2009 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Ox Year – Personality Traits

These people are creative and resourceful, often seeking ways in which to escape from mundanity and boredom.

2009 Earth Ox Year

As adults, Earth Oxen born in 2009 will be reliable, devoted to their loved ones, struggling for perfection, possessive and principled. Also domineering, these natives will always chase power and have the strongest will.

Furthermore, they’ll appreciate generosity more than anything else and be as humble as anyone could. Focused on the materialistic side of life and wealth, they’ll still never ignore their friends and be incredibly loyal.

2009 Earth Ox in a nutshell:

  • Style: Charming and observant;
  • Top qualities: Determined and reliable;
  • Challenges: Caustic and suspicious;
  • Advice: They need to listen to others’ opinions more often.

These Oxen will know what it needs to be done in order for the results of their work to last long and to be valuable. They’ll have enough patience to work hard and to wait for the rewards of their efforts to appear.

A caring personality

Earth Oxen born in 2009 will be the ones to whom others are turning for sound advice. This won’t happen because they’ll be very wise, but more because they’ll have a charisma and a calm that won’t be seen in others.

However, they’ll still be amazing listeners and possess a lot of patience to deal with any kind of problem others may have.

In fact, their patience will probably be the most noticeable trait of their personality, which means they’ll have to cultivate it as much as possible.

Times will most likely be hectic when they’ll become adults, so being patient can only bring them good things for they’ll achieve their goals easier than others, when waiting.

While many will admire these Earth Oxen born in 2009 for this quality, they’ll sometimes feel like waiting too much is useless or that they’ve become lethargic. Therefore, their biggest virtue can come with great danger as well.

If they’ll become lethargic, many other of their positive traits will be negatively influenced as well. In this situation, they’ll struggle to become more active and to get things done faster.

However, things may not go as planned and many of them will end up in a vicious circle because on one hand they’ll struggle to be patient and to cultivate their patience, while on the other, they’ll feel lazy and unable to complete projects.

They won’t mind to sometimes escape routine because their mind will be creative and resourceful. However, it seems their destiny won’t be to create amazing things because they’ll be too loyal to their family and more focused on their personal life.

It’s good that they’ll know how to keep the balance between their professional and personal lives. The strongest Oxen in the Chinese zodiac, they’ll work hard to have a stable life and financial safety.

Obviously, there are many other great things about their personality. For example, they can be very courageous, but not at all to the point of stupidity.

As a matter of fact, they’ll never throw themselves into adventure without thinking twice because they’ll be the type who wants security and at the same time isn’t afraid of anything.

Therefore, they’ll prove how courageous they can be each time one of their loved ones will be threatened and in need of their protection. Of course, these Oxen won’t act in an aggressive manner in order to solve any issue because they’ll be calm and at the same time powerful.

Many will want to be their friends after seeing how ready they are of fighting for others. Earth Oxen born in 2009 will work hard and pay attention to every little detail, in the most disciplined way.

They’ll be able to act as leaders without any problem, which means society will recognize them for being strong and determined to succeed.

When having a goal, no one and nothing will be able to stay in their way or to confuse them in their efforts. These Oxen will be very serious about their own responsibilities, but won’t hesitate to take advantage of any opportunity presenting itself to them.

Very sincere and trusting their loved ones very much, they’ll still be reserved and keep many of their ideas to themselves. Their need for independence will have them doing things their own way and ignoring any rule.

While calm and relaxed most of the time, they’ll also become ruthless and scary when disappointed or crossed. They’ll love their home for being the place where they can rest and think.

Family-oriented, they’ll get along very well with their spouse and children, not to mention how much they’ll strive for everything at home to be secure and happy. While having a tendency to hoard things, they’ll also be very disciplined and neat.

It’s suggested for their closed ones to never be late because they’ll always be on time and hate to wait. As soon as these natives will have a stable job and a happy home, they’ll start to know what satisfaction means, especially since they’ll never be interested in traveling or in making changes in their life.

Loving the outdoors, they’ll probably have a garden and take good care of it. Some will become farmers, others politicians, but all of them will need to be offered enough space in order to act on their own.

Earth Oxen born in 2009 will be the most reliable and constant natives of this sign. Their practicality will always be recognized as efficient, whereas their needs to respect traditions will have them being seen as the most down-to-earth people belonging to a group.

Very loyal and ready to work hard, they’ll also be aware of their own limits. Therefore, these Oxen will never take on more responsibilities than they can handle, not to mention their promises will always be kept.

They’ll search all of their life for security, and this will be noticed in everything they’ll do. Their colleagues and bosses will appreciate them for being great teammates and for never complaining about working hard.

Being pragmatic, they’ll never act on feelings or be emotional. Because many of their colleagues will rely on their stability, they’ll be trusted and respected at work.

Earth Oxen born in 2009 will be aware life is a battlefield and that people need to work tirelessly in order to achieve their goals. While not spontaneous but still very active, these natives will get appreciated for achieving success in the long-term and for being steady.

Being serious and never superficial will bring them many accomplishments. When it comes to love, they’ll never be romantic or charming, but their partner will adore them for their loyalty and emotional stability. Therefore, they’ll have to get involved with people who can appreciate all these things in others.

Love & Relationships

Earth Oxen born in 2009 will be slaves to pleasure, which means they’ll love getting spoiled and staying in their partner’s arms.

Not seeming very passionate as lovers at the first sight, they’ll still know what romance is, not to mention their feelings will always be deep.

These natives will have a lot of patience with their other half, so it’s very possible they’ll eventually find their soulmate, even if later in life.

While very courageous, many of them will not have too much luck in love because they’ll be terrified of loneliness, thing that can obstruct their relationships.

Some will not be able to ever understand their love because they’ll be the type who wants something peaceful, sincere and similar to a friendship.

They’ll get old and still patiently wait for their true love but they’ll at some point panic and become restless, when nothing will happen.

However, it isn’t suggested for them to act this way in the future because their ideal partner is meant to come and their past relationships will be important as well.

It’s true they’ll be terrified of loneliness, but such a fear can only impede their love life from happening, not to mention they’ll get to feel lonely and abandoned after every breakup. The more they’ll address this fear of theirs, the better chances they’ll have at finding the right person.

Career aspects of the 2009 Earth Ox

Oxen belonging to the Earth element and born in 2009 won’t mind having a routine. They’ll master a skill and approach their tasks at work in a methodical way, which will help them become very successful.

These natives will possess great attention to details and strong ethics. When working alone, they’ll be more productive and efficient.

It will be easier for them to have a steady job and to do something that involves being patient, tenacious and ambitious.

They won’t be very good at doing something flexible such as being stockbrokers or journalists, so they should think of becoming politicians, musicians, teachers or painters.

The industries of hardware, software, pharmaceutical and real estate will probably attract them a lot as well.

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