1985 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Ox Year – Personality Traits

These people are one of the warmest and most understanding of the zodiac, but they can also become harsh when crossed.

1985 Wood Ox Year

People born in 1985 are Wood Oxen, which means they’re giving, compassionate, fair and relaxed. These natives will always try to protect the weak and to fight against injustice.

While introverted and having only a few friends, they’re known to sacrifice themselves in order to help the ones they love the most.

1985 Wood Ox in a nutshell:

  • Style: Trustworthy and charming;
  • Top qualities: Determined, loyal and positive;
  • Challenges: Impatient and shallow;
  • Advice: They need to stay away from risk-taking behaviors.

Furthermore, Wood Oxen can be too stubborn and brutally honest, but not intentionally or ever being aware of what they’re doing. Their love life may be a little bit troubled because they don’t know how to really express themselves in a clear manner.

A decisive personality

The second sign in the Chinese zodiac, the Ox influences natives to be reliable, strong and determined to succeed. Therefore, Wood Oxen have a lot of patience and are aware good things can’t be obtained without investing a lot of hard work and having an impeccable behavior.

These natives don’t believe in shortcuts and think of those who don’t want to work hard as lazy or unworthy of any respect.

While Oxen really trust people and can listen to what they may have to say, these natives will never make a decision that isn’t based on their own thinking.

When it comes to relationships, they prefer the long-lasting ones over casual connections. They seem to be very attached to their home and to simply love sitting on the sofa, reading a book or watching a movie.

These natives would be much happier in rural surroundings because they’re very good at gardening. The Wood element influences Oxen to be relaxed and to keep an open mind.

People born in 1985 get to feel very good when spending their time outside and are passionate to keep their loved ones happy.

As a matter of fact, they’re the most understanding and warm Oxen in the Chinese zodiac. They don’t seem to lack the determination of their sign, but they are less selfish than their counterparts.

Being Oxen, it’s easy for them to become leaders and to speak for themselves when having to. While having strong principles, they’re the least stubborn natives of the Ox sign, also the most capable to easily deal with change.

Therefore, these natives don’t mind considering other people’s suggestions and are not at all stubborn to accept new ideas. While still conservative, they can embrace what others are telling them.

Because their level of empathy is very high, they can get along well with everyone. For this reason, many people love their ways and are looking up to them or their morals.

Respected and appreciated, Wood Oxen can develop fruitful relationships with anyone they’re interested in. Being flexible and cooperative, they have all the chances in the world to attain success in everything they’re doing and especially at work.

Some may find them to be a little bit too honest and hurtful when trying to give their opinion. These Oxen should do everything in their power to obtain the success they’re actually very capable of.

While good at handling people, they could still work more on their communicative abilities and learn how to be more sensitive, especially when others don’t want to hear any brutal truths from them.

Wood Oxen are famous for being compassionate, righteous, tolerant, giving and courageous when having to deal with difficulties. They’re the ones who are always fighting for the weak and who don’t mind sacrificing themselves for others.

However, these natives can exaggerate with their stubbornness, honesty and desire for justice. Therefore, many may think they’re only using others and ask them to fight for their causes.

Furthermore, Wood Oxen don’t seem to have enough patience in order to see their projects completed, even if they’re very knowledgeable and resourceful on the subject.

Therefore, they need to sometimes restrain their enthusiasm and to wait for things to get done.

Conservative and methodical, they also have a sensitive soul and exude pure elegance. However, they don’t know how to express themselves, especially if feeling in love.

Being stubborn, they’ll never talk about their passion or allow anyone to enter their mind. Introverted and a little bit scared of social gatherings, Wood Oxen seem to also be very headstrong.

Their down-to-earth attitude will always help them achieve success in everything they may be doing. If they want to never encounter problems and for their life to be smooth or their career to flourish, they need to be less honest and sensitive.

It’s unlikely for them to inherit too much from their parents, so they’ll have to build their entire life from the ground up.

Luckily, they seem to attract a lot of wealth during their middle age, not to mention how much they can achieve if wisely taking advantage of different opportunities revealing themselves to them.

When in trouble, others will always give them a hand, so they’re pretty lucky with friendships. They don’t seem to earn money fast, so it’s suggested they don’t start speculating or gambling.

As a matter of fact, they shouldn’t even think of this or about lending money to others because they simply don’t seem to have enough support from the Universe to win or to get anything back.

More than this, they should only shop for what’s practical and not involve business with their love life. Wood Oxen who are married should never fight with their spouse and appreciate their family as much as possible, while also being communicative and open at home.

While not lacking strong feelings in any way, Oxen don’t seem to know how to express their love. For this reason, many important people in their life may not notice how capable they are of deep emotions and of being nurturing.

The Wood element can change all this by making these natives better at displaying their emotions and talking about their worries.

In other words, Wood Oxen are more able to establish connections and to be open with the people they love the most.

If a different element would have been involved, the cautious nature of Oxen would have won. This doesn’t mean Oxen belonging to other elements are less caring and supportive, it’s just that Wood ones are more able to express themselves and to open their mind.

Love & Relationships

Wood Oxen are not known as very sociable or interested in belonging to a group. They don’t like to flirt or to make small talk, so when it comes to love, they’ll look all of their life for the ideal partner who doesn’t want to change them in any way.

Because they tend to be overwhelming with their love and to blame others for their own mistakes, they may have many problems with their life partner.

As soon as these natives will realize relationships are about two people and different points of view, they’ll be capable of happiness with a person.

While Wood Oxen possess many impressive qualities, they also seem to have a few weaknesses, many of which are related to their short temper. Natives of this sign and element can get angry very rapidly and for no good reason.

Therefore, they should learn how to be patient and how to calm down, even if the situation is desperate. The Chinese Horoscope says Oxen are very sensual, so they simply love indulging in pleasure and activating all of their senses.

The perfect date for them involves great food, expensive wine, good music and satin sheets. The Wood element does nothing more than to accentuate this sensuality and to make Wood Oxen more artistic and refined.

Natives of this sign and element will use a lot of their intelligence and ability to work hard to surround themselves with works of art. Furthermore, they’re repulsed by chaos and will always make sure their surroundings are organized.

Career aspects of the 1985 Wood Ox

When it comes to work, Wood Oxen prefer having a routine because their mind is methodical and they can excel when being specialized at a job.

Their attention to details and strong work ethic will always get admired, and they have the tendency to be more productive when working alone.

These natives could be archaeologists, engineers, bankers, painters, designers, real estate agents and even farmers.

Being empathetic, determined to succeed and good leaders, Wood Oxen could possibly excel in any profession that might interest them. They are known to do very well with the general public, so they should try teaching or the social services.

Health aspects

These Oxen are very strong, which means they can have long lives and not struggle with a single health problem.

However, they’re sometimes working too much and forgetting to relax. It’s suggested natives of this sign learn how to have more fun and to enjoy a life outside their work.

Wood Oxen are said to rule over the liver in the human body, so these natives should pay attention to their diet and eat as many healthy foods as possible. Furthermore, they’re suggested to move around and to not have a sedentary lifestyle.

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