Key Traits of the Earth Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Earth Ox stands out for their perseverance and their continuous strive to lead a stable and comfortable life.

Earth Ox

Those born in the year of the Earth Ox are very focused on details and could be great leaders. Good at making money, they don’t seem to hold on for too long to their wealth.

Their approach to life is to take it slow but steady, so they have all the chances of winning even if they don’t think life is not a race.

The Earth Ox in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Pleasant, professional and methodical;
  • Challenges: Obsessive, inflexible and strict;
  • Secret need: They need to have order around them;
  • Advice: They need to be less impulsive and more acceptant of others.

Motivated and resolute, once Earth Ox people have decided to focus on something, they won’t get distracted and will go on with what they have to do. As a matter of fact, they are amongst the few people who can endure extreme conditions and persevere for their goals to be achieved.

The character of the Chinese Earth Ox

Earth Oxen have a strong tendency to become workaholics. When these members of the Chinese zodiac commit to something, you can be sure they won’t back down and will take their project to an end.

If you happen to need a job done efficiently and fast, just decide to work with someone who’s an Ox. These natives are not only keeping their promises, they also insist on not letting people down.

Another trait that’s strongly noticeable in their personality is honesty. They would never lie or deceive a person. They don’t even agree with exaggerating and telling a white lie, not to mention that they don’t understand those who do this.

It’s a known fact that Oxen don’t get along with Monkeys because these last mentioned ones like to deceive and to tell lies in order to get what they want.

Oxen are more the type who want to stick to a routine rather than living in the moment. They feel secure when they have enough time to make a decision because they get the chance to think of all the pros and cons of a situation.

And after they have decided what to do, they start to plan and to carefully think what could be the best outcome. They are not at all procrastinators, liking to work hard for getting what they want in life.

That’s why it comes easier for them to just work alone rather than in teams. When others will want to do things the last minute, they will intervene and suggest a more thoughtful approach that would require everyone to reflect.

While they are ethical enough to be great colleagues and reliable friends, it is necessary they slow down the pace from time to time. Even if they are physically strong and well built, it’s still possible for them to work until they become sick.

Learning how to relax is something they should definitely do if they want to keep their health and be able to perform the way they intend to.

Because the Earth makes them grounded and stable, and Oxen are already known for being this way, it’s like they are a super version of themselves when combined with this element.

These natives can work and not get tired. When someone they love will be in need, they will abandon their own needs and desires in order to give a hand and to be supportive.

Earth Ox individuals are the most trustworthy people you could come across. They take good care of their money and never gamble because they prefer to invest in something safe that will return them their money when they will need it the most.

If they are to share their finances with someone, it would be better if they would be the ones in charge of budgeting. While they like doing things on their own, it can’t be said they aren’t great when having to collaborate either.

They can resist long hours of work and not get angry when things don’t seem to go the way they want them to. But it would be better not to push them around because they still have a temper.

A diligent personality

Earth Oxen are the most trustworthy and focused people of this sign. The Earth simply eliminates many of their negative traits, making them clearer in their judgment and better with money.

Many will look up to them because they are honest, sincere and have realistic ambitions. When they are working in teams, they like to give a hand and are very loyal to their closed ones.

Earth element is all about being composed, stable and reliable, its purpose being to maintain and keep things whole. It is associated with motherhood, serenity and security. That’s why people born under this element are pragmatic and very good at what they are doing.

When looking at all the Oxen, you get to notice the Earth ones are the most trustworthy and constant. Practical to the Heaven and back, these natives like to respect rules and demand respect whenever they are performing in teams.

They know how to work hard and are famous for devoting themselves completely to what they are doing. There’s no one more aware of their own capabilities than them.

That’s why they never take on more than they can handle and keep their promises no matter what. They like having security and they struggle a lot to get everything they need in life.

When working with others, they always perform their tasks and don’t complain the workload is too much. Not the most emotional people in the Chinese zodiac, they are more logical and pragmatic.

Because anyone can rely on them not to change their mind and to do their job, they’ll be very much liked by their friends and colleagues.

Earth Ox natives are aware that life is a challenge and they don’t mind fighting for their goals. While not very active or energetic, they surely are stable and work for the long-term, not for immediate results.

When it comes to love, they are not at all romantic, but you can count on them to never cheat or to throw tantrums. It’s easy to have a long-term relationship with them.

If they want to be happy, they need to relax and have more fun. Making decisions and taking action faster would also be a great idea for them to have more success.

The Earth Ox man

This is serious and very business-oriented man. He likes to work hard and to hold on to his responsibilities. When he needs to accomplish something, he perseveres until things get done his way.

Direct and honest, the Earth Ox man doesn’t hesitate to express his opinions. It is impossible to suspect him of bad intentions because he only wants to do good.

People will always appreciate him for being candid and a good adviser. Some of his principles will be expressed in the way he runs his businesses. Because he can’t pretend or accept other people’s opinions, he will have some troubles advancing in his career.

At least he will be appreciated for the fact that he’s professional and authoritative. The women in this sign and element are reserved and down-to-earth. Not that the man isn’t the same.

He hates being looked after and wants to establish his role and position in society from a young age. This man wants to get married and doesn’t waste his time flirting without a purpose.

As a family head, he’s loyal and not at all selfish. He doesn’t want to be praised and admired because he prefers to offer all this without expecting something in return.

But if disrespected, he will sooner or later settle things with a big scandal because he can have a temper. He may seem gentle and kind, but he surely doesn’t like being crossed.

The Earth Ox woman

This woman is intelligent and doesn’t like to get involved in anything suspicious. She knows what she wants and doesn’t dream of something unachievable.

She’s determined and motivated, but she would never lie or cheat in order to get what she wants. This lady loves being honest and getting a high position through hard work.

Many see her as a good leader because she’s practical and responsible. Not to mention her colleagues love her because she has a good heart and always wants to give a hand.

Some will think of her as weak because she isn’t feisty. But don’t be fooled as if the circumstances would require her to be pushy and a fighter, she wouldn’t hesitate to stand her ground.

The Earth Ox woman has a femininity and a calm that can’t be seen in other women. It seems like no one could ever have a fight with her because she’s quiet and composed. She has dignity and doesn’t want to ever bother or interrupt someone when talking.

After she’ll get married, you can trust her to be forever faithful to her husband because she wouldn’t even look at another man.

She’s the type to stay at home and to devote herself completely to her spouse and children. Those who are close to her know how sensitive and what a great adviser she is. And when it comes for her to be generous or to give a hand, she’s the first to do it.

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