Gemini Weaknesses: Know Them so You Can Defeat Them

These people have a tendency to lie and embellish a story, in order to make sure they get away with anything.

Gemini weakness

People born under Gemini don’t actually care about others or feel any guilt. As a matter of fact, this is why they’re seen by others as dark.

When it comes to their social life, they want to just ramble in order to impress others with their way of thinking and refuse to repeat what they’ve heard. Many can see them as superficial and not at all thoughtful when it comes to what they’re supposed to say or do.

Gemini weaknesses in a nutshell:

  • They can be uncaring and completely unemotional at times;
  • When it comes to love, they don’t seem to show empathy towards their partner;
  • They love their families dearly, but do anything to avoid responsibilities;
  • With regards to work, they are often very distracted and chaotic.

Having their mind all over the place and being inconsistent, Geminis can’t focus for too long. They’re thinking of many things at the same time, not to mention they’re very good at lying.

The darkest of what’s inside them

What’s worse about Geminis is that they have a strange charisma that’s attracting people into their trap. After catching their prey, they’re starting to devour and exploit it in an aggressive manner.

Gemini people are known to not have consistency because their character is all the time changing and others can’t really understand their ways.

For this reason, they may have some problems in romance. More than this, they have the tendency to move very fast when trying to solve their problems, not to mention they refuse to “carry any baggage” when it comes to their past.

This is what’s making them seem uncaring and not at all emotional. Not considered profound, most of these natives are envious and suspicious with all of their loved ones.

Whereas dark Geminis seem to have no empathy, they’re still able to mimic emotions and to manipulate other people, so that they’re considered loving, giving with their feelings and approachable.

As a matter of fact, the darkest of them are the best liars in the zodiac, always exaggerating and gossiping.

Even when being told into their face that they’re lying, they can continue to do it in order to obtain what they want.

Expect them to tell someone the kindest things in his or her face, and after to turn their back so that they can voice the nastiest things about that person.

If somehow attacked, they can become negative and say bad things about a person, not to mention they’re the ones who are spreading false information.

Dark Geminis can turn the page and become impulsive with their words, even to the point of cruelty, immorality and recklessness.

They think highly of themselves, want to receive approval and are extremely proud. When criticized, ignored or contradicted, they’re starting to exaggerate with the way they’re trying to prove how good they are.

In other words, they’re acting grandiosely when someone is not agreeing with their ways. The more negative Gemini individuals can be talked into changing their behavior.

However, if their darkest traits are being displayed, they can start to act in a different way.

More than this, if someone is trying to change them, they’re feeling too criticized and can act recklessly. The worst Geminis should not be believed and avoided until they’re starting to be steadier.

Each decan’s weaknesses

1st decan Geminis want to be appreciated more than to make any commitment because they seem to have many feelings and to change their interests often.

More than this, they’re filtering their emotions and are struggling to establish strange relationships because they’re naughty.

2nd decan Geminis know where to draw the line when it comes to their personal, social and professional lives.

As a matter of fact, they’re ignoring each of them separately until no longer being able to see the truth. They want to be seduced and don’t like to express their emotions.

3rd decan Geminis have a very busy mind and can’t let themselves go to feelings, this being the reason why they’re avoiding being involved.

However, the romantic types of friendship seem interesting for them because they’re only in need of attention and love. Profound, these Gemini natives are also intense.

Love & Friendships

Gemini people are not consistent or profound, but cynical, irresponsible and most of the time lying in order to not make any commitment.

When it comes to love, they’re lost and obvious, preferring to play rather than to commit.

As the biggest liars in the zodiac, expect them to charge their lover with talks. The partners who are never home and who are hanging out with friends more than with their family, these natives also have the tendency to make the simplest things seem complicated.

Analyzing things from two sides, it’s very likely for things in their life to become unpredictable, or to feel loving and hateful altogether.

There are times when these natives’ confusing feelings are making them not understand whom they actually are.

Most are superficial and can cause others to not properly see their true nature, not to mention it seems impossible for them to express their emotions, which is making others want to move away from their sight.

Not able to make any meaningful decision and nervous from time to time, they’re also too chatty, aggressive when gossiping and hurried in their speech.

Their friends can be upset with them because they’re all the time criticizing and mocking. Superficial and not at all stable with their emotions, Gemini individuals can’t grow to be attached and too profound.

When it comes to their long-term friendships, they’re the ones causing trouble to appear. If in a bad situation or hurt, they’re getting angry with everyone, not to mention they’re starting revolutions.

Their social life is all about going out and making fun, looking to be in the center of attention and not assuming any responsibility for their own words.

Dark Geminis are always playing games and generating chaos when it comes to interpersonal connections. They’re talking behind backs and turning people against each other.

There are many various traits they’re having, traits that are making these natives seem antisocial when in an empty culture.

They’re always in trend with what’s happening in the world, from what’s being said about celebrities to behind-scenes scandals in politics.

More than this, they prefer superficiality and to achieve on short term. The wise Gemini individuals can learn from these mistakes they’re making, not to mention they can be brilliant in what they’re doing.

Family life

Gemini people are nervous, inquisitive and always looking for opportunities. Besides, they don’t seem to have any kind of discipline because they’re more into making fun and playing games in order to prove others how great they are.

Not liking routines or responsibilities, they’re in fact cerebral and refusing to ever let themselves go, meaning they’re criticizing without showing any remorse.

Gemini parents are extremely loved by their children because they’re acting the same as little ones and don’t want too many responsibilities.

Not too serious, they can transmit their unstable nature to their entire family by making the strangest decisions.

Children born under Gemini need all the time to have fun because dullness is causing them to feel slow and trapped. They’re vain and inconsistent, never for too long in only one place. Others can see them as insolent and ironic.


Since lacking discipline, respect for others and consistency, Geminis are irritating and unstable, meaning they can have bad things happening to them at work.

Their habits can have their diplomatic and hypocritical ways to combine and to make things clear.

When colleagues, these people can’t get attached, and especially if something is not in for them too.

The brightest people with the Sun in Gemini can be interested in many things, but their actions can be chaotic.

Because their attention is as well all over the place, they can waste their energy with extreme situations and therefore, not end projects they started or feel tired after working on something for a while.

As an Air sign, they’re curious and can sometimes explore the dark side. These not-so-well-intentioned ones are usually moving on according to what’s making them have a new interest.

For example, they can be charming in the evening and forget about what they said or did, the next day.

Their light should be used in a positive way, most of the time, as well their humor, because they have the tendency to make powerful remarks that are hurting people.

At least some are laughing at their jokes. The darkest Geminis will gossip about their colleagues and put them in a bad light by telling funny stories from these people’s private lives.

Before it’s found out, the banter is already in the air and attacking everyone. This is how people know they’re in the Gemini natives’ radar, at work.

If it’s for them to be bosses, they’re ferocious tyrants with those who are working too slowly.

As independents, they’re undisciplined and always living dangerously, but at least their good ideas can sometimes save them from losing their perspective in chaos.

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