Leo Weaknesses: Know Them so You Can Defeat Them

These people are selfish and tyrannical, ready to fight in order to be in the centre of attention.

Leo weakness

Leos are acting like they’re better than others. These people are ignorant and glamorous, not to mention they can speak or behave in a friendly manner, letting others see their superiority. They’re the real Kings and Queens or they can be called like this.

People born under Leo are megalomaniacs in love with themselves and therefore intolerant. More than this, they’re egotistical and sometimes weak, not standing to occupy the second place.

Leo weaknesses in a nutshell:

  • They are usually thinking only about their own needs;
  • When it comes to love, they want to always have the last word;
  • They love their families dearly, but don’t cope well with others’ authority;
  • With regards to work, they are territorial and revengeful.

They keep holding on to the wrong things

These people need to always be in the spotlight and think they’re entitled to everything because they’re intelligent and know how to take advantage of any opportunity.

More than this, they believe the world is revolving around them and them only, and when not getting the respect they’re asking for, as well the praise and respect, they start to suffer and to have their esteem hurt.

In this situation, there’s their dark side that’s emerging and transforming into a whole new person nobody wants to be with, no matter if in public or in the domestic environment.

Leo people are focused on the material side of life, are only thinking about their own needs and don’t focus on other people. They can even start to manipulate others in order to obtain what they want in life.

Besides, they’re only interested in luxury and want to shine. Leo natives believe in their exceptional powers and are looking for others to give them a good look.

More than this, they’re looking to form powerful connections and are capable of flattering themselves. These natives are good tricksters who behave like spoiled children, in an authoritative and tyrannical manner.

They have the tendency to fight in order to be in the center of attention. Most likely, they’re inclined to receive only the positive focus of others and their reactions are better than none.

If they have nothing to present to the public, like their originality and skills, they’re giving their best to impress with very expensive clothes.

For this reason, they’re always buying the most expensive clothes and are very artistic, sometimes vulgar and giving their best to impress. According to them, they’re belongings should show their status.

Leo people can keep on holding to the wrong ideas out of being too proud. They don’t like to reflect on themselves and can’t admit when making a mistake.

These natives like it when others are admiring them, as well when they’re getting noticed.

In case something happens to go wrong and people aren’t playing by their own rules, they’re starting to act in a dramatic manner. In case there’s no attention being paid to them, they can create situations to attract the interest of others.

Leo natives’ ego is fragile and they’re taking things personally, not to mention they can be hurt and even furious when someone is disrespecting them.

If this is happening, their royal composure begins to get lost and they’re starting to be more dramatic than usually.

These people aren’t wasting their energy on judging or being vengeful, they’re only thinking about what they can do in order to obtain the payback.

Each decan’s weaknesses

1st decan Leos have an air of superiority, meaning they’re looking for the perfect partner, but are overwhelming him or her with their ideas of having a good reputation.

This decan is one of the elites. People born are only offering their confidence to only a few, not to mention they’re very demanding when it comes to their relationships, but aren’t so self-confident.

2nd decan Leos are acting like real Lords and are focusing on their many connections. They want to be loved in an enthusiastic manner and can’t stand mediocre or nasty individuals.

This is a decan for those who want to be appreciated, motivated by others, welcomed and praised. They’re compensating by having a Royal attitude and choosing to connect with others in a prestigious manner.

3rd decan Leos are the most exigent ones. They’re jealous and want to give their affection in an exclusive manner, but if feeling betrayed, they’re holding grudges, which can destroy them.

These people are self-sufficient and engaging only from time to time. However, they’re the first to give advice and to teach others lessons. Those living close to them can have a chaotic everyday life.

Love & Friendships

Leo natives are superficial and possess a lot of authority. Their pride can turn into arrogance, not to mention they can be quite vain.

Authoritative, these people have their dominating ways and are open-minded, yet they’re also full of prejudices, which can destroy their affectionate connections.

In bed, they’re arrogant and wanting to do things their own way, so their partner needs to be submissive, meaning they’re domineering and are keeping their lover close, just to feel satisfied themselves.

When someone doesn’t agree with them, they turn into complete tyrants. Leo individuals want to always be number one, the most intelligent and good-looking, so they’re jealous more often than not.

When competing, they’re not hesitating to lie and to not take into consideration any person they’re seeing as an opponent.

They need love and when someone doesn’t give it to them, they’re hurrying to be gratified. More than this, it can happen that they’re becoming promiscuous when trying to get the person they think is theirs.

Leos love to be the bosses, are preachy and intolerant, meaning they can ignore what others are saying and don’t want to reconsider anything.

It’s difficult for them to listen to people in authority, which is indicating they’re despotic. When being leaders, they can easily turn into revolutionaries.

When it comes to long-term friendships, they need to be given attention and to be treated like Kings because they can’t stand losing their good reputation and diplomacy.

In their social life, Leo natives want to be in the center of attention and the soul of any party, but at others’ expense.

Family life

People born under Leo are want prestige, but are superficial, prejudiced and sometimes hysterical.

They rely on their surroundings in order to advance in life, but they can survive their imposing personality by not being all over the place. When angry, they’re theatrical.

The more immature ones are like enthusiastic children and all the time throwing tantrums, asking for others’ attention and believing they’re the only ones that matter.

Luckily, not many of them are so immature and disorganized to have their darkest fears so obvious. The evolved Leo natives are intelligent enough to defeat their dark side in a conscious and active manner, as well to trust themselves or to be generous and happy, just like they’re supposed to be.

They’re looking at their own personality through the eyes of others and are constantly asking more of their loved ones, but they can sometimes be too demanding.

Parents in Leo are expecting their children to be gratifying with them. Proud of their little ones, they know how to educate and want the name of their kids to shine in lights.

The children in Leo are tyrants when not pushed to become someone because they don’t have confidence in their own power. More than this, they need to learn how to listen and to avoid prejudices.


Those born under Leo are domineering, exaggerating, arrogant and glamorous. They can’t be constrained and have a need for others to admire them, even if they’re not the same with their colleagues.

Wanting to run any show, these natives are almost never making compromises.

Belonging to the Fire element, they’re enthusiastic but can end up unmotivated and vulnerable for no reason at all.

When not having enough inspiration, they may not be in with all of their heart, not to mention they can be depressed when having to do too much, this being a moment when they should listen to their heart.

More than this, they can become emotional if not feeling someone important, meaning they need to love themselves more, also to be passionate.

When colleagues, they can’t be subordinate and follow what seniors are saying.

Territorial, they’re the bosses looking to achieve their goals, not minding what others want and need. If working independently, they’re prone spending on expensive things and aren’t accepting to be contradicted.

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