re becoming moody, and when their objectives are taking too long to be fulfilled, they’re starting to do create the necessary circumstances they need.

Each decan’s weaknesses

1st decan Cancers are never ready to take the initiative and are quite dependent from an emotional point of view. They like hiding behind tradition and harsh principles, but they hate being all alone.

Wanting a lover and at the same time a person of family, they don’t know how to break up from their loved ones and can act childishly, even in an excessive manner.

2nd decan Cancers can immediately feel what kind of feelings others are having for them and can work their charm when wanting to manipulate their partner.

This way, they can obtain the couple comfort they so much require. Secretive and looking to explore their lover’s feelings, they’re rarely hostile. When looking for peace and comfort, they’re becoming as sweet as candy.

3rd decan Cancers need a partner to protect them because they love to rely. Nervous because this is the way they are, these people are not driven by ambitions or a desire to become successful.

They’re overprotective and hiding their weaknesses this way, as well possessive with their loved ones. More than this, they tend to think about what’s worse.

Love & Friendships

Cancer natives are full of caprices and a little bit weak. They know how to emotionally manipulate, not to mention unstable and capricious to the point of no longer being able to deal with the daily life.

Belonging to the Water element, just like Scorpios and Pisces, they can have high and lows, be cheerful from sad, as well in need of validation.

This is how they’re showing others they understand them and expect the same thing in return.

When it comes to love, Cancer natives are big criers worried about what they’re feeling and becoming too childish when the occasion is requiring them to.

If failing or losing, they can become very pessimistic and allow negativity or insecurity to take over.

More than this, they can often express their negative outlook on things and are often not bothering with positive thinking when they’re being like this.

Their lovers can say they’re capricious and impossible to decipher because of their moods, which are also the reason why they’re always fighting with others.

Cancer individuals can have regrets based on subjective opinions and memory skips. They’re naïve, in love with the night, dramatic and oftentimes suspicious.

Their moods are sent to them by the Moon, and can be of capriciousness or vulnerability. Chronically anxious, what they’re depending on can sometimes harm them, not to mention their complaints can have others feel discouraged, no matter what good intentions they may be having.

Long-term friendships are not difficult for people born under Cancer, but they can pose some troubles because these natives are too dramatic and don’t take facts into consideration, relying only on emotions.

They can suspect others to the point of paranoia and until the contradictions in their mind are just too much. As far as their social life is going, Cancer people don’t want and can’t adapt because a lot depends on their moods.

They can become so melancholic that even the most well-intentioned individuals no longer have the courage to get close to them.

Family life

As said before, Cancers are intriguing, naïve and lunatic. Besides, they have a let-go attitude and can act submissively.

Sensitive when feeling hurt, they can oppose any influence coming from outside and stand against it.

Capricious, very emotional and needing reassurance like children do, Cancer natives would better not be rushed.

More than this, they can take a lot of time to decide how the affection towards them is being expressed because they’re exasperating with their need for love.

If parents, they’re the ones protecting their little ones and always providing advice, but they can easily turn into anxious mothers and fathers who are emotionally blackmailing their children and thinking they’re doing the right thing.

The children born under Cancer are too sensitive and moody. Besides, they’re overindulging in food and want affection, as well introverted and shy. Many of them can hoard because they’re attached to their things.


Cancer people are not constant, submissive, too sensitive and also distressed. Only being able to work with feelings, they can turn discipline into chaos.

As soon as decided to take any initiative, their wrong perceptions and weaknesses are leaving room for errors to happen.

If working with others, they’re all the time complaining and can make their colleagues feel like they need to pay for how annoyed they’ve been in the past.

Cancer natives are the ones holding bitter feelings in their heart and keeping silent for a long time, closing the surroundings around them.

When bosses, they’re seeing their employees as children and can no longer trust them, not to mention they’re not too bold either.

If working independently, they can forget about their responsibilities and promises, inventing strange excuses during bankruptcy and evading as soon as problems are on the horizon.

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