Taurus Weaknesses: Know Them so You Can Defeat Them

These people are indulging and pretentious, often inclined to spend even the money they don’t have.

Taurus weakness

Those Taurus with some negative aspects in their birth chart are pessimistic and a real bore because they’re not trusting anything or anyone.

These Taurus natives think having an optimistic attitude is a sign of stupidity and love talking about the worse that happened or could happen, from back pains to the most dangerous outcomes.

Taurus weaknesses in a nutshell:

  • Their angry side can be quite brutal when awakened;
  • When it comes to love, they can be possessive and very snoopy;
  • They love their families dearly, but can be quite lazy and demanding;
  • With regards to work, they often end up spending more time socializing.

A rather cruel temperament

Looking at the Taurus’ predisposition to concentrate on what can be seen and perceived, they’re more focused on the material side of the world.

This doesn’t mean they’re focusing on making too much money or on what it can be bought, more on how valuable things are. It’s normal for them to make expensive gifts with emotional charge, but they’re always thinking about how much they’ve spent.

Similarly, when receiving gifts, they’re appreciating them according to their price, not thinking how much sentimental value has been invested.

These people seem to only focus on spending, which can end their friendship and love relationships. Many are appreciating them for being the best partners when they’re no longer jealous and passionate, as they are.

Luxury is something they really enjoy, but it can be difficult for them to grasp the intellectual side of every matter because they’re too busy looking at themselves and how they behave.

They’re real perfectionists when as far as physicality goes. While suggesting others to go for all sort of medical interventions, they’re the ones overindulging and expecting their partner to be fit.

When wanting to get better from a reforming or spiritual point of view, they prefer to spend more time at the office rather than to work out.

It’s difficult to make a Taurus angry, even if these natives have a temper and are cruel, even terrifying.

More than often, they’re quiet and reserved because they’re only appreciating what’s right and what’s wrong, just to become raging afterwards.

Taurus individuals have an angry side that’s very brutal, even if they’re capable of staying perfectly calm and taking their time before taking action.

In other words, they’re the passive-aggressive kind, more the women in this sign than the men. It can seem brutal to see someone so reserved and silent doing something against those who are defenseless.

Each decan’s weaknesses

1st decan Taurus are taking more time to make their choices because they need to think. For this reason, they find it hard to make any changes into their life.

Realistic and therefore, not too romantic, they’re not making an ideal from love. As a matter of fact, they’re seeing it as something that should have stability and passion.

2nd decan Taurus can’t be trusted because they’re too materialistic, powerful and independent.

As a matter of fact, this is a decan of those who are the most naïve and focused on money making. They don’t like adventure or change too much either, not to mention they’re jealous and discriminating.

3rd decan Taurus are forceful and extremely bold. Too realistic to ever be romantic, they’re never ready to make any concession.

Not the kindest natives in the Taurus sign, they’re as well almost impossible to convince to change their mind about something.

Love & Friendships

Taurus people are very possessive and jealous, persevering in their primal need to delight themselves, moment in which they’re turning their vigilance into passiveness.

When it comes to love, they’re slow and inquisitive. As far as their comfort goes, these people have many demands and can be reserved when giving presents or showing their love.

Because they need to feel secure, it’s very likely for them to become too greedy. More than this, they’re grumpy when someone is messing with their possessions or partner.

It should be expected of them to stay with the same lover for years and to marry just once. The most negative ones don’t even want guests over because they don’t want to clean after others.

Expect some rooms and places at their house to be off-limits, to have their comfortable armchair and to serve others with their most expensive cups of tea.

As far as lovemaking goes, they have a lot of stamina and are passionate, but they can repeat themselves until their partner becomes exhausted.

Some may not understand these natives’ jokes, especially since many of them like to only make fun and to enjoy a good disposition.

Besides, they can never have enough even if it’s too much, are envious and suspicious.

When it comes to friendships, they don’t mind change and eccentricity, but it can be difficult for them to make up with those who have angered them.

Those who want to be friends with them for a lifetime should not become upset when seeing these natives angry or that their mood hasn’t changed because Tauruses are the most stubborn people in the zodiac.

According to the situation, they can be either tyrants or those who are revolting. When it comes to their social life, they’re willful and never ready to make any compromise, not to mention talkative when asked to.

Family life

Keeping to traditions, stubborn and possessive, Taurus natives are as well bitter and insatiable. Those who dare to touch their possessions can expect to be called to war.

These people seem to always need more and more. When it comes to having a soulmate, they prefer a person who’s submissive and can satisfy their big appetite for sex and even food.

If someone is exaggerating with hurting them, they can become ruthless when taking their revenge in a slow and systematic way.

Therefore, Taurus people are retaliating in a silent and recessive manner, taking their time to plot. As soon as these natives have made the decision someone should be in pain, there’s no one to change their mind anymore.

Those of them who are parents are headstrong, meaning they need disciplined kids who are as well flexible in understanding their ways.

The most difficult time for Taurus parents is the one in which their child or children are adolescents.

When it comes to the little ones in the same sign, they’re lazy and even not caring, conventional and unimaginative. It must be kept in mind small Taureans need a secure and cozy home in order to be happy.


People born under Taurus are vengeful, passionate, materialistic, greedy and dependent. They can exasperate others with their slow ways, not to mention they don’t want to make changes in their career.

Not too progressive or having many ideas, they prefer to rely on what others have discovered and to take the credit.

Taurus individuals have their controlling and dictatorial ways, making it almost impossible for others to deal with them.

When someone is asking something of them, they’re usually having doubts, but they’re refusing to accept “No” as an answer themselves.

Many don’t like them because they’re hysterical when trying to get things done their way, not to mention they’re blaming others when things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to.

Those who are colleagues with Taurus individuals know them as possessive when it comes to business, as well not capable of having an argument without losing their grace.

It’s almost impossible to contradict them because they think they’re the only ones right. A

s a matter of fact, people born under Taurus can argue without stopping, bringing into discussion all the fact they’re aware of, being domineering with their words and glances, also cruel when someone is standing up to what they’ve said.

Some of them are real bullies who are looking to have a fight every step of the way, regardless if they want to get some revenge or simply to cause the world to turn into chaos.

It is a good idea to just stay out of their way because no one knows what they can do when angry.

If bosses, others should expect them to be hysterical and stubborn, refusal when it comes to opinions that aren’t their own.

If working independently, they’re quite mean when it comes to money, as well always angry at their collaborators when feeling like these aren’t doing their job as they’re supposed to.

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