Libra Weaknesses: Know Them so You Can Defeat Them

These people are quite despotic when they want to achieve something and have no scruples about resorting to manipulation.

Libra weakness

While appearing to have good intentions, Libras’ temper is quite demonic. These people are diplomatic on the surface and always wearing a seductive smile, which is making them the best liars, especially when they want to be accepted.

Complicated and having a personality based on multiple paradoxes, these natives are in fact superficial, obsessed with luxury, ambitious and superficial.

Libra weaknesses in a nutshell:

  • They can be very indecisive, taking ages to dwell on their choices;
  • When it comes to love, they can be quite moody and needy;
  • They love their families dearly, but are too egotistical to get attached;
  • With regards to work, they can be a little indiscrete.

A rather manipulative personality

People born under Libra are perhaps the most giving in the Western zodiac. They want to offer others what they have, especially if they have enough.

However, they can as well indulge because they simply love luxury and aren’t hesitating to no longer be charitable, just to dress nicely and to feel glamorous.

Ruled by Venus, they’re simply in love with beauty, being those natives who can notice a beautiful color and appreciate a perfect drawing.

However, they’re as well obsessed with their own beauty, which can have them too judgmental and avoiding ugliness.

Looking for peace as well, they can be despotic when trying to obtain it. There’s no way for them to assert their beliefs in a correct way and without conflicts.

More than this, they’re known to become angry and to manipulate when insisting on getting things done their own way.

As far as relationships are going, no matter how pacifistic they may claim to be, they love generating conflicts, especially when looking to test their partner’s limits.

What they wish for must be attained, no matter how much penalty and horrible scenes it may bring.

However, if a word is being used the wrong way, they can become angry and uncontrollable. More than this, they aren’t able to make decisions too easily.

Each decan’s weaknesses

1st decan Libras are always looking for internal peace and the perfect balance. They’re giving a lot of importance to love and are risking to never come close to others.

These people are indecisive and don’t know whose side to take, but they’re convincing and the best at manipulating others because they want to triumph, no matter what.

2nd decan Libras are the most independent. They have a fragile and discreet look. At the same time, they’re perfectionists who can’t be completely happy when it comes to love.

Atypical to their sign, these people can make fast decisions. When looking for a partner, they want nothing else but sincerity.

3rd decan Libras are quite obsessive when it comes to Justice and acting in an ethical manner, wishing for these principles to be the ones of society.

They’re always respecting norms and want to be appreciated. When it comes to their expectations, they don’t want to be deceived by what’s actually going on in the real world.

Love & Friendships

People born under Libra can’t make decisions easily and are simply obsessed to look good. When manipulating, they’re acting like children and are more selfish.

Because they’re hesitant, they’re also looking to increase their productivity by scamming others, from both a materialistic and emotional point of view.

These natives are vain and always trying to be more efficient, but afraid of making decisions. For this reason, they may live a double life.

Their promises are usually not kept and they often refuse to abdicate. As far as love goes, they’re dependent on others and capricious or vain.

While highly emotional, it’s also easy for them to become detached. When having to be loving and affectionate, if they’ve decided a situation doesn’t deserve their attention, they can become uninterested, which can make them blind to their surroundings.

If looking for peace and trying to keep the balance, they can’t make decisions and have the tendency to spend hours thinking about what to do or say.

Because they’re an Air sign, they can change their decisions too often, which is very frustrating. It’s easy to have an influence over Libras because they believe everything, as well they are vain and dependent.

Their friendships are superficial and they have many buddies, but no one truly honest with them.

When it comes to long-term platonic commitments, they’re that type of young friend who doesn’t irritate anyone and is always ready for action, but not for taking the initiative in an aggressive manner.

These people aren’t disturbing and the perfect wing men or women. As far as their social life is going, they love having fun and changing groups without being ashamed because they can make friends only for a while.

Their glances can conquer any heart and they aren’t all the time remembering who has helped them in life.

Libra natives are most of the time worried and afraid of ending up alone. If having these fears, they’re overindulging in food and alcohol, especially sweets.

When invited somewhere, they’re arriving late and when they’re hosts, they’re insisting on being specified how long the guests are staying.

They obviously don’t know about this defect of theirs and are repeating the same mistakes over and over.

The most negative of these natives can marry for the money or to escape the emotional chaos that’s sometimes characterizing them.

Family life

Libra individuals are known to act in a diplomatic way, but they’re hypocritical, indolent and manipulative. More than this, they’re acting like spoiled children sometimes.

These individuals can spend a lot of time analyzing how others are seeing them, but they’re too egotistical to get attached.

They depend a lot on their partner because they need his or her protection, not to mention they want their other half to make decisions or to take risks.

When trying to hook up with someone, they’re playing the role of bad boys or girls.

Parents in this sign can find it difficult to be authoritative. They don’t want to make compromises, their indecisiveness making them seem disorganized and daring.

The children of the Libra sign are naïve and lethargic, as well never trusting their own decisions. They need to be taught how to solve their problems because they’re easily giving up.


Many Libra individuals are looking for perfection and are afraid of taking risks. If giving their best to be on good terms with everyone, they can end up no longer being themselves.

As colleagues, they can’t keep things to themselves. They need to exchange information and to work hard when it comes to developing. More than this, they don’t seem to be very responsible.

If bosses, Libras can’t take action too drastically because they’re not good initiators. More than this, they need to be part of an active team.

Libra people are known to lose their coolness and to make differences, as well to generate conflicts in order to sharpen their talents.

For this reason, they can end up in bad situations, but they can’t admit it has been their fault.

Their predisposition to being involved in scandals can lead them to live an ugly life, yet this doesn’t mean they’re getting angry, they’re just hiding their hostile behavior.

This is when their smartness is becoming shrewdness and when balance needs to be attained. If working independently, they prefer to have luck rather than to make a good impression or to be elegant.

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