Aries Weaknesses: Know Them so You Can Defeat Them

These people are impulsive and when angered, can react in unpredictable ways.

Aries weakness

Being impulsive, Aries natives can do reckless things and act in strange manners. Their nerves seem to always be stretched to the maximum, meaning they can end up destroying everything in their way when annoyed.

Egotistical as well, they’re becoming even angrier when their dreams aren’t rapidly coming true. Aries people simply love being in the center of attention. In case things aren’t alright for them or aren’t accepted as leaders, they can start to whine.

Aries weaknesses in a nutshell:

  • They can lose control in overly emotional situations;
  • When it comes to love, they don’t often see beyond their inflated egos;
  • They love their families dearly, but they often act disappointed because they expect too much;
  • With regards to work, they can’t accept advice or criticism from others.

Leaving destruction behind them

Those with the Sun in Aries need attention or they can start to exaggerate with their emotions in order to have all the attention on them.

More than this, they seem to have fluctuations in their emotions and wish that others are feeling emotions as intensely as they do.

For this reason, they’re often arguing for nothing with their loved ones. When Aries individuals don’t have their creativity lit, they’re becoming very nervous.

It would be a good idea for them to have many ways of expressing themselves because otherwise, they would take all the anger out on others. They need to no longer be so intense and to work out in a disciplined manner.

Being ruled by the planet of shadows and war Mars, Aries people are feisty. These people’s impulsiveness is intense, not to mention they have a lot of vitality and are always ready to fight.

Mars is as well the ruler of physicality and motivation. Natives of this sign can remedy the shadow side of this planet by challenging themselves, all the time.

The worse that can happen is to hurt themselves or their loved ones when too passionate and not think of the consequences of their actions.

Arieses who are insecure have the tendency to take things personally and to express themselves forcefully.

When this is happening, the Ram does nothing else than to leave a lot of destruction behind, especially if the individuals are allowing the dark side to be conquering.

However, they seem to have a lot of grace when expressing their authority. If feeling left behind, they’re becoming vengeful and nasty.

One of their defects is that they’re underestimating their opponents and can be left in defeat when this is happening. Mars is making them emotional and wanting everything to happen rapidly.

People born under Aries always want to be first and can’t accept another position rather than the one of a leader.

Not having enough patience, when challenged or having something to do, they’re becoming angry and eager to do things better.

It seems they need to learn how to plan, as well to be insisting with the way they’re doing things, also patient when having to make their dreams come true.

The aggressiveness of natives with their Sun in this sign is most likely their biggest defect. The Sun is considered to belong to the female element, Mars is strength, youth and the domineering force.

When difficulties are occurring, Arieses can go through emotional crises, which consist in the stimulation of the nerves and increased enthusiasm, problems and irritation starting to appear.

This is to be followed by aggressiveness, emotional releases such as hysterical outbursts, fighting, biting and even being hysterical.

However, these emotions can fade and the natives can regain their peace as if nothing has ever happened.

Each decan’s weaknesses

1st decan Arieses are the exclusive and glamorous type, those who are always asking for more, bold to the unconsciousness.

These people are the ones always instigating and expressing their femininity without being aware of the place they’re occupying.

2nd decan Arieses are more than a few times strange, most of the time bragging in vain, energetic and active.

They can lose control when too emotional. Never doubting what they’re feeling, their impulsiveness doesn’t keep them safe from accesses of bad temper.

3rd decan Arieses consider emotions are taking away their strength, but at least they’re becoming more caring and loving when truly loving.

These natives can lose their head when in love and when having to deal with their own emotions.

Love & Friendships

Aries natives are, as said before, idealistic and impulsive. Hurried and sometimes aggressive, they tend to act before thinking and to find challenges stimulating.

It’s easy for them to fall in love, not to mention they can be disappointed just as fast when it comes to romantic feelings.

When it comes to the bed, they’re asking for a lot, not to mention they’re always thinking of themselves and don’t have enough patience for romanticism to set in because they’re only about taking action.

When being too jealous or if not very mature to have a grasp over how the human nature is functioning, their relationships can end.

These people are nervous, tiresome and always focused on having their own interests firstly satisfied.

Their connections with others are making them have an increased love for themselves.

As mentioned before, Arieses have a very quick temper and can’t accept too much. More than this, they love challenging others and can’t resist risking.

As friends, they can be tiresome and not ready to make compromises. When it comes to their long-term friendships, they seem to easily forget about their connections and to end up fighting with their loved ones because they’re too stubborn.

Arieses have a strong will and can’t be quiet, no matter who may ask of them to be and regardless of the situation.

With an inflated ego, they prefer to run the show, meaning their personality is overbearing, also the ones that’s leaving them blind to what others want and need.

Wanting to have things done their way, they can intimidate others and refuse to say they’re sorry when someone is telling them they’re not.

It’s just that they simply don’t care and this way, they’re making many enemies who can act against their desires.

This Fire sign is definitely one that’s attracting many opponents. Those who are hanging out with them should be tough.

Many of the Aries individuals possess no judgment at all, meaning they can do the most unimaginable things and after say they were just being honest.

Family life

Individuals born under Aries are nervous, inquisitive, challenging and aggressive. As partners, they’re egotistical and tough with their words or actions.

More than this, they can mistake free-thinkers from egotistical characters, libertarians from indifferent ones.

Expecting too much of others, they can be easily disappointed, also not ready to make efforts in order to keep things in their life going.

Arieses with children are asking too much of their little ones, not to mention they can force their own ways of seeing life onto them, causing all sort of crises during the adolescent years.

Children in the sign of Aries should be all the time physically solicited because their vitality can’t be equaled.

Besides, they don’t have a good memory and can be impatient when trying to learn some lessons that seem difficult to understand.


When it comes to their professional life, Arieses are headstrong, with their mind all over the place, focused on good opportunities and with their head in the clouds.

If not interested in what they’re doing, they can hurry or sometimes focus too much on research.

When it comes to respecting the rules, they’re disobeying and can do only what they want, find it difficult to collaborate.

There can be cases when people with their Sun sign in Aries are not so clear regarding their emotions, yet it takes some time for them to realize what their heart desires.

At work, these natives are the ones coming up with solutions and the ones who are getting others out of trouble.

When managers or bosses, they’re acting like tyrants and can disregard the personal lives of their employees. It looks like they’re only dominated by their own interests and that are criticizing others for nothing.

If working independently, they’re the ones who are not accepting advice and who are risking to go insane when having a crush.

Individualistic because Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, these people should think twice before being too aggressive.

With time, they can find their sweetness and that their assertiveness is not at all something “bad”.

As a matter of fact, their traits are very helpful for the times we are going through. The world needs people with tremendous energy and who are driven to succeed. However, Aries natives need to learn what patience and maturity is.

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