Virgo Weaknesses: Know Them so You Can Defeat Them

These people are cold and judgmental, always ready to nag someone over the littlest of things.

Virgo weakness

Virgos are far from perfect because they’re too criticizing, pretentious, insisting, feisty, victimizing, annoying and never ready to make decisions.

However, if their negative attitudes are taken to the extreme, they can act in an obsessive manner and annoy everyone around, meaning their life can turn to be a complete madness. Luckily, these natives are rarely showing their darkness.

Virgo weaknesses in a nutshell:

  • They can obsess over perfection and let their darkest thoughts surface;
  • When it comes to love, they are rather introverted, living in their heads;
  • They love their families dearly, but are beyond demanding;
  • With regards to work, they let themselves overwhelmed by anxiousness.

Splitting everything in bits

People born under Virgo can be unruly and follow only their own program. This is their rebellious side that is no longer taking into account any authority and does exactly what isn’t supposed to.

Cold and serious, these natives aren’t at all spontaneous, meaning their loved ones are very annoyed at the way they’re judging everything so fast.

They’re analyzing and straight to the point, believing things should be done the right way, not to mention they have very high demands from themselves.

More than this, they’re noticing every little detail, including the ones about them. When this attitude of theirs is extreme, they’re becoming neurotic and can irrationally fear of not doing things perfectly.

These people can spend too much time doing something, as well they can be criticizing with their own actions, as well worry too much when evaluating other people.

All in all, they can split the hair in four and take everything too seriously, not to mention it’s easy for them to be offended for no reason, or for their skeptical nature to become paranoia.

When neurotic, they’re cultivating their obsession for every little detail and are becoming maniacs, so there’s no need to say they aren’t social creatures.

A wise Virgo would act in an extreme way to counteract his or her defects. As said before, Virgos are criticizing and too organized, too concerned about what they’re eating and how their health is evolving, also hypochondriac and thinking of all sort of unfortunate outcomes for different situations, meaning they’re always imagining the worst that can happen.

When obsessing over perfection, their darkest traits are coming to surface. These natives can obsess over neatness and be fearful when things are unclean or in disorder.

For this reason, they’re avoiding public spaces and are living in isolation. Even the sign of any acute illness is sending them on Google to see what’s going on, and is making them even more anxious.

In case they’re diagnosed with something, they want to know every little detail about their illness, meaning they’re going to many doctors when something is bothering them.

When working too much, they can get digestive problems. Their way of living should be based on the saying “less is more”.

While they can handle any kind of task and are various when it comes to dealing with change, these natives are in fact almost all the time annoyed and not capable of seeing things clearly.

Luckily, they can be non-extreme, they just need to learn how to refuse and to spend some time working on themselves.

Each decan’s weaknesses

1st decan Virgos are great intellectuals with rational feelings. When it comes to love, they’re conservative and want to get married early on.

Having a strong will and managing their emotions, they’re analyzing everything their possible partner is saying and doing.

2nd decan Virgos can have their affection inhibited and difficulties when verbalizing their feelings.

These people are considering emotions to be vulnerabilities, meaning they’re disciplined enough to be honest and subtle when it comes to their character.

They’re not too shiny and prefer to merge with their surroundings, but no one can be better than them at criticizing others.

3rd decan Virgos are continuously living in a crisis and trying to justify what they’re feeling. They demand a lot when it comes to personal connections, meaning it can be difficult for them to find a soulmate.

Perfectionists, they’re too organized and disciplined, always making plans and reviewing, even when it comes to affection.

Love & Friendships

People born in Virgo are always criticizing with strictness. They’re rigorous and can become depressive, not to mention their witty attitude can turn out to be sarcasm, which is making them not so popular.

These natives can be anxious for no reason, as well bothered by every small detail and unable to relax. When it comes to lovemaking, they’re shy and always making strange compliments.

Dressing up neatly and not looking to seduce, they prefer to leave their feelings behind and to be more interested in what the domestic life is all about, rather than in passion.

Introverted, these natives are living inside their head and are cautious when it comes to emotions because they don’t want to lose their image of calm and reserved characters.

As a matter of fact, they want to be considered perfect and to repress their most ugly feelings, this making them angry and depressed.

When dark, they’re using alcohol and drugs in order to no longer feel any pain. Some of them prefer sex with no frontiers just to let go of the emotions that have bottled up inside of them.

Virgo individuals are serious, sometimes trembling of emotions and showing it, also precise. More than this, they’re nervously fragile and can’t stand to improvise.

As a matter of fact, many of them are true revolutionaries who have used different strategies in order to manipulate situations, but in a discrete manner.

When it comes to long-term friendships, they’re modest, demanding and mannered. However, they’re not able to understand a nice joke and can be offended out of nothing, for long periods of time.

Family life

Virgo people would like to be efficient, but they’re in fact too reserved, strange and full of anxieties. Modesty seems to characterize them, but they have crazy ways when hysterical.

Calculating all the time and establishing perfection in everything they’re doing, they can end up no longer believing in themselves.

There are some natives in this sign that are becoming too tired when in chaos, or when their time is used inefficiently.

This can be tough on them and the people in their surroundings as well. They’re counting on their life partner when it comes to practicality and don’t have too much imagination or a sense of humor because their fears are never justified.

Parents in the sign of Virgo are rarely showing their affection. More than this, they’re never spontaneous or too natural.

As a matter of fact, their perfectionist ways aren’t allowing them to make mistakes.

The children in this sign should be asked and encouraged to take action because they’re shy and prone suffering from different anxieties. More than this, they don’t have confidence in themselves and their temper is easy to be lit, not to mention they don’t have a too rich imagination.


Virgos are choosing everything carefully and are true perfectionists. However, they’re as well strange cowards.

When having an occupation, they’re no longer caring about anything else. When it comes to the way they’re seeing the world, their vision is not macro, but focused on details.

If colleagues with someone, they’re cold, introverted and fun. Many of their bosses are appreciating them for being the perfect working bees.

However, if their bosses aren’t giving them recognition, they can become depressed and even revolt.

Fearing to fail, they aren’t taking risks that are meant to make them more creative. The mind of Virgo individuals is activated by the planet Mercury, meaning these people know how figure out matters of causality.

However, this can have their imagination no longer working. These people are working hard and can be very practical, meaning they’re saving money without struggling too much.

At the same time, they’re insecure and looking at the worst that could happen, not to mention they’re worrying too much about the future.

Fearing an unstable future, they can have accounts open at more than one bank and make multiple investments, even hide cash.

If bosses, they don’t have too many ambitions and are only interested in the quality of what they’re offering.

When working independently, they can’t be responsible and are lacking imagination because for them, everything needs to bring about profits and to never lack practicality.

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